Walkthrough Lust from Beyond
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Walkthrough Lust from Beyond


We tell you how to go through the erotic horror Lust from Beyond, the sequel to Lust for Darkness, collect all the achievements, collectibles, find secrets, figurines, and so on

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Questions About the Game

Where is the Mediator

In Lily’s backpack, which is lying on a chair under the stairs. Just go down to the first floor and take the stairs to the right.

Where is the Coin

At the beginning of the game, the coin is to be found in the chest of drawers to the left of the door that leads to Victor’s apartment building, connecting it with an antique store. If you’re looking for a coin for your phone, then go back to your blue car and look in the trunk.

How to Move Trees Apart

Rhea is referring to the mock trees on the stage. Move the front layout away from you, and the one slightly behind – towards you.

How to remove censorship in Lust from Beyond

The first opportunity to play uncensored appears at the very beginning of the game, when it starts. Select the option with disabled censorship. But there is also an achievement, which involves the following actions:

  • First, choose the option with censorship enabled.
  • Then, as soon as the game turns on, go into the settings and look for the option to turn off censorship. Remove it, as a result of which you will unlock the secret achievement.


How to Absorb the Essence

To begin with, Amanda should tell about the essence. She will consume her in the corridor you pass through before seeing a path with many tentacles. After that, you will see an obelisk and Amanda will offer to activate it. Return to the same corridor and look for the glowing buds. Interact with them using LMB. It’s all!

To transfer the essence to something (obelisk or crystal), press the Q key. Victor will extend his hand. After that, aim at an object (crystal or obelisk) by holding down RMB and press LMB. A mini-game will begin, during which you must timely click on the LMB when the slider is in the marked area.

How to open a Сhest

Lust from Beyond has a variety of chests that can be opened to obtain medicine, ammo or collectibles. For example, you will find your first chest on the second floor of the bar when exploring Bleakmoor in the third chapter. Please be patient and wait for the moment when you find the bolt cutter when you visit the hotel. With this bolt cutter, back in town, open all previously seen chests.

In addition, you will find some of the chests in the theater slaughterhouse when you go to rescue Lily. Again, you won’t have a bolt cutter. Just memorize the location of the items, and then when you are free from captivity, you can take the bolt cutter and return to all the locked chests.

How to get a knife

If it is in your inventory, just press the “1” key. Do not forget that to strike, you must first stand in a stance holding RMB, and then click LMB. If you don’t have a knife, be patient until you find one. This will happen after the hotel in the third chapter.

Where is the theater

The theater, which you need to get to after rescuing from the hotel, is located in Bleakmoor. Move to the area where the billboard with the phone number of Dr. Austerlitz was found, and use the bolt cutter on the grate to the right of it. This path leads to the theater, a huge building at the end of the road. You can run past all the cultists, not paying attention to them, and interact with the door.


Сhoose a mode:

  • Play uncensored. Sexual content will not be hidden.
  • Censored game. In this case, all hints of any kind of eroticism will be veiled and smeared.

Click LMB a few times to take out a strange creature. The heroine will say that he needs to be delivered to the mansion. Follow the only way along the corridors until you see a glowing spot. Get close to him.

Chapter 1

Examine the dressing table with a mirror, pick up and equip the mask by clicking on E. Exit the room and see the communication of two people. The goal is refreshed: Deliver the creature to Theodore. Move along the floor, to the back room, where Theodore will stand, dressed in strange clothes. Talk to him to transfer the creature.

Next, you need to invite the rest of the cult members to the ceremony:

  • Sabinian – go downstairs and look in the dining room
  • The Sheckley twins – on the second floor, in one of the rooms, playing chess
  • Mabel – the heroine’s room will open on the second floor. After you call everyone else.
  • Jonathan, Ephraim and Juliet – just go downstairs to see three people talking at the stairs.

When you call everyone (Mabel will be the last), go to the ceremony room and interact with the cup in Theodore’s hands.

Chapter 2

Go to the back room behind the counter and take Mrs. Hudson’s order from the central shelves. Be sure to read it. So, you need to find:

  • Coin – Return to the main hall and head towards the door on the right. To her left, in a cabinet, is a case with a coin.
  • Book – look to the left of the curbstone where the coin was. On shelves.
  • Figurine – look in the opposite part, when you exit the back room along the left wall. This is a deer figurine.

