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Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough – Game Guide

Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough - Game Guide

Fast passage of Selena and getting all the achievements.

Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough

  • Begin

Writer’s Block. Starting off ain’t easy

  • Let her in

Raining Cats and Dogs

  • Bathe the cat

Cat person. You love cats. Cats love you back.

Pat the Cat. So you’re a cat patter huh

  • Bitterness / Doesn’t matter

Just a Scratch

Sonnet 31

The Death of the Author

Dear Diary. That really updated my journal

Ghostwriter. Finish the gig

  • Back to previous selection
  • Think about it

The Matter of Perspective. Discover an alternative POV

  • Say it straight

What is a Man Without his Zuccini?

Enjoying It Sofa

  • Save 1
  • Try to explain [Truth]
  • Who are you?
  • Pull her away from the window

Selenophobia. Well, that escalated quickly

  • Keep out

Immortal Through His Work

Hope and Nightmare

  • Back to previous selection
  • Ride to the rescue

What Was the Question Again?

  • Go to main menu
  • Begin
  • Keep out

Enter the Labyrinth. First ending

  1. Let in (Right)
  2. Let in (Left)
  3. Doesn’t matter
  4. Joy
  5. Think about it
  6. Answer evasively
  7. Save 2
  8. Come up with an explanation [False]
  9. How did you get here?
  10. Stay away
  11. Don’t interfere

Camera Obscura

  • Back to previous selection
  • Ride to the rescue

No hope

  • Load save 2
  • Try to explain [Truth]
  • Move to the next choice
  • Load save 1
  • Come up with an explanation [False]
  • Move to the next choice
  • Restart the game
  • Begin
  • Any option
  • Bitterness
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Click TV Program at the top right. DO NOT CLICK ON THE ICON TWICE or you may break everything.

Do You Want to Go Back?

S0U P?

Movie night. Happy binge-watching!

  • Click on the laptop in the top right corner and read all the texts.

As It is Written. File recovery complete

γνώσις. Now you know. Do you understand?

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Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough and All Endings

Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough and All Endings

Atomic Heart Walkthrough – Guide

At the beginning of the game, choose the difficulty level. After the cut-scene, move along the marker. There is nothing complicated in the prologue.

The Complex

Having got to the Enterprise 3826 and picking up an ax, go along the marker and kill the enemies. Open the toilet cubicle and watch the cut-scene.

What The Fuck Have I Gotten Myself into?

Approach the door – you need a valve. Turn around and climb up the boxes. Find the valve and the first device. If you collect all the devices, you will get an achievement (read in separate guides). Go back and open the door with a valve.

Wanted Dead or Leave: Viktor Petrov

Let’s go ahead. You can save in the room on the right. Kill the first enemy using the prompts on the screen. Search the premises. Press F to collect all resources. Kill enemies in the corridor and examine the door on the right. You need to unlock the “Shock” skill.

One More Hurdle

Pass through the door at the very end and watch the video. Dodge to the side when the black laboratory assistant will shoot at us from the laser. Attack him, dodge, repeat. Don’t forget have a shotgun.

Wanted Dead or Leave: Viktor Petrov (continued)

Break the first lock. Click with your finger to push all the elements. After each click, the light bulb will change direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). You need to push all the elements. With each retracted element, the light bulb will move faster. Go ahead and study the Eleanor machine gun. Here you can craft, improve weapons, unlock skills. Get the “Shock” needed to open that very door. Go out into the corridor, the elevators are de-energized.

Not so Fast, Major

Pass through another door and inspect the castle. You need a special key. Go back and go up. Destroy enemies. Surveillance cameras will appear on the walls. They can be disabled with Shock or simply destroyed with a weapon. Find the key in on the table the room on the left. Go back and open the door.

Interact with any piece of the puzzle on the wall on the left. Rotate the elements so that the blue beam falls on the blue lamp, and the red beam falls on the red ones. The lasers themselves are on the right. See screenshot below:

Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough
Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough

Use any elevator. Shoot the Shock at the batteries above the door the marker points to.

Wanted Dead or Leave: Viktor Petrov (continued)

Clean the corridor and move past the trolleys. Jump into the polymer substance and swim in the other direction. Look at the castle. You need a graphic key. Open the huge door by shocking the batteries from above. Move along the left wall and find a piece of paper with a key. Return and enter the code on the lock. Launch the funicular and sit in it.

Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough
Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough

Kill the enemies and jump onto the yellow bar on the wall to the left. From it jump to the right and so on to get around the pit. We are not in a hurry, so as not to die because of a huge worm. Make our way into the last hole on the left. There is a corpse in the room. You can communicate with these corpses, and if you talk to each one, you will get an achievement. Climb into the hole in the wall on the upper right and climb to the end.

Jump into the tunnel, go around the funiculars and go to the station. Save and exit through the door on the left. Follow the marker, use the vending machine to unlock a new skill. Leao (Shift) pass through the lasers. Go down and watch the video.

In Hot Pursuit

Destroy all enemies and look around. Open the door, you need a special item. Go down and climb the stairs on the other side. Find a hole in the wall in the room and climb through the ventilation into the next room. Immediately break open the lock on the left. There is Makarov pistol on the floor. Take a candle and carry it to the door. When you approach the slot, the candle will automatically be installed in it.

Move past the loaders. When the loader lifts the boxes, pass under them. Go down and find the polymer on the left side. Jump into it and move through the polymer to the other side. Behind the rack opposite will be the enemy. Immediately kill him and select a capsule with lunar soil. Find a room with a puzzle in the far part of this hall with shelves. You need to install three capsules with lunar soil. There is one at the beginning of the hall.

Having installed the first capsule, pass into the polymer from the side. In another part of the room, the Electro drawing is unlocked. Energy weapons, unlike conventional ones, do not require certain ammunition. You need energy that accumulates when using the rest of the weapon. Take the second capsule with lunar soil from the vending machine and climb through the ventilation in the wall. In the ventilation you find the third capsule with lunar soil. Go back, moving further along the ventilation, and install all the capsules.

Go to the warehouse. Kill enemies and move the only route. Go up the elevator, move to the marker. Jump over to the building in front and with the help of a cable go down to the desired polymer. If you fall down, just have to break open the right door.

How to break open doors with colored dots

Everything is very simple – three slots from the bottom can be swapped. Move the colored points there and change their positions until the points, when rotated, coincide with the same colors on the elements in a circle. If it doesn’t work, move away from the door and interact again – the puzzle will change.

Go down through the polymer and go to the corner where you find the corpse of Petrov. Be sure to take a candle. Break open the door (the candle can be left in place for a while) and return to the common room. Install two candles on the columns in the center of the hall. You found one candle at the corpse of Petrov, the other must be pulled out of the cell by the door, where you parted ways with Petrov in the cut-scene.

In an Overgrown Park…

To get out of the Vavilov complex, you will have to find four flasks in different workshops. Wait a bit for the door to open. Pass through it. Flasks in this wing can be taken in any order. Move along the corridor to the right, to the Hot Workshop.

They want to make a green Mars

Climb the stairs, go through the hole in the wall and go down the flights of stairs. Kill enemies and inspect the room.

Into the Fire

Three boilers need to be cooled down. On the right there is a container with blue spheres. Take one and take it to the receiving device in the next room. Return to the hall with hot boilers. Use the F key to move the sphere over the glass tubes. Cool any cauldron, then repeat this with all 3 cauldrons. Enemies will spawn between each successful cooldown.

Rise along the stairs, go along the marker into the hall. Use the pallet on the cargo lift to get to the flask with heat-resistant polymer. In the center you rise along the inclined panel and jump into the pipe. Install the flask in place.

Chronos Trigger

Go to Algae Workshop. Move along the marker and kill new enemies. Open the doors by pressing the red buttons. Clean the long corridor and solve the puzzle. Rise up in a huge hall and take the capsule. Jump over to the other side (Shift to dash in the air) and install the capsule. Having done this, rise to the control panel through the polymer. Launch the platform with the red button. Driving past the controls, charge them with Shock (V key). Flying drones will gradually appear. Destroy them.

Restart. Jump over to the platform on the right (when yours stops). Kill two enemies and solve the puzzle on the wall.

Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough
Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough

Continue to move. When all the elements are charged, go down and wait.

Everything Illuminated. Take the flask and take it to the right place.

Pass through another red door into the right wing from the hall with the Birch. There is only one way to go, to the right. Move aside with the help of telekinesis (key F) the shutters. You find ventilation in the back room. Clean the room from monsters and move through another ventilation. In the hall with animals, turn the valves so that they are all turned clockwise. If you turned the valve counterclockwise (to the left) during the interaction, then interact with it again. All animals must die.

March of Flowers

Before doing anything, we recommend clearing the entire hall from enemies (plants). Climb up and solve the wall puzzle.

Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough
Atomic Heart Full Walkthrough

After that, press the red button. While the flask is filling, just kill the enemies. In which case, start the valves on the ceiling with “Shock”. Pick up the flask and move along the marker. Go down the pipe, kill the enemies in the corridor. After opening the door, watch the cut-scene.

As You Sow, so Shall You Reap

Go forward and to the left. For now, move along the marker until you see a large yellow can on a flatcar. Go up next to the yellow tank, up the stairs. Jump onto a rotating wagon with plants, from it – onto a visor above the aisle. From there jump to the bridge near the wall, where there is a plant that lets enemies in. Jump on the platforms to the control panel near the suspended wagon with plants. First, press the big round button to rotate the platform.

Press the up arrow to move the car forward. Jump back and to the left. The platform under you will probably collapse, but pay attention to the wall – you can climb the yellow beams. Turn the platform and move the wagon with the yellow tank to the right. Jump to the other side, go along the corridor and get along the rotating car to another console. Turn the platform using the remote control and push the car forward. Return to the previous hall and use the other console to push the car further. In general, everything is simple here – you need to return the car back. Let’s watch the video. Last flask received! Kill enemies and return back.

Run For You Life

Install all the flasks and leave the “Vavilov” on the elevator.

Breath of fresh air

Go outside. Learn a lot of new things. Search buildings (optional). Go to the gate, they are locked. Move along the marker and stand on the platform to climb up. Trying to connect to Volan.

Country House

Go down and go to a meeting with Granny Zina. Communicate with her.

SDC-2 Volan Cheatsheet

Return to the Volan and connect to one of the cameras at the gate. Turn to the gate and open them with remote access.

Morning Express

Get to the express train by car and communicate with the robot inside the train. You need a pass.


At the bottom right there is a corpse with a ticket. Kill the black lab assistant and take him. If you bring this ticket, the robot will refuse. Go to the post office. Go from behind and use the polymer to climb up. There will be a corpse with a monthly pass. Move further by train.

The Brave New World

Follow to the indicated place. The gate will be locked. Use the Shuttlecock (Volan) on the left, switch to the camera and open the room near the water, at the end of the pier. Use this room to lower the flying device “Griff”. Run to the “Griff” and cling to the yellow pipe. Slide down the rope. Defeat the Hedgehog. You can raise columns from underground (with remotes) and force the Hedgehog to crash into them (deals damage). To avoid flying projectiles, stand still and just look at the Hedgehog. After the shot, we dodge with a jerk to the side.

Go down, move the right mirror to the right with telekinesis (F key). You are trying to move the left, but something is stuck.

A Glass, Darkly

Go down, shoot the shocker at the ceiling with batteries to change the polarity, and climb up the ledges. In the second room, shoot at the floor and jump forward twice. Shoot again, jump forward and to the right. Shoot at the ceiling and jump to the passage.

Solve the puzzle, and to open the next door, find a riddle on the floor. As always, you need to rotate the rays correctly. Jump down, because the door is locked. Use ALT to find where the wire leads from the door. Adjust the panel as it should and from the load near the loader you jump onto the ledge. Shoot at the ceiling to go up to the puzzle. Solve it and go through the door.

Do the same in the next room. It will be a little more difficult, but in general it is easy to manage. Solve the floor puzzle and go inside the complex. Find the robot Tereshkova and interact with her. Need a hand.

Hands off!

Go along the marker and get into the next room through the ventilation. Open the door on the right, take away the hand and kill the robot waiter. Return and open the big door.

Made in the USSR

After talking with the robot, find a radio receiver under the counter. In another room, attract the hammer from the raised hand on the statue. In the third room, you need to stand on the scales on the left and pull the flower pot. Give all three items to the robot and move on. Let’s interact at the bottom. Go down and inspect the torso of Clara’s robot.

She Sells Moustache on a Seashore

Four doors will become available.

The Major, The Witch and The Warehouse

Pass through the door on the first floor. Move along the marker, break open the door and kill the enemies. Turn the room so as to go forward. At the bottom, rotate the room so that another remote control appears inside it. Turn so that there are file cabinets in front. On them it will be possible to jump on the stairs. Return to the first console and make a passage to the file cabinets. Climb up and kill the enemies. Rotate the puzzle so that there is a doorway in the floor. Jump down and climb the ledges with yellow paint. Turn the puzzle with the red valve and climb up the yellow pipe. Destroy the robots and take the hand. Return to Clara.

Red Arrow

Go through the door on the second floor. Clean the hall and interact with the remote control. This is a snake game. Control the red snake and collect all the blue elements. Having received a hand, you kill new enemies and return to Clara.


