Walkthrough Moons of Madness

Walkthrough Moons of Madness

Walkthrough of the horror Moons of Madness is presented your attention. It is first-person horror in the universe of the role-playing online game The Secret World from Funcom.

Wakeup Call

Click LMB to get out of bed. Leave the room and examine the round bench in the center of the hall. Take a flashlight. Pick it up and turn it on by pressing F. There are two long corridors. One of them leads to a door with green lamps. If they are still red, then just walk around in circles. Pass through the door, go left along the corridor. On the left hand, there will be a malfunctioning door. Continue on until you see the creeping tentacles. Open the cabinet to the right and remove the mount from there. Return to the ajar door and apply a mount on it. Go to the festive table with a cake.

Morning Routine

Waking up, study the cabin. There is an unfinished letter on the table, and you find some stone from Mars in a glass locker. Open another locker in front of the computer and pick up a pass 1. A photo frame fell out of the same locker. Examine it, expand it and you will find the code – 0509 on the reverse side. Sit down at the computer and enter this code. Examine the letters and select the last option to open the door. Leave the room.

Go down the corridor to the open door (green lights). Along the way, you can study the note from the table on the right. Go past the gym and find a note on the chess table. There is a coffee machine on the left. You can have a cup of coffee. There is a lantern to the right. Take it, eat food from a tray nearby. Then open the BioGage by pressing TAB.

Follow the corridor opposite the gym to the laboratory. Go left, pick up the crowbar and open the malfunctioning door. Turn on the flashlight and inspect the table behind the partition on the left. There is a BioGage. Pick it up, try to reset by pressing the red button on the rear panel. Pick up the pen to the right, and then run the BioGage. Go to the locked door in the center of the room, click on RMB to connect to the cabinet, and reboot the system.

Walkthrough Moons of Madness

Now you will need to manually repair the panels at the solar station. Exit the corridor and go through the small door at the AIRLOCK sign. Put on your helmet and fill it with oxygen using the device on the left. Click on the button to the right of the door and go outside. Go to the back of the vehicle and press the red button. Go inside and close the door behind you by pressing the red button to the right of the exit. Open the door and get in the driver’s seat. Start the engine. The main character will go to the solar panels.

Power of the Sun

Upon arrival at their destination, get out of the transport and go uphill. When you get to the solar panels, look around. There are three control panels. If you go up to the right, you will find an empty slot for the battery. Climb the stairs to the left to find the control panel. Interact with it manually or use the RMB to connect the BioGage. In any case, you need to use the WASD keys to configure the batteries to get 90% or higher. First, turn the batteries up or down with the keys W and S. When you reach the maximum, you rotate left and right with the keys A and D. And again you will reach the maximum, as a result of which you will have to turn the batteries up and down.

Move to the far batteries on the left. The staircase to the control panel is destroyed, so you need to connect by scanning (RMB). Set up these batteries and go back to the first ones where you need the battery. Go to the cliff where the elevator is installed. Call him and drive down. Remove the battery from the elevator and enter the research center. Use the computer on the left to change the atmosphere in the input gateway so that you can go inside.

Inside, insert the battery into the device on the left. Read the information on the computer. You will find out that the battery was taken by Lucas. Open the computer door and in the next room find the battery. Return to the elevator by taking the first battery. Insert one battery into the elevator, go up and insert another battery into the solar plate control. Set them up as you did before. Go to the broken stairs at the third set of batteries, climb up the hill and find a large device.

Walkthrough Moons of Madness
Last control panel

There is a panel on to the right side. Lift it and pull the lever. Activate power, then return to the vehicle and drive back.

The Flooded Greenhouse

Go forward along the path and enter the building. Turn left along the corridor to get into the greenhouses. Go straight. There are three locked doors. Climb the stairs to the right and open the door to the left by applying a pass. You can explore the room with a computer, as well as open another door. But it will bring you back to the beginning. Go up the stairs again, but go right. Go along the bridge and climb up the yellow fire escape. Jump inside the building through an open window, directly onto the pipes.

Once inside, take the handle off the table. Go forward and right along the arrows. Use the handle and turn it clockwise to block the pipes. Go to the yellow hatch and go down below. Do the same with the second hatch, as the next door requires a pass 2. Keep going the only way. Block the flow of steam. If there is no place near the handle, then look for some kind of passage under the pipes. In the end, you climb up through the yellow hatch.