Сollect all three items, interact with the open box on the counter and put each item in turn. Then pick up the phone from the counter to contact Mrs. Hudson. Now walk along each window and close the blinds. Look for the handle on the right side of all windows. Close the front door with the latch.

Next, you need to prepare for a romantic evening:

  1. Scatter the petals. Go to the living room and examine the box with colored pieces. Find the clue in the cabinet under this box, and then apply it to the box. Rotate the rings so that the man and the horse are in the green frames, the woman and the fish are in the blue, and the dragon is in the red. Take the key and open the room next to the living room. There will be a package with rose petals. Scatter the petals in the room near the guitar stand, then in two places in the second floor corridor.
  2. Light a candle. Go up to the second floor, go to the living room and go to the kitchen area on the right. There will be a lighter on the table. Go to the opposite side and use the lighter on the candle.
  3. Prepare wine. In a room with petals. Read the first point. Place the bottle in an ice bucket.
  4. Prepare a gift. In a room with petals. Read the first point. Place the guitar on a stand by the table.
  5. Prepare glasses. Return to the kitchen area and search the top cabinets. One of them will contain two glasses. They need to be placed on the table by the candle.
  6. Take pills (optional). After a few steps, you will be prompted to take a pill. You will find a vial with them in the bathroom on the second floor.

Talk to Lily after you have done everything and the girl sees her gift. Go downstairs, look under the stairs for a chair with a backpack. Take the mediator out of the small pocket. Bring it to the bedroom on the second floor. Watch the video.

Once in a strange world, turn around and find a semicircular object. Insert it into the pedestal where you appeared. Move the only way and jump down. There is a pedestal on the right. There will be a platform on the left that cannot be interacted with yet. More precisely, you can use it to restore HP. For example, after hitting the tentacles. Behind her is the first Tablet of the Omniscient. Examine it from the back, and then – the front side.

Read the entry, then turn around and walk towards the empty pedestal. Walk a little to the left and forward, past the tentacle and the passage with the purple barrier. Roll the corner twice and enter the room with the semicircular object. Take it back, go back to the pedestal and insert it. Go through the opened opening, move upward along the bridge and jump into the ruins with a fragment of the sculpture. Pull the lever and get out of here.

Move towards the room where the semicircular object was. There are three positions on the left in front of the room. Place the sculpture chip in the middle. Return to the block that was pulled out with the lever (to get out of the ruins). Pull the same lever to move the block a little further. It has a slime ladder on it. Go up and take the second piece of the sculpture. Go down the block, go forward a little and look into the small niche on the left to pick up the third fragment of the sculpture. Run to those holes and install all three fragments. Walk forward and take the item. Select the first skill and move along another corridor, towards the light, until the chapter ends.

Chapter 3

When you get to the city, move forward all the way, to the left, and look to the left for a grate and an arch leading to the courtyard. Knock on Dr. Austerlitz’s door. Nobody here. Go back and approach the door under a lilac shimmering sign with the word FRESH. There will be a note. Read it, pick up the pipe under your feet, and apply it to the pot on the visor. Unlock the door with the key, go upstairs and go to the back room along the balcony.

There will be a screwdriver in the back room. Pick it up, return to the Austerlitz house. There is a lane with bars to the right of the front door. Use the screwdriver, go downstairs and remove the announcement from the post with the doctor’s phone number. Go back to the bar where you found the screwdriver. Walk in the opposite direction from him and after five steps look to the right. There is a small courtyard with a fence and a telephone on the wall. Examine it, return to the car and take out a coin from the trunk. Return to the phone, apply the coin and the announcement with the doctor’s phone. Call him. After the conversation, you will be asked to spend the night at the hotel.

Tell the receptionist that you are from Dr. Austerlitz and take the key to room 207. Call Lily, go up to the third floor and set the alarm. When you wake up, check the noise in the hallway, lock the door and go back to bed.

In a dream, follow all the time forward until you meet Lily. You can stay with her, or reject and leave the room. If you decide to stay, then do a simple QTE.