Pass through the door on the third floor. Go down into the hall and kill Ivy. It is best to use melee weapons. Return to Clara.

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown

Pass through the door on the fourth floor. Clean the room. First of all, run in a circle and destroy the plants on the walls. Break open the door and find a hole in the floor. Clean the hall, break open the door lock and use the elevator. Outside find a reservoir and a polymer. With the help of the polymer, you rise up. Climb along the yellow beams, enter the control room and continue to climb. At the top, solve a familiar puzzle. Go back down and go back on the elevator.

Clean the room, activate the control panel and climb up the plane. Solve the puzzle with a large layout of the building. You need to move the ball to the left, where there is a hole. Nothing out of the ordinary, but not exactly comfortable. Go down and pick up the item. Find a platform near the console and jump over the clouds and the puzzle to the other side. Collect Clara and watch the video.


During the vision, go forward, climb the plane. Look at our feet so as not to stand on a trembling platform, otherwise the rockets will push us down. You need to get to the very end on top.

Bug in the System

Having risen on the elevator, take the car and drive to the center of Sechenov. Go inside and inspect the door. You will open one of them as standard. The other is opened with a cookie key. Go outside and climb onto the roof of the building to find this item. Pass through the door and watch the video.

Show must go on

Drive along the marker and kill Belyash in front of the entrance to the theater. Go down.

Petrov of Opera

Go down and watch the cut-scene. Kill the enemy and clean the corridor. I’ll have to deal with Ivy. Then you break open the lock and climb through the ventilation. Solve a simple puzzle on the wall in the basement and take the elevator to the top floor. Follow the marker and jump down.

Sealed with Seven Seals

Kill everyone, in the hall with the stage you go up to the second floor and solve the puzzle on the wall. Interact with the microphone and start the performance. This will be a long fight. Just kill all the enemies and take the sphere.

Ascending The (Gallows) Stage

In the corridor with ballerinas, press the remote controls and choose the right poses so that the shadow of the ballerina kills the corpse. In total there are four pedestals with ballerinas. It is not hard. Pass to the main stage, watch the video, pick up the head, pick up the flask from the drone and kill Natasha. Rise along the wreckage to the right and leave the theater.


Go to the indicated place through the bridge. It is best to stop on the bridge and kill the enemies. Having reached the building, go inside and in the back room we are looking for a descent to the basement.

Blood Courier

Go down the elevator, clean the entire floor and go down. You do the same. The main thing is to destroy the flowers on the walls as soon as possible! Continue to move and find a red valve in the basement. Turn it, go back up the stairs and go down. Swim on the water under the gate and get out upstairs. Kill all enemies in the hospital and inspect the door. You need a cookie key. Where Ivy appears (in the center of this hall), take out the key from the closet.

Open the door, kill one more Ivy in the room with loaders and we rise above. Continue to follow the marker. Just destroy the opponents and break the locks on the doors. Watch the cut-scene. Move through the ruins in a vision. Go upstairs, along the stairs around the elevator and jump onto the beams on the wall. Climb to the left, up and jump to the left. Leave the complex.

Everything Illuminated

Follow to the lighthouse and destroy Rosa. Once inside the lighthouse, we go down and sit in a chair.

Full Bottom / An Inconvenient Truth

Speak with Filatova and follow her. Find three bobbins (alternately). One will be nearby, for the other two you will have to climb the stairs to the left and right at the entrance. After the conversation, go up the elevator. Crawl through the ventilation until find the exit.

Ending 1 – Good Ending

After a conversation with Granny Zina, refuse to kill Sechenov.

Ending 2 – Bad Ending

Agree to kill Sechenov, go into the building and go up the elevator. First, fight with one twin, then with two at once.

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Deliver Us Mars Walkthrough

Walkthrough Deliver Us Mars


Kat Johanson spends time with her family.

After the introductory video, go downstairs and play with the toys. Follow Sister Claire and jump into the water. Watch another cut-scene, then duck down and crawl under the table to pick up the Moonbear. Having done this, go to your father. There is a red button on the wall opposite him – click on it and run after Isaac. Crouch down and wait for the people to leave. When the father cuts a hole in the ventilation, climb inside and move to the very end. As soon as the dialogue ends, Kat will call A-C. Go back. Get in your father’s arms. In the control room, wait for your father to open the door, then follow him. Watch the video.

Chapter 1. Moonbear

A transmission from another planet completely turned Katie’s life upside down.

