5 Best Options for a Gaming Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

5 Best Options for a Gaming Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

The mouse and keyboard are the primary peripherals that can either make or break your gaming experience. If playing online games becomes your passion, getting a gaming laptop with backlit keyboard is essential.

Backlit keyboards not just look highly fancy, but they add an enhanced level of convenience too. Laptops and ordinary keyboards generally feature backlit models from several leading brands. Here, we have brought the best for you.

Significance of Keyboard for Gaming

The gaming laptop you are considering must have a comfortable, long-lasting, and accurate keyboard. It is because gaming revolves around keyboard speed and accuracy. More precise your typing accuracy and technique, the more effective your gaming will be.  

To avoid tapping keys that affect your gaming experience, make use of the slow keys feature and disable sticky keys. Consider reading online tutorials to learn why and how to enable slow keys on the keyboard. A backlit keyboard makes typing easy in darkness or when power gets disconnected.

Recommended Laptops With Backlit Keyboards

The gaming laptops with RGB lighting (backlit keyboards) look slightly different from ordinary laptops. Nearly all modern gaming laptops today come with RGB backlit keyboard and some RGB lighting around the system itself.

The increasing popularity of these laptops presents a wide range of options for the customer. So, getting confused is obvious. We reviewed several laptops based on design, performance, CPU, GPU, and keyboard and mentioned the best ones here.

MSI Gaming GL62M 7REX-1896 US

This is the top-rated gaming laptop with a backlit keyboard that combines 8GB DRAM and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4G Graphics. This is a 15.6-inches full HD gaming laptop with Quad Core i7-7700HQ processor, 1TB hard drive, and 128GB SSD.

With this laptop, you can develop a seamless relationship with your gaming systems. It supports multitasking with up to three monitors. You can connect this laptop to 2 screens via Mini DisplayPort outputs and HDMI to play competitive games.

ASUS TUF 15.6-inches Full HD

This is the best laptop from ASUS for gaming enthusiasts, with 15.6 inches full HD screen and a backlit keyboard. It is featured with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300, which offers speed up to 3.9 GHz. A GeForce GTX 1050 spec is perfect for multitasking and superior gaming.

This light and thin gaming laptop from ASUS weighs just 5.07 lbs and is 0.98 inches thick. A 20 million keystroke durability and 1.8mm key travel distance make this laptop irreplaceable. You will also get a 1 TB FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive.  

Acer Aspire

When talking about the best gaming laptops having a comfortable backlit keyboard, we can’t miss mentioning Acer Aspire. This is an ideal choice for a gamer, heavy computer user, and multitasker. It is equipped with an NVIDIA MX 150 graphics card.

8GB memory and Intel Core i5-8250U processor provides enhanced efficiency and speed. It is designed with the exceptional blend of a generous SSD, a full HD screen, and a 6-cell lithium-ion battery.

HP Pavilion

The sleek, thin, and stylish design with a natural silver color and a 17.3” large screen draws the customer’s attention. It is armed with an 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor. Up to 4.2 GHz processing speed makes it a quickly responding laptop.

1 TB PCIe SSD storage and 16 GB DDR4 memory with a large screen make this laptop best for playing games. The attention-grabbing characteristic increased by its backlit keyboard. It also comes with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution and Intel Turbo Boost Technology.


With 8GB RAM and Intel Quad Core i7-7700HQ, ASUS FX503VD is customized for enthusiastic gamers. This laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB graphics, a 15.6-inch display, and a lightweight design.

Lithium-ion battery with a high capacity and Microsoft DirectX 12 support touch the heart of so many gamers. When you need to entertain yourself throughout the day without overheating issues, consider this laptop.

Things to Consider for a Laptop With a Backlit Keyboard

Things to Consider for a Laptop With a Backlit Keyboard

When purchasing a gaming laptop equipped with a backlit keyboard, there are certain specs you must consider. Make sure you buy a laptop with the most powerful processor, like Intel or AMD.

Be sure that the laptop you’re choosing must have 8-16 GB of RAM, 500GB HDD storage, and 128GB SSD. For a more satisfying experience, a large screen of 14-18” in length and over 6 hours of battery life is worth considering.

The Conclusion

When purchasing a laptop having a backlit keyboard, you must be aware of some essential features. Reliable laptops like MacBook Air come with the feature to control brightness mainly using the F key.   

The sensor is another important feature that helps in adjusting the level of brightness according to your surroundings. It provides the ease of disabling the light during the daytime. Also, check the fundamental keys’ location.

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