Walkthrough Lust from Beyond
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Lust from Beyond


We tell you how to go through the erotic horror Lust from Beyond, the sequel to Lust for Darkness, collect all the achievements, collectibles, find secrets, figurines, and so on


Pull the pipe out of you, find the cocoon on the side and open it to obtain a mysterious item. Place it on the pedestal in the next room and head towards the light.

Examine the room, go down to the first floor and turn left to go to the library on the right. Talk to Sabinian, go upstairs and go to the ritual hall on the left. Chat with Theodore.

Where to Find All the Fgurines

The library has a box and 9 push buttons. You need to install 9 figurines on them. Here is the location of all the figurines:

  1. Living room with a long table and a puzzle. There is a clock in the corner on the right after entering. Open them and take the figurine.
  2. Room with a billiard table.  There is a sideboard with hanging glasses to the left of the passage to the room with trash (opposite the library. It can be opened like a door). There will be a first aid kit and a figurine in the niche.
  3. In the library – on the bookshelves to the right. You need to open the transparent doors.
  4. In the room opposite the library. Look for a table full of junk. There will be a statuette among him.
  5. In Theodore’s workshop, where you find a bottle of herbal extract needed for the ritual. Look in the drawer of the table where the extract is located.
  6. Inside a cache in Theodore’s room. First, you need to insert the skull key (located on the shelves in the workshop) into the bust on the pedestal. Read the description of one of the achievements below.
  7. In the room opposite the bathroom, outside the open window.
  8. In the living room, behind the middle statue at the end of the room.
  9. In the room where the ritual is performed. Behind the statue on the right.

He will give the key. Open the room opposite and on the pedestal in front, between the windows, find glass with colored spots and a lantern. Go up to the attic using the wooden stairs by the room and activate the lantern by opening the inventory and clicking on it. Go to the next room with strange tools, move the cabinet to the right and find yourself in Theodore’s workshop. Look for a bottle with the desired plant extract on the left above the table.

Go down to the first floor, go to the dining room with the long table and examine the puzzle on the wall to the right. Use a glass on it to see the location of the colored spots. Rotate the rings to repeat the arrangement. You need to move the blue, red, purple spots to the bottom ring. This must be done strictly in such an order that they follow each other counterclockwise (the ring itself turns clockwise). Then rotate the top ring so that the brown spot is on the left and place the black spot on the right to it. Rotate the ring so that the brown spot is at the top and the black spot is at the bottom alongside the rest of the colors. Take out the bowl.

Take both items to the ritual hall and place them on the table next to Theodore. Watch the cut-scene, explore a new location, and wait for the room to wake up. After turning on the lantern, go down to the first floor and go to the dining room. At the end of it will be Theodore. Chat with him, go upstairs and follow the monster into the attic. Follow him through the door to the right of the workshop, go downstairs and find a portal in a room with various trashes (opposite the library). Go inside.

Once in a strange world, move forward and examine the statue on the left. You can move the iron ribs apart, but you have no object to insert into the hole. Go forward and find the spear. Turn around, go back and fall down. Move towards the light, roll to the left and find a metal object. Insert it on a pedestal in another part of the floor, follow the creature that will illuminate the path and scare away the long tentacles sticking out of the cocoons. Back at the beginning of the level, go forward, spread the metal ribs on the statue on the left and insert the spear. Get to the naked girl and watch the cut-scene.

All Achievements

Start the game with censorship, and then turn it off in the settings to get two achievements at once – Prude and Sinner. You will receive three more achievements simply by the plot of the game, by completing the prologue – It was just a dream, Preparing the Ritual and The end of the beginning.


According to the plot of the prologue, you need to talk with Sabinian and Theodore. To get an achievement, you have to choose the right phrases. In conversation with Sabinian, choose:

  • Yes, it is an amazing night.
  • What will be our next move?
  • ll right. Let’s do this.