Go to the center of the plate and run down. Follow down the fire escape outside. Jump to electrical devices. Go to the metal plates and cut them by drawing along the glowing lines. Go past these devices and go down. Enter the building on the left, cut the fasteners on the blinds outside to open the window. Inside a building, cut the floor mounts and point the device at a panel above a window in another building. Go inside the adjacent building and rotate the device diagonally so that it hits one of the two receivers. Return to the first building and turn the first device to the second receiver. Kat will confirm that everything is done correctly. Run to Ryan, chat with him and get into the pickup truck.

After a long drive, enter the building through the main entrance, follow through the museum. You can run exhibits. Don’t forget to scan selected objects to get additional information about events. Near the locked door, switch to the Ayla drone (press C), fly up to the device on the left and press F. Follow Sarah.

Move along the corridor, to the right and climb the boxes. Cut the fasteners on the grate, bend down and follow into the next room. Go downstairs, cut through the debris blocking the path. First, raise the nearest platform with the remote control. Then start the top platform so that it starts moving to the right. Quickly jump onto the first platform and take a running jump to the moving platform. When it stops, jump onto the large container. From here, cut the mounts on the ventilation and fly there with the Ayla drone. Watch the meeting. Get to a new location and continue tracking.

Follow the team, get inside the bus. Ride the elevator up and enter the ship. Go up. Before departure, you need to get ready. Don’t worry, the parts you need will be highlighted in purple:

  • Click on the 8 toggle switches in the order shown.
  • Click on the button, hold down the slider and lower it down while holding LMB.
  • While looking at the screen, move the pointing stick left or right while holding A or D.
  • Set the toggle switches to the indicated positions.
  • Toggle switch to 0, lower the slider all the way down while holding LMB. Interact with the screen and hold S to remove the sleeve.
  • Press the button and raise the slider while holding the LMB.
  • Press the button. Pull up the toggle switch while holding W.
  • In space, press the button again and lift the toggle switch up.
  • Move the lever to the green zone.

Chapter 2. Want to go to space

The Opera team flies to Mars in the Zephyr-III, and Kathy remembers her father.

Swim after your father underwater, between the rocks, until you find the wreckage. Follow the cockpit to find out about the engine failure. Get out in the shuttle, fly to the engines at the end of the ship. Examine the wreckage by pressing F (when it is highlighted). Open the electrical panel and lower the lever. Cut through all the debris, both outside and inside. Don’t forget to cut the pipes. Return to the electrical panel to turn on the power. Flip the toggle switches under the red lights vertically and lower the lever on the left. Then activate the five toggle switches in the correct order (from left to right):

  • Second
  • Fourth
  • Fifth
  • First
  • Third

Return to the ship. Swim between the wreckage until you find yourself in the cockpit. Press the button, pull the lever and wait. You can explore Zephyr 3 by collecting various items and scanning selected objects. Then fly into the cockpit and wait for the engine to fail again.

Get out and fly to the engines. Turn off the power again. It just won’t work, so cut the wires to the left and right of the battery located to the left of the shield. Cut around the casing. Start cutting into small round pieces until an explosion occurs. Fly inside the ship. Follow your father and Claire. Talk to the father near the shed to get the equipment. Approach the wall and start climbing up. Hold LMB and RMB to hook. Release LMB and RMB alternately to move your hand. If you release both buttons, you will fall down. Eavesdrop on communication between Claire and her father. Go downstairs and talk to Kat’s dad.

Kat is in charge of docking. Click on the button on the main panel. Fly forward to the blue square and the same circle inside it. Don’t worry about the high speed – as soon as you get close, a cut-scene will start.

How to decrypt holograms in Deliver Us Mars

When Kat is called, fly through the airlock into the ark. Way one. Get to the hologram and start decryption. Each hologram has three parts. Each of them is configured in its own projection. That is, one part moves away / approaches when you move up and down, the other – closer to the hologram or move away from it, the third – to the left or right. Watch the long video.

Fly through the door at the end of the pod tunnel and keep going. You can inspect the side compartments. Soon you will discover streams. Point the first stream at the nearest panel to open the door. Cut the mounts to make a second stream appear. Point it at the same panel that opened the first door. Return to the first stream and point it at the panel outside the window, next to the second stream. Follow to the second stream and direct it to the far panel (the door will close behind you, but you still don’t need to go back).

