Walkthrough Those Who Remain
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Walkthrough Those Who Remain


Read the detailed walkthrough of the horror Those Who Remain. The main character, Edward, has to make many difficult decisions, and they affect the course of history.

Dormont Suburbs

Watch the video, go to the porch and enter the building in front. There is a guest magazine on the counter. Examine it and pay attention to the name Dan – the girl settled in room 2. Go to number 2, located literally nearby. The door is closed.

Slide the mat, take the key and go inside. Read the newspaper from the bed. It tells of Michael Ridley, the fourth person to disappear in Dormont. Go to the bathroom so that the phone rings. Pick up the phone on the cabinet to the left of the bed. By telephone, an unknown person will say that you need to stay in the light.

Get out of the room and see how the car leaves. Follow her along the road until you reach the truck with a single flashlight. There is a generator on the side of it. Run it and go forward along the road, to the burning car. Look on the other side and you will see a dim lamp. Follow him to get into the village.

Enter the house on the left. Turn on the light switch on the left and in the room with a fireplace, find a note on the wall. Enter the kitchen on the right and find the switch on the wall on the left behind the entrance. Turn on the light, go ahead and press the other switch. You will see an office. There is a newspaper on the table, which tells about the corpse of a 13-year-old girl found at a sawmill. The outer door is boarded up now, so turn on the light on the back porch and go outside. Go around the house to return back to the main entrance. Go a little further and turn on the light with the switch on the post. You will see a barn.

You will need to light a sunflower field. Enter the barn with both doors open and try to start the generator in front. Need a fuse. There is a stand on the right. Pull out the drawers and take the key. Return to the house through the back door and open the door to the left of the wall-mounted telephone. There is a switch in the dark room on the left. Turn on the light, search the garage. Near the door, there is a drawer in the right corner. Find a metal box. Take the fuse. Run back to the barn and insert the fuse into the generator. Go through the field until the download starts.

You will find yourself in a strange place. Look at the photo on the table, go ahead and turn towards the fire on the right to find the second photo. Go back and keep going to the light source. There will be another fire, and next to it is a plush rabbit. Take it in your hands, and when it burns down, look for a luminous door nearby.

Gas Station

Inspect the gas station. It is closed. Go to the house opposite her to change reality. There is a pesticide pump on the road, not far from the car. Pick it up and interact with the machine around which the roots are tied. Having done this, be sure to slide the wooden pallet opposite the headlights of the machine. Enter the bright refueling door to return to normal reality. Open the driver’s door and turn on the headlights. Go to the side door and enter the toilet. There is a switch on the left. Turn on the light, pay attention to the garland to the left of the toilet. Insert the plug into a power outlet.

Go to the back door and read the note on it. The key is in the mailbox. Follow to the house. At the very beginning, you find a mailbox on the road. Remove the key from there and open the gas station. Once inside, search the drawers at the checkout counter and pick up the lighter. Go outside and walk along the road. Listen to Annika, and then run away from Mother.


Enter the diner and read the newspaper on the table on the left. You will learn about the disappearance of Lloyd Eldridge. The 62-year-old man was last seen in the afternoon at the post office. Go through the counter and look into the kitchen. There is a note from Jeff on the wall. Go through the door at the end of the diner and find yourself on the landing. Go down and near the door, pick up the newspaper about the robbery of the library from the floor. Open the door, press the switch on the left, but the bulb will explode. Edward will say that there is light outside, but the window is covered with something.

Return to the street, because it is impossible to go upstairs now (the door is closed). You will hear the sound of a siren and see the illuminated library building. Go right to the diner and see a bonfire. At the bottom of the wall behind the burning barrels – there is a hole enclosed by a cardboard box. Take box away. Go down to the basement of the diner, go right, remove the box and take the key from the nightstand. Go upstairs and use the key to open the door to the roof. Turn on the spotlight.


Go to the street, follow the illuminated path and you will see the appearance of a monster. Do not fall for him! There is a fire escape at the side of the library, but it is raised. There is a pile of cardboard boxes a little further on the trash can, next to the library wall. Take boxes away and find a cane. Use it to lower the stairs. Go up one floor and open the door to the lighted corridor. Go through the door in front. You are in the library!

Walkthrough Those Who Remain
Walkthrough Those Who Remain

Go to the fire on the right. There is an ajar door a little further. Use it and read the note on the table: “Souls are like drawings. Sometimes a beautiful canvas hides the dark truth. ” There are paintings on the left. Interact with one of them – with a girl in a white dress. You will hear a characteristic rattle. This moved a shelf of books. Go to the door and read the newspaper on it. It tells about the death of Annita, who fell from a cliff while riding a bicycle near a sawmill.

The door itself does not open. Get out and go to the other side of the floor. Previously, a passage to the entryway was cluttered. Now the way up is open. Climb the stairs and meet Annika. Take a walk on the floor. There are numbered candles. They need to be lit in the correct order. Go to the far-left corner. There are several tables. Look for candles “1” and “3” along the wall. Light them and go down. You will see a luminous door. Go through it.

You will find yourself in a room with a red door. There is a lever on the wall to the right. Lower it to open the door. Run to the stairs and enter the luminous opening. Go around the monster, go down to the room where there was a red door, and go on. Follow the steps and read the note on the table that tells of the demon of revenge Desah. A luminous opening will open behind you. Go there and wait for the download to complete.

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  • Reply
    May 25, 2021 8:01 pm

    If we only get the good ending if the perpetrators are spared, then the developers are grossly misogynous.All except the women in the game were guilty. The women were only “accident” victims. Really a sad game concept.

  • Reply
    The voice of reason
    Oct 09, 2021 8:06 am

    Please take your shallow accusations of soggy knees somewhere else. If you believe that eternal damnation is something you have the right to condemn others to then it speaks more of your own character flaws than those anyone else.

  • Reply
    Seimore Buttes
    Feb 08, 2023 4:38 am

    Yikes. Pretty laughable to talk to people about character flaws as you defend this trash. It’s bad all around from design to the story but having an ‘everyone deserves a second chance’ message at the expense of human life is pretty half assed. Sound like a Trump supporter to me.

  • Reply
    Just a game
    Jan 16, 2024 11:21 pm

    I don’t see anything wrong with this game other than the design, i don’t know why you all are raging. Also it’s a video game so i don’t really see any reason to think hard about games like these and flip out over what you think the whole message is at the end.

    “I’m mad at the message this game is supposedly sending so i’m gonna threaten the developer and bring up politics and call anyone who defends this trash whatever name i can come up with in my small donut sized brain”.

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