Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

Read the main points of walkthrough the game Styx Shards of Darkness. You will learn how to solve the most difficult puzzles, how to defeat strong bosses and find the best collectibles. More details below.

Prologue Styx Shards Of Darkness

City of Thiefs

Follow the marker. When you see the first enemies, and then go around the building. There will be two opponents. Follow them on the right and go up. Create a clone, switch to it and lure opponents. Jump and climb through the hole in the wall of the house.

Inside the house, steal the document when the enemy turns away. Climb to the very top and use the clone to distract the enemy in the corridor. The door is locked with a master key, but you can bypass it through the open window on the right.

Get to the next place where you will need to steal three guardian salaries in the tavern. The first is in the basement, where you can go down through a common corridor. The second is located at the very top. But the third is the most difficult to get – access to the premises is closed. Need a master key. There is an exit to the balcony to the left of the room door. Walk and climb the ledge around the building, and then enter the bedroom. There is a master key on the bed. Use it to get into the room.

At the very top, untie the balloon and leave the location.

The first mission of passing Styx Shards Of Darkness


Since there is nothing difficult in this part, we will describe the location of all the posters and tokens.

When you follow Ephron, you will be up there, remove the first poster (1/11) from a wooden beam with a rope, which you need to slide down.

As soon as the mission needs to get to the ship, enter the building with red banners and a yellow spot (about 140 meters from the ship) and find the first token (1/10) on one of the tables (without a lamp).

Get out of the same building through a window in the far right corner, to the right of the table with the first token, and go left to the locked door. To her right is the second poster (2/11).

You will be opposite the same door, move away from it in the opposite direction and on one of the barrels standing next to each other find the second token (2/10).

Climb up the stairs and see the third poster (3/11) on the corner of the red building.

Go higher. There will be a closed door on the left. You will find the third token (3/10) a little further on the box near the cart.

You can find the fourth poster (4/11) to the right of the beam, in meters 4-5.

From here, turn left. Between the two buildings will fall. A beam with two metal rings is visible in the distance. There is a ledge to the left of the window of the building. Jump on it, climb up and jump onto the stone ledge behind a wooden beam with rings. Go down the rope and take the token (4/10) from the barrel.

Climb up the stairs next and remove the poster (5/11) at the doorway of the building on the left.

Another poster (6/11) is located inside the same building, on the bar counter.

Scroll through the bar and find the token (5/10) on the shelves of the bartender’s cabinet.

Inside the building, go up to the second floor. Follow upstairs, where the crafting table is located. There is a token (6/10) on the next table.

From here jump down and find the poster (7/11) on the building with a piece of thatched roof.

Go to the large gate and take off the poster (8/11).

Make your way through the hole to the right of the gate and find the token (7/10) on the barrels on the left.

The next poster (9/11) is hanging on a wooden door nearby – the entrance to the red building is outside the gate.

Enter this building and find the poster (10/11) on the table.

From this table, go to the far room where the man is lying by the window, and on the right on the pedestal find the token (8/10).

Climb to the second floor of this building, go outside and go right around the corner. Climb through the window into the building and find another token (9/10) on the table to the left, behind the chest.

From here crawl through the hole under the table, opposite the other where the token was, go through the door back to the building and rise even higher. There will be a huge chest, while the token (10/10) lies on the small one on the right.

There is the last poster (11/11) to the left of the large chest on the box.

Diplomatic Vessels

At this level, go down inside the ship through the window and, when the enemy leaves, replace the navigator map. Just wait. So you catch up with the rest of the ship. Shoot from the ballista and along the rope move to the other side. Before taking the scepter, steal 3 emblems from the warrior markers marked. You can kill them. In this case, the emblems will receive automatically after the death of everyone.

Follow the scepter and climb inside the room through the window above the door. Leave the ship.

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