Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

Walkthrough Styx: Shards of Darkness

The third mission of the walkthrough Styx Shards Of Darkness


There is nothing difficult in this mission – just follow from marker to marker and do what is required of you.

Fourth mission: Styx Shards Of Darkness

That Which is Hidden

When you complete this task, you will come across a hidden mystery.

Once you get to the main building, you can go down to the second level, where there will be one guard. Go there so that new mission objectives appear – to use the hidden switch in the bookcase. Go up to him and interact to open a secret passage.

A mystery awaits you inside: you must click on the statues in the correct order to make up the sequence of the ritual description. The sequence is visible in the figure above. As soon as you do this, the grate in the aisle will rise, and you will see a dagger. There will be 3 worms protecting it. Wait at the gate until the first two will exit. Take away the weapon.

The new dagger has the following unique abilities:

  • Bonus: drowns out the sound of all ground killings.
  • Penalty: The blade is too fragile to fend off an enemy attack.

The Boss Fight

In this chapter you have to fight the first real boss – the Queen of the Roabies. In principle, there is nothing difficult. You should have enough health left. At the beginning, run to the enemy, move in a zigzag pattern. You must approach the crystals and destroy them using the interaction button. You need to choose a good moment for this, so that the enemy does not have time to hit the hero with their tentacles. Fortunately, the damage in this case will still be minimal (on normal difficulty).

You must destroy a total of 8 crystals, while others are located even higher. Destroy each of them, quickly look for a stone behind which you can hide and wait out the acid attack. None of the methods of attack will benefit your character – exclusively the destruction of crystals.

Before the attack, the tentacles will turn red. You will also hear a distinctive sound. To perform the trick, it is best to use a throw (F). If you stand on a metal grate and manage to dodge, then the tentacles get stuck in it for a while. Remember to also use shelters more often, and also to hang on ledges for extra protection.

Watch out for the small red cocoons on the ground. Very dangerous insects will appear from them. It is best to run away from them, going up. After some time, these monsters will disappear.

When all the crystals are destroyed, move to a dead body and take the quartz.

The fifth mission of walkthrough Styx Shards Of Darkness

Caught in the Trap

After you find the captain, you will need to quietly carry him aboard. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Hide behind the handrail closest to the boat.
  • Activate invisibility.
  • Bring the captain’s body aboard.
  • Activate the mechanism near the boat.

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