How to Get Water in Summer in Mara

How to Get Water in Summer in Mara


Bottled water is an item needed to make ink. Below we tell how to get it.

Despite the fact that the land of Mara is 80% water, it is not so easy to obtain. Nobody will let you take a bucket and immerse it in the ocean for filling. First, you need two things – a bottle and a source of water. You may be able to buy a bottle from the merchants from the islands, but I could not do it. The easiest way to find a bottle is to run along Qalis and collect garbage. Bottles can be scattered on the floor in large garbage bags. They are not very rare. You will probably find a bottle after examining 3-4 heaps of garbage. When there is a bottle, go to the Qalis dock.

Climb the stairs where the ships moor to discover the fountain built into the wall. Go up to him and interact. If you do not have a bottle, nothing will happen. If you have a bottle, it will be filled with water.

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