Where to Catch Catfish and Bass in Summer in Mara

Where to Catch Catfish and Bass in Summer in Mara


Mayo will give you a quest. He asks to bring her some fish.

Despite the fact that catfish and bass are needed for Mayo’s task, fishing in Summer in Mara is a useful activity. Fish is needed for many recipes, several quests. It can be sold for money. Always use the bait. Each time you need to pick up the bait, depending on the situation.

We’ll talk about Bass. He lives in Puni cave. When you arrive in this area, you will see a hill that is impossible to climb. Follow the boat along the pond to find the cave. There is a lot of ore for ingots, as well as a place for catching bass. A worm should be used as bait.

As for catfish, you can catch this fish east of Qalis, on Iron Island. The area has a fishing spot in the sea. Go up to it and fish. There will be catfish. Silkworms should be used as bait. You can buy this bait in the city.

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