How to Get More Fertilizer in Summer in Mara
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How to Get More Fertilizer in Summer in Mara


Fertilizers significantly improve your crop. In this guide, we will tell you how to get even more fertilizer. To do this, you will have to study the fertilizer recipe. Free fertilizer, which is available from the very beginning of the game and is located next to the garden on the home island, will soon end.

It takes too much time for the appearance of free fertilizer. To get a more reliable source, you need to study the fertilizer recipe. Once you are on Qalis, you will see many new NPCs that provide various quests. Talk to Pilly, a woman in a floral dress, at Qalis Market. Her quests are not immediately available, but if you continue to help other people from the island, you will ultimately unlock them. These are simple tasks related to delivering things from Pilly to other people. In the end, it will be necessary to deliver a bag of fertilizer to the unfortunate banker. When you complete the task, and then unlock the fertilizer recipe.

To create fertilizer you will need 1 grass, 1 coal and 1 cork. All this can be bought in the market. Grasses are ferns that grow on different islands. Coal can be obtained by setting fire to trees using a bonfire and torch. You will find several bags of fertilizer in Qalis Garden. It is right above the port.

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    Jun 24, 2020 8:45 pm

    You can get cork by chopping down acorn trees.

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