Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

The eighth mission of walkthrough Styx Shards Of Darkness


In the village of hunters it will be necessary to pick up the bomb from the warehouse. But first you can find pure quartz. The location is well guarded, so you need to find the right approach. When you pick up the bomb, then using amber vision, follow the white tracks to the right place. Stole all the bombs and then leave the location.

Goblin prison

Install all the bombs and then enter the slaughterhouse. Slide down, bouncing on the ledge in time. Go through the corridor with the columns descending. First, follow the first two, and then, after pausing, under the other three.

Go through the tunnels with bugs and climb the rope. After collecting loot indoors, jump up the ledges and handles on the wall. Install the last bomb and get out of here.

Ninth mission of walkthrough Styx Shards Of Darkness


As you prepare for battle, speak with Jarak. You are waiting for the last battle with a huge stone Golem.

Move towards ballista, hiding behind shelters. When you jump on the handles on the rocks, then keep behind them so that the Golem does not kill you with stones. The battle will consist of several stages, but all of them are connected with the fact that you should follow in the direction of the marker, avoiding certain boss tricks. First, hide from the stones, then – from the flow of energy, after a while – avoid his gaze (the light falls where the Golem is looking).

You can save only after some stages – when you go through the segment where the Golem is trying to spot you (light on the location). This is the main difficulty!

After the Golem is destroyed, watch the final cutscene that completes the walkthrough of Styx Shards of Darkness.

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