Click on the blue button and fly further. After talking to Claire, fly to the left and inspect the broken doors. Examine the main terminal near the table. Press F to see which door Sarah (or Claire) opened for you. Examine the main device. It has 8 panels with dots. You need to connect them in the correct order. When you listen to the command, fly to the stream opposite the point “1” and connect it to the panel. In the same niche, there is a door and a device that the drone can interact with. Open the door with the drone (switching is no longer necessary – just fly up to the device and press F).

Cut the fastener on the next door. Use the cutter to destroy all electrical blocks that damage Kat. Open two more doors (with a cutter and a drone) and connect the stream to the panel with two points. Connect the second stream to the panel with three points. Let the drone through the hatch in this niche and open the door from the inside by interacting with the wall scanner. Fly over to Kat and connect the stream to the panel with four points. The second stream is to the panel with five dots.

Follow through the door on the side, press the blue button. Cut the fasteners on the door. Connect two streams to the six- and seven-point panels. Return to the first niche and connect the stream to the panel with eight points. Fly back to the bridge and start the main computer. Use the marked panel.

Try to fix the situation with the ship:

  1. Move all sliders up. Click on the button on the left.
  2. There are three toggle switches. The top one determines which number to enter. The bottom one allows you to set a number. The button on the right is to confirm. Look at the screen and enter the indicated numbers.
  3. Move the slider down while holding LMB. Click on Alex and Isla’s toggle switches.

Fly to the capsules and watch the cut-scene. Use the lever and aim the circle at the diamond. Move the slider down. Click on the two illuminated buttons below the screen. Move forward to the passage and rise between the rocks. Soon Kat will discover the colony.

Chapter 4. A Nice Place to live

Alone on an inhospitable planet, Kathy makes her way through an abandoned Herschel quarry.

Follow the only path to the first station. Climb up and get out. Look at the mining machine on the left, the rover on the other side, directly across from Katy, and the lift at the bottom left. Run left along the cliff, jumping on the platforms. Cling to the highlighted walls with pickaxes and climb to the right. Every time you stick a pickaxe, make sure it really sticks to the wall. Climb right, down. Not all walls can be grabbed, so you need to release LMB and RMB and immediately hold them to grab onto another part of the wall, below. Continue downhill using this method.

Inspect the lift, which will be de-energized. Walk to the right and go up the stairs. Decode the hologram. Go outside and go up to another building. Outside, when the panel turns towards you, jump towards it and hook on the pickaxes. Climb to the left and drop down when the panel unfolds. Jump on the rocks, inside the building, decode the new hologram. Open the door, go into the cave, turn around and jump up. Climb up, turn around and jump over to the other side. move through the cave and climb the wall avoiding obstacles.

Enter the building and look around the stream towers. Please note that the receivers show how much power must be supplied in order for them to work. If there is more or less energy, the receiver will not work. Also, the energy is indicated on the stream towers. There is a field of energy reduction in this room. If an energy stream from a stream tower passes through it, its power drops by 1 unit. Point two stream towers at two receivers by crossing the beams. At the point where the beams cross, set the energy reduction field. That is, a stream tower with 4 energy is aimed at a receiver with 3, and a stream tower with 3 is aimed at a receiver with 2. And the energy reduction field reduces the values of both streams to the required values. Get inside and activate the panel. Send energy to the elevator.

Return to the elevator and ride up. When it stops, jump and cling to the wall with your pickaxes. Climb higher, jump over the elevator to the other side and continue climbing. Enter the cave to the rotating device. Climb onto the platform, from it jump onto the rotating platform. Turn around and jump even higher. Climb up the wall avoiding the rotating platforms. Get on the rover. Walk through the rooms in the house to view the memories.

Chapter 5. The Dream for this Folks

After reaching the Ark Habitas, Kat investigates the monolith ship.

Ride the rover until you run into obstacles near the Ark. Enter the elevator and go inside. Find Ryan and follow him. Sarah is hurt. Crouch down and sneak into the next room. Here you will see a new device – a splitter. What does it do? Splits the beams into two, reducing their power by 1 unit. For example, if a splitter tower gives 5 units of energy, then two beams will give 4 each. That is, the energy is not divided between the beams, but equal to that of the tower, but 1 unit less.

Use the splitter and aim it at the two visible receiving panels with 2 units of energy (one in the hallway, the other in the room with you). Cut the mounts and point the stream tower at the splitter. The doors on the right will open and the first one in the corridor. Get another splitter from the side room and aim one of its beams at the receiver near the second door in the corridor (which requires 1 unit of energy). The beam that fell on the receiver of the side room in your room from the first splitter, direct it to the second. Thus, the beam, passing through two splitters, will decrease from 3 units to 1 and open the second door in the corridor. The first is opened by another beam from the first splitter.