When talking to Theodore, choose:

  • I am ready.
  • I got it.

Secret Love

For this achievement, at the beginning of the game, exit the room and head to the balcony on the right to talk to Mable. Next, return to your room and read the letter addressed to her, which lies in the drawer of the cabinet. Finally, read the letter that lies in the bedside table in Theodore’s room, and then talk to Mabel, who you will meet at the stairs down (after you find the extract in the attic).

Theodore’s Secret

There is a two-headed statue on a box in Theodore’s room. You can insert something into it. When you find yourself in the workshop of Theodore (go to the attic for the extract), then take a look at the left side of the rack with different trash. There will be a skull key. Insert it into the bust in Theodore’s room.

To spite Theodore

You need to check every item in Theodore’s room:

  • The mask on the fireplace.
  • Oil lamp and stained glass on the curbstone (needed for the plot).
  • A letter in a curbstone.
  • The medicine is at the bottom of the same cabinet.
  • Dentures on another bedside table.
  • A figurine in a denture box.
  • The letter and statuette that you will receive after you open the cache with the skull key in the achievement above.

True Faces

You need to study all the masks in the game:

  • A mask in the main character’s bedroom.
  • The mask is in Theodore’s room.
  • Living room with two showcases with 6 masks (12 in total).
  • Mabel’s room, after the ritual, on the bed. This room is opposite the main character’s bedroom.


Go to the living room and open the note in reading mode (E key), lying between the display cases with masks. Wait a minute.


You need to quickly open the safe: 3-5-6-1-1-4-4-5-3-5.

The devil never sleeps

After the ritual, when the lights go out, go to the living room and take the mask from the display case located closer to the door.

Bloody delight

After the ritual, when you go up to the attic behind the monster, you will see Mabel in a chair with a BDSM machine. Look at her for three minutes.

Eternal Delight

After the ritual, go down to the first floor and go to the room opposite the library to see the orgy. Look at her for 5 minutes.


You need to go through another world without taking damage. After the portal, go forward. Stay away from tentacled cocoons. Do not hurry.

Curiosity satisfied

There is a locked door at the bottom of the stairs. The key is in the library. To get it, you must collect 9 figurines. You need to talk to the prisoner under the stairs before the ritual. The location of the figurines is described in the walkthrough above.


You need to collect all 9 figurines. Their location is described in the text above. Install in the library before the ritual, take the key and open the door under the stairs.


You need to get 3 jars of sedative. Look inside the desktop in the main character’s room, in the attic of the workshop, and in Theodore’s room, inside the drawer under the bust.


Find and use two first aid kits. One is in the bathroom closet, the other is in the room with the pool table, behind the door with wine glasses.


Read all 14 notes:

  1. In the closet by the bed in the hero’s bedroom.
  2. On the desktop in the hero’s bedroom.
  3. In Mabel’s room, in the drawer of the dressing table.
  4. In the room opposite the bathroom, under the horse on the bookcase, look for a drawer.
  5. In the living room, inside the curbstone by the sofa.
  6. In the living room on a chair.
  7. A sheet with points for chess games, on the table of a man with two heads.
  8. In the dining room, between the display cases with masks.
  9. In the library near the figurine puzzle.
  10. In the library on the table to the left, where there is a lamp. Look for the letter only after Theodore asks to collect two items for the ritual.
  11. In the room with Theodore, in a drawer under the bust.
  12. In the attic in the workshop, on the table.
  13. In Theodore’s room, inside the cache (insert the workshop key into the bust).
  14. After the ritual, look under the stairs, near the dead prisoner.

Sticky Fingers

You need to click on all interactive items:

  1. Two first aid kits.
  2. Two bandages.
  3. Three sedatives.
  4. 9 things in Theodore’s bedroom.
  5. 9 figurines.
  6. 14 notes.
  7. 15 masks.
  8. 13 items in other rooms (for example, a statue of a horse in a room with a billiard table).

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