Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 1

Walkthrough Song of Horror

Song of Horror is an episodic third-person horror game whose main characters explore places inhabited by ghosts.

Prelude A Friday Like Any Other

Daniel’s apartment

September 25, 1998

After the introductory video, do the following:

  • 1. Take a look around the apartment.
  • 2. Visit the room on the left and right, study objects.
  • 3. When you re-enter the office, the phone will ring.
  • 4. Pick up the phone and watch the cutscene.

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Hasher Mansion

September 26, 1998

Come inside the house. Explore several rooms. Go through the double door on the right, to the stairs, and immediately follow the room to the left. You will be taken to the kitchen with a long table. Go through the door on which the envelope was, and open the mysterious door nearby to start the cutscene.

Walkthrough Song of Horror
Walkthrough Song of Horror

Episode 1. The Husher Mansion

September 28, 1998

Now you will play for Sophie. Go to the kitchen, but the door Daniel went through will be locked. Open the door opposite it and on a pedestal in a small vestibule you will find a box of matches. Open the door on the left. Remove the strange drawing from the refrigerator. Examine the sparkling wire lying on the floor, and take the metal ring off the table. One of the doors is locked, and the other leads to the pantry. There is a jar of oil on the far shelf.

Return to the room with the wire and hear strange noises outside the door. Go up to it and hold down RMB to eavesdrop. From this moment, you can use the map. Press M and you will see all the interesting places – two doors that require a key and a wire in the kitchen marked with a “gear”.

Return to the main corridor. Not far from the clock, you find a dirty note on a pedestal. Go to the front door. There are two doors to the right. Open the right of them and go through the door to the lower right from the small vestibule. So you get into the garage with a motorcycle. There is an old metal box on the table. Take it and inspect the boiler. Need electricity.

Go to the corridor and through the double door at the stairs go into the room with the piano. Open the door on the right to enter the library. Examine the far table, in particular the drawer. Oil it to get a key. Go to the kitchen (you will need to answer the phone ringing along the way) and use the key on the door through which Daniel passed. This room will not have the mysterious door that we saw earlier. There is a screwdriver on the table. On the wall where the door was, a note from Julia and Saul hangs.

Get out of here and press the E key to close the door (periodically you need to press “Space”). Cling to the door by pressing RMB to understand – there are monsters behind it. Go to the corridor. Now you can climb to the second floor. So do it.

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  • Reply
    Feb 11, 2020 2:35 am

    You don’t need to kill Sophie if you just don’t look in Sauls Room after all if you choose to see it you die anyway.

  • Reply
    Mar 17, 2022 11:11 pm

    There’s no need to change characters. Just listen by the doors and avoid walking into obvious death traps

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