How to Create Ingots in Summer in Mara

How to Create Ingots in Summer in Mara


Copper, silver and other ingots are used for many recipes in Summer in Mara. In this guide, we will tell you what to do before you can create ingots on a workbench.

The first ingots – you will need at the moment when you want to create an improved hammer. You need 2 copper ingots upgrading. You can find ingots when exploring the world of Mara, or even receive as a reward for some quests.

To create the ingots, complete story missions from Koa, the old woman from the lighthouse, until she introduces you to the blacksmith Akaji. The blacksmith will return to the city only after a while, and not immediately after your arrival at the port. The forge is located next to the lighthouse, behind a black fence. Usually it is blocked, but will become available as soon as Akaji returns to the island. The forge works like any other store – working certain hours. Talk to Akaji to find out a silver hammer recipe. This is an improved version of the base tool.

Once you learn this recipe, you can craft it at home. With a metal hammer, you unlock even more recipes. Among them will be silver and copper ingots, as well as the opportunity to build a pen for pigs. After that, you can freely create these ingots.

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