Where to find Novel in Summer in Mara

Where to find Novel in Summer in Mara

You will get Koa’s quest – to bring shells and a book to the lighthouse. Below we will tell you how to get the latest.

This part of the main quest will be available upon arrival in Qalis. When you first approach the old woman from the lighthouse, she will refuse to speak with you. First you need to complete a couple of other quests from the NPC from the island. Open the map and see the locations of Pilly, Caleb, Noho, Brram, Edegan and Onzo. Before you can find the novel, you must complete the first tasks of Brrum and Edegan. In your journal, tasks related to finding two shells and a novel should appear. Seashells are easy to find because they are on the shore.

After completing the Edegan quest, chat with Onzo. He will appear in his place only after completing the mission for Edegan! Talk to Onzo at the city market near Pilly. You will find out that he is an adventurer who has advice on the world of Mara. Talk to him to get a book. Then you can go to the lighthouse and chat with Saimi.

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