Find on the table the level 2 security access that belonged to Lucas. Inspect the water purifier on the wall. It lacks three modules. You can study the information on a computer, and then go outside through a single doorby applying a level 2 security access. On the left, there is a device for climate change. You need to go through the door in front. Move through the lab with black slime. Climb the two sets of stairs up and pull out the first repair module.

Nearby there is a level 2 door and a yellow fire escape. First open the door, go ahead and scan the remote. Press A or D to turn the wheel with the plants so that a small hole opens. Bend down and move forward. Scan the remote control for the plants and turn the wheel again to get to the storage with a second repair module.

Go back the same way and go up the yellow fire escape. There are pipes on the left and right that you must block with the handle. Do this to disable sprinklers. Go down the stairs on the other side; enter the building by opening the 2nd level door, and go down to the first floor. You will see here a vault with a third repair module. Also there are cells. Someone escaped from one of them. Go through the hole in the glass and follow into the room with a water purifier.

Insert the modules according to their colors, after selecting the necessary values:

  • Red 50.
  • Yellow 90.
  • Blue 100.

By doing so, scan the wall with the modules and activate the water purifier by clicking on LMB. Exit through the door and pull the lever on the climate control console.

Monster in the fog

Just run away from the monster with the only route until you can leave the greenhouses. Get in the vehicle and go to the station to Declan.

Walkthrough Moons of Madness

Cave of Madness

Upon arrival at their destination, go outside and see the entrance to the cave in front of you. Follow inside. Move forward until you find a sphere. Focus on them while by holding the Space bar to get deeper into the cave. Soon you will reach the first table with a note. Charge all three spheres in a circle. Be careful with the worm. Look at him to scare away the monster. Move forward along the corridor where the worm will creep out, get to the room with notes and a sphere in the stand. Take the sphere and take it to the three previous ones, set it on the stand in the center. If you have already charged three spheres, then the one you brought is instantly charged. Take it and put it back in place to open the way forward.

Go down, go to the ajar door on the left and focus on the sphere. On the right, there is a stand for the sphere, but there is no sphere itself. Go forward, find another sphere and install it on the stand, charge it. Follow to the right of the door, get to the empty stand. There is another stand on the left, but you need to install an already charged sphere on it. A little further find the usual sphere and carry it to the stone stand. Focus on the sphere to get rid of the tentacles. Focus on the next sphere above the tentacles in the nearby passage.

So you get to the stand and the sphere. Set a sphere on it. You need to charge three around. One is ready, the second is looking for in the door on the ceiling, the third – behind the ajar door on the left (you need to bend down and look from the side). So you charge the sphere. Take it to the far stand to open the way further. Move forward until you meet a mysterious woman. Watch the video.

Shunned Basement

Search the basement; find the first photo and a note with elements from the periodic table – carbon, beryllium, helium, and beryllium. In the back room, there is the table. If you look at their serial numbers, you will get the code 6424. Return to the bookcase and pull in. Enter the room. Examine the number board on the wall on the left. There is a second photograph on the table. Go to the laundry room where the wire sparkles. Move around the objects on the right wall, enter the room and interact with the shield. Turn off the first toggle switch to get rid of the current. Return to the laundry room and find the third photograph on the table.

Return to the room with the shield and find the fourth photo on the table. Go to the wall opposite the table. It consists of boards. You find a fifth photograph between two boards. Interact with the right edge of the board to break it off with a mount and get a picture.

Return to the room with the blackboard and numbers on the wall. Arrange the photos in time in the following order:

  • 1. 07: 48
  • 2. 08: 55
  • 3. 12: 24
  • 4. 12: 57
  • 5. 13: 00

 Books are in the same order – 6, 4, 2, 4.

Walkthrough Moons of Madness
Photos Location

In doing so, interact with the left plate. She will begin to glow. Now you need to light the top plate to pick up the book. Go to the shield and turn off the lights in the basement. You need to find four white characters in the main room of the basement. Two of them are on the objects near the green boat, the third – on the frame on the wall nearby, the fourth – on the tank near the door leading to the room with a shield. When all four are activated (you just need to look at them), then go back and interact with the top plate. Pick up the book.

Walkthrough Moons of Madness
Last Symbol

Sabotaged Signal

Right now we’re writing a continuation of the walkthrough game the Moons of Madness.

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