Where to Find Nails in Summer in Mara

Where to Find Nails in Summer in Mara


You will need nails to create a chicken coop. This guide will tell you where to look for nails.

Even before you leave your native island, you will see several sites for buildings. One of the possible buildings is the chicken coop. Unfortunately, it is difficult to create: despite the availability of free land, you need rare materials. Continue to complete story missions until you leave your native island. Go to the Qalis port- the central island of Mary, where you will spend most of your game time trading with characters, meeting new NPCs and completing many tasks.

When you arrive on the island, follow the story quest, complete the tasks of the old woman from the lighthouse. In the end, after 5-10 tasks, she will introduce you to Akaji, a blacksmith who was not originally on the island.

As soon as Akaji returns to the island, you can find her next to the lighthouse, in a large enclosed area surrounded by a black fence. Talk to her and complete the first task. After that, you can study her products. Among other things, there will be nails: 16 coins apiece. Once you build a chicken coop, you can find chickens around the world. Look for star icons in new areas of the map. They are often found in the middle of the ocean. When you unlock the tool shed, you can make nails yourself.

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