Chapter 4. Shadow over Bleakmoor

Once back in your room, open the window and walk along the ledge to the next room. Next to the bed in the nightstand, you can pick up the left toy hand. Go down to the first floor, inspect the locked entrance doors and go to the reception. Read the note on the table by the candles (without this you will not be able to take the key to room 108), take the key, go up to the second floor and open this door.

Take the bolt cutter at the entrance. Open the medicine box and take the right toy hand on the nightstand next to the bed. Now you can go down to the first floor and set both hands of the toy man who is on the telephone (achievement).

Return to the second floor and open room 101 with the bolt cutter. Take the medicines from the table, go along the balcony to the roofs of the buildings. Get ready to run from enemies. When you run into the next building and fall to the first floor, pick up the knife next to the body of the dead man and go out into the street.

Chapter 5. Scarlet city

Now you have a knife, as well as a crowd of enemies. Each hit of any enemy takes 1 health point, and each hit of tall enemies (girls on stilts) takes 2 health points. If you want to collect all the clowns and place them in a toy theater next to the hotel entrance, then you will have to get rid of enemies, or act on stealth.

If you find all the clowns, then go to the alley with Dr. Austerlitz’s office and use the bolt cutter to cut the padlock from the grate. On the street in front of the theater, two enemies are patrolling. You can kill them or immediately run to the entrance to the theater.

Examine the first floor, find some medicines and some notes. Move the closet, go through the bar to the main hall. Listen to Rhea, go upstage and wait for the assignment to update. Move the wooden barriers and lower the cross using the winch.

Under the balcony on the right, you will see a corpse with a key in its head. Take it, go up the rows and open the door on the left. On the balcony, find three matches on the table and two more matches on the railing. Turn on the spotlight on the central balcony. Return to the stage, light the candles and censers.

Remove body parts from the cross and discard in the trash can. When you do this, you will see the receptionist who got out of the basement. Follow him and watch the video.

Chapter 6. The Doctor

After the cut-scene with the doctor, you will find yourself in a parallel world. Run forward until you reach the hall with levers. Each lever sends the platform to a specific angle. Move the platform to the lower right corner and place the second platform with the ladder on it. Use the levers to move the platform to the left and move the second platform with the ladder to the higher ground.

Take the disc from the gate, move the platform to the right and open the gate. Take the round stone, the book, and also open the petals of the large plant and pick up the knife for the platform. Insert the knife into the platform with the ladder and move it to the other side to climb up.

Go back a little. Place the round stone in the appropriate rack and wait for the creature to fly over the plants. At this moment, they will begin to hide in cocoons, and you can go further. Walk up to the strange cloud to return to the theater.

Chapter 7. Welcome among us

After waking up, examine the drawers of the table and take the medicines. Talk to Mabel in the room and Sebinian in the library. Take the key to the third floor and go upstairs. In the room with pendulums, open the painting and take any phone. In the same room you can pick up a part of the skull, as well as read a few notes. The skull is needed to find one of the four figurines.

Go down to the first floor to get a new assignment. In the restroom on the second floor, examine the locker, take the pills and take them to the hall on the first floor. At the entrance, search the box and take your things.

Go up to the second floor. Listen to the twins, talk to Mabel about the tarot cards, then Sebinian in the hallway. Run to the third floor, to the far room on the left (Amanda’s room). To continue the passage, examine the strange figure on the bedside table.

Chapter 8. The Journey of Understanding

Enter the portal and follow Amanda. Climb the hill, take the crystal and insert it into the gate. Go forward. Learn to capture essence and use your new ability on crystals. Light the crystals on the pillars so that the creature flies over the plants, and you can pass.

After reaching the destroyed bridge, go down and grab the essence again. Return to Amanda, use the ability on the crystal opposite to restore the bridge. When you find yourself at the locked door, look around and find a round stone. Insert it into the matching stand to open the door on the right.

Amanda explains that sometimes you have to “feed” the plants with fallen captives. Take the essence and go to the root of the plant. Wait for the prisoner to come up to you and kill him with a knife. The swelling of the plant will become larger, and you will be able to climb the hill.

Use your ability to walk past the plants and pick up another crystal. Follow Amanda until the engine cutscene starts.

Back in the mansion, go to the next room and take another phone behind the painting. In a conversation with the doctor, you can tell him the truth or lie (it is not yet known if this affects the ending of the game).