Go further and go upstairs. watch the cut-scene. Move through the rooms. Examine them, rise above and decipher the hologram. Examine the prison, go further and higher. Soon you will find a corridor with another puzzle where you need to use the stream towers. At the very beginning of the corridor is a hatch for the drone. Fly there and open the door from the inside using the device on the wall.

Go inside, put a splitter in the corridor, cut the fasteners so that the stream tower appears. Point it at the splitter. Direct the beams of the splitter at two receivers in the corridor. The far door will open. Go through it, take the field of energy reduction and put it in front of the beam falling on the door in the middle of the corridor. Open this door by using the drone on the wall device. Watch the cut-scene.

Return to the last open door and enter the room. There is a grid on the right. Open it by cutting the fasteners. Go to the other end of the chamber, exit it, pick up another splitter and place it at the far receiver leading to the bridge. Return to the first splitter. Let one beam fall on the far door, and direct the other to the second splitter. The side door will close, but the path through the entire corridor will be open. Grab the field of energy reduction with you and go to the other end. Direct the beam from the second splitter to the receiver of the last closed door. Place an energy reduction field in front of the beam to reduce the flux value. Ready!

Go to the nursery and decode the message. Exit to the balcony and climb the wall. Climb up the pipes, jump on the cabins of two elevators. Climb the wall again, jump on the platforms and make your way through the pipes. At the top, cut the bolts and point the stream tower at the only receiver. Watch the cut-scene.

You need to examine 6 objects in the room. Talk to Sarah and Ryan. Examine the green sphere, its casing and pipes from below, under the sphere. Also examine the main control panel and return to Sarah. Follow Sarah and Ryan. Cut the bolts and launch the drone into the pipe. Eavesdrop on Sarah and Ryan’s conversation through the grate on the left (no need to move to the end!).

Chapter 6. Not the Rabbits, not the Bees

Kat leaves the Opera team and goes on her own to look for the survivors – and her father – in the ice-bound complex.

Ride the rover to the station. Examine the three active points on the station. One of them is a trolley. Step back, turn right and start going down. Like last time, you will have to use a trick – release both picks and hold LMB and RMB again to cling to the ice. Run to the complex. Climb up the hill and jump onto the ice wall, hooking on it with pickaxes.

Enter the first building, exit on the other side and run up. Examine the hologram on the table. Explore the hydroponic farm. Keep moving and soon find a hologram. Decrypt and view messages. Get out, jump to the other side with the help of the container. Go downstairs and inspect the heaters. Decode another hologram.

Go down to the flooded basement, where a puzzle awaits you. Walk forward and find the splitter on the right. Take it with you and take it to the room with the broken glass and the stream tower. Set it so that one of the beams is directed to the receiver to the right of the square container. Cut the bolts and aim the beam at the splitter. The gate will open and the container will roll down. Pull the splitter out and point it at the two receivers in the hallway (nearest). The stream beam must fall on this splitter. The shutters of the room opposite will open. Go there, remove the bolts to get the second stream tower. Aim its beam at the splitter. Return to the first tower and direct its beam at the receiver at the far door (initially, this was impossible, since the beam was blocked by a cubic container).

Swim underwater, cut the bolts and pay attention to the powerful propeller. It rotates periodically. Pick up the moment and swim to the nearest niche. Do this again and cut the screw. Swim through it, climb up and jump over the ledges in the elevator shaft. Run to the greenhouse and watch the cut-scene. Decrypt the message. View all the memories and run back. When you fall down on the elevator, use the cutter to cut the screw that is tightening Kat. Swim underwater avoiding sharp stalactites.

Next will be a difficult segment. I still don’t understand how the climbing jump system works. In general, you need to climb one cliff and jump to the cliff opposite. I roughly figured out how to jump left and right, but not in the opposite direction. So here you have to try hard or even suffer.

Chapter 7. Like Animals

Back at the Ark Habitas, Kat Sarah and Ryan learn of the tragic fate of the Outward.

Ride the elevator, go through the door and look around. Talk to Sarah, Ryan and examine the pipes behind the counter on the right. It’s in that order! Go to the next room, get over the obstacles and move deeper into the complex. Decode the hologram.

Follow your father’s drone. He hides behind a locked door. Go back and go left on the first floor. Open the door using the drone. Decode the hologram and open another door with the drone. There is a panel next to this door. Cut the bolts to reveal a stream tower. It can be directed to the receiver above (through the energy reduction field) or to the splitter below, one beam of which is directed to the next room, and the other to the receiver at the door behind which the drone disappeared.

