Walkthrough Summer in Mara
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Walkthrough Summer in Mara


Read the walkthrough of a fascinating tropical adventure in Summer in Mara.

Game prologue

The game will be released on Steam on June 16, and you will find its full walkthrough on this page. But for now, we are publishing a guide for a free prologue that anyone can download.

Go down from the roof of the house, chat with Yaya Haku. You will receive the first task.

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Quest: collect 3 oranges to make juice for breakfast

Inspect the location and find tall green trees. Each will have 1 orange fruit. Go to the tree, hit it with the E key and pick up the orange. When you have collected all three oranges, return to the house and talk with Yaya.

You will get carrot seeds and a new tool – a hoe.

Quest: prepare Crop Field to grow Carrots using the Hoe

Press “1” to select a hoe (do not confuse with a hammer), and apply it to the crop field on the right. To do this, hold E. Plant carrot seeds, then run forward along the path and turn left behind the stone. There will be a small well. Fill the bucket and run to the garden. Water will spill along the way, but you will have time to run with a bucket of water to the crop field. Pour carrots and chat with Yaya.

Quest: Make a new Ax in the house

Further, Yaya will give 1 stone and 3 trees. You will unlock the ax recipe. Interact with the entrance to the house, select the “Tools” section and craft an ax. Go outside, run forward and chat with Yaya.

Quest: cut down a tree and plant a new one

Yaya will say that everything you take from the island belongs to Mara. If you took a tree, you have to plant a new one. She will give you a Pine Nut. Select the ax through “1”, press E to cut down the tree, and collect firewood. Having done this, select the hoe, press Q and click LMB on the place where you want to do it. There should be a more or less even glade.

Quest: Make some Jam

Yaya will give you a new recipe – orange jam. She will also give sugar. Collect oranges (3 pieces) from the nearest trees, go to the house, choose a kitchen and make jam. Go back and go down to the pond to talk with Yaya.

Quest: Collect fuel from the Guardian’s Door fountain and bring it to Yaya

You will receive an old fuel and learn the new recipe. Climb a little higher and enter the cave. There will be heaps that you can break. Resin, stone, iron and copper ore fall out of them. Go to the door in front and pick up the fuel from the shell on the right. Return to the lake and give Yaya a full tank of fuel (she is waiting on a boat).

Quest: Make a Fishing rod and Catch a Fish

To create a fishing rod, you need 3 trees and a resin Float. You got the wood earlier when you cut down the tree. A resin buoy is created in the workshop from resin and another tree. Resin can be obtained by breaking ore in a cave. You will remember the recipe for fish. Go to the lake, take the worms and interact with the tablet. During fishing, the first thing to do is to press the specified key when the indicator is green (between two rings). Then you need to move the slider after the fish so as to empty the entire scale from above (the scale below shows the time). Go to the house, collect two carrots from the beds on the right and cook the fish.

Quest: Fire for Yaya

Now you know the torch recipe. Go outside and cut down any tree. You can plant (using a hoe) an orange tree (any orange). Run to the cave, but go a little further. You will see coasters with fire. Light the torch from the stands and run up the hill. Light up other coasters along the way. Light a fire at the very top, go downstairs and talk to Yaya on the pier.

The Guardian’s Door

You have received the key. Run to the house and open the chest to the right of the entrance. You will receive Chrystalis sphere. Go to the door of the Guardian and talk with Yaya. Then go home and go to bed. The next morning, the main character will see a pirate ship. This will complete the prologue.

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  • Reply
    Jun 18, 2020 12:07 am

    I did everything right, however I have opened the chest and don’t have the Chrystalis sphere, please help! I’ve rebooted the game, but I don’t have it and can’t go in the chest again.

  • Reply
    Jun 18, 2020 12:11 am

    Despite having done the rest fine, I don’t have the Chrystalis sphere. I have opened and reopened the game, but still I do not have it. I can’t reopen the chest either, please help!

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