Aim the beam at the splitter opposite, on the first floor. Run to this room. Fly inside with a drone. Pick up a splitter and place it so that the beam falling on the receiver in the next room does not fall into the field of energy reduction (that is, its energy does not decrease even more). The door to the next room will open. Take the field of energy reduction (Kat) from this room and place a stream in front of the tower (take it to it). Direct the beam from the tower to the receiver with the second energy reduction field on top. Since the energy will drop twice (after passing through two fields), the door will be closed. Go there, launch the drone through the hole and get the energy reduction field out of the way. The door will open. Grab this device and carry it down (move from the second to the first floor with the help of a drone).

Place two energy reduction fields in front of the receiver at the desired door and direct the beam from the stream tower to the splitter below. The desired door will open. Go there and watch the cut-scene after deciphering the hologram. Point the beam at the ark and wait.

Chapter 8. Desperate Times

After an accident on the Red Planet, Kat is sent to the ruins of the Labos ark. Kat climbs onto the crashed ship, hoping to restore the MPT connection.

Drive to the desired object and go inside. Climb the wall, jump to another and climb even higher. Cross the barrier, jump over the hole. Go around the next hole by climbing the wall on the right. Soon you will find the antenna. You need to solve another puzzle. To do this, first find three splitters. One splitter is on the left, another is on a hill to the right, the third is right by the central mechanism on top that you are trying to activate (next to the hole). Install two splitters to the right and left of this mechanism where the receivers are located (two on each side).

Run to the other end, cut the bolts so that the stream tower appears. For now, put aside the field of energy reduction. Install the third splitter at the very beginning and direct a beam at it from the stream tower. Apply one beam to the receiver at the device itself. Feed the second beam to the splitter at the top right, near the two receivers. Feed the beams from this splitter to two receivers. It turns out like this: the far stream tower sends a beam to the splitter at the beginning, from it one beam falls on the central receiver (3 energy) and on the splitter at the top right, if you look at the device, and already from this splitter – on two side receivers of 2 units of energy. Find another panel at the beginning, cut and remove the stream tower. Aim its beam at the splitter at the top left. Place an energy reduction field on the path of the beam so that 2 units of energy fall from the upper splitter onto two receivers. Decided!

Decode another hologram. Climb up, jump to the right. Go down below, go further until the tunnel turns over. Cling to the wall and climb up. Run over the falling blocks and cling to the wall. Climb higher and higher, moving from one section to another. Overcome one more section to be at the top. Try to launch the plate. Go outside and remove the debris on the right and in the center. Return to the control room and set up an MPT connection. Decrypt the next message along the way. Ride up the elevator.

Examine the corpse of MacArthur, decipher the next message. To get to the next room, you need to open the door from the inside. There are crates in the hall outside of the locked door. Climb up them, get to the place where you can launch the drone, and open the door with the wall panel. Decode another hologram. Run down the stairs, leave the ark and climb into the rover. Drive further through the desert until a cut-scene starts. Run through the forest and jump onto your father’s arms. Hide in the closet.

Continue riding the rover to Ark 3. Go inside to find the last survivors. Move forward until a cutscene starts. Follow your father, look around the house and talk to him again. Hide in the closet with Sarah. Run after Sarah, hide to the left of the door (crouch down).

Go outside and go down into the mine. Go down the stairs, open the door with the drone and try to disable the terminal with the buttons. The two left buttons control the middle section, the two right buttons control the bottom section. Move the right one to the left. Move the left section a little to the right. Exit to the left and jump onto these sections to climb up. Try to disable the device using the panel and then cut the pipes.

After talking with Sarah, the bridge will go down. Go through it, go around the wreckage and cut the pipes. Go inside and watch the cut-scene.

Cut the fasteners on the right to enter the restricted section. Follow the only route, open another panel and climb the walls. Jump from one section to another when the cannon is not working. Jump over further by jumping onto the cannon that has come out of the wall and jump onto the rotating platforms. At the very end there will be a platform rotating in a circle. Cling to its left side and climb up. At the same time, move to the left, otherwise you will fall on electric discharges. Run to the control room and wait. Follow the ark and watch the cut-scene. Follow standard procedures to launch the ark.

Epilogue. Where is your heart

After finding Isaac Johansson, Kat and the Opera team leave Mars and head home.

Talk to Sarah at the control panel. Fly to Isaac and watch the final cutscene.