On the second floor, find Mabel in the ceremony hall and talk to Theodore by the stairs. He will direct you to Amanda again. After talking with the girl in her room, go to Theodore, who will give you a little task. You need to find herbs for the twins, a mask and cult clothes.

How to Find Twin Herbs, Clothes, and a Cult Mask

Examine Mabel’s room on the second floor (opposite the main character’s room). There is a box with cards on the table. Remove all the cards from the box to get the chest key. Open the chest in the same room with the found key and take the herbs.

Give the herbs to the twins, in return you will receive the key to the room on the third floor. In this room you will find a locked chest. The combination can be seen from the back of the masks on the wall. Open the chest and take the cult mask.

• Password for the chest: 1971.

In the room with the picture, behind which you found mobile phones, examine the closet and take away the clothes of the cult. Return to Jonathan on the first floor and tell him that you are ready for a sortie.

Chapter 10. Below the Eden

Go to the basement and close the passage behind you. Jonathan will tell you that you can use the Iron Maidens to hide from enemies. Do it now. Go down to the jail and get to the crematorium. Here you will be met by Denny (the hotel receptionist) and will raise the alarm. Get rid of the enemies, look around the back room and pick up the first red stone.

On your way back you will meet the executioner. It’s pointless to fight him now. Lure him to the crematorium, and you yourself run upstairs. Follow the block with cameras and open the door in the center. Open the curtains on the right at the table so that the enemy will run out at you. Kill him and read the secret note.

In the same room, to the left of the table, open another curtain, behind which there is a puzzle. Examine the desk drawer to find a clue to solve it. Also, you can use the correct combination shown in the screenshot below. After doing this, take the second red stone.

How to find three gold hand

Now that you have two red stones, go to the room with the doctor’s painting and insert them into the special holes. Go down and kill all the enemies, otherwise they will interfere with you when the executioner appears.

Get to the prison block and enter the back room. Take the key to two rooms from the table. The first room is on the second floor in the western part of the building, and the second is by the metal staircase. We do not recommend reading the note next to the key right now, otherwise the executioner will appear and it will be more difficult for you to complete this quest!

It doesn’t matter where you start your journey. In the first case, you will meet one enemy outside the door and pick up an ordinary hand. In the second room you need to move the closet and go along the bridge. So, you can get to the corpse, in whose hands is the handle from the winch. Use it to lower the corpse and pick up the first golden hand. In the block with cameras, replace the regular hand with a gold one, only then you can read the note that we mentioned earlier.

Return to the main hall and go up to the second floor. You need to get to the platform where the five “iron maidens” are located. Two of them are painted with sad and cheerful faces. Slam them with the doors in a certain sequence:

  • 2 times funny;
  • 1 time sad;
  • 2 times funny.

At this moment, a third golden hand will appear in one of the “iron maidens”. Climb upstairs, insert the hands into the locked door and look around. In this room, take the key, then open the locked door, which shows the same symbol. Watch a few cut scenes.

Chapter 11. Dancing in Red

Take the key from the box in front of you, exit the room and open the curtains to the right of the guard. Perform a small QTE to find yourself in a parallel world. Repair the bridge and find the orb. Insert the sphere into the gate. Here you will see a lever that opens the gate at the end of the room. Blue eyes can be seen on the walls. If you activate the lever and get into the range of such eyes, then the gate will begin to close.

You can get around them. First you need to find a round stone and insert it into the locked door to the left of the lever. Return to the lever, activate it and go to the open door on the left side. You will see a column with two eyes. If you crawl between them, they will not notice you.

Follow forward until you find yourself in your body. On the way, you will need to collect essence and restore bridges with crystals.

Take the revolver, cartridges and bolt cutter from the table. Open the drawer with the bolt cutter and take the knife, lamp and medicine. Go upstairs and go to the room where the doctor was. Here you need to fight the first boss – the executioner. Look around and find some pipes near the walls. When the boss walks past them, shoot the pipes. For a few seconds, the enemy will kneel, and you can inflict damage on him with a knife or a revolver. Revolver ammo can also be picked up in the room.

After the battle, run to the room, for the opening of which you found three gold hands and talk to the doctor. Now you must make a choice that will affect the ending of the game. Select:

  • It’s true – Victor will keep the doctor alive;
  • Or maybe I am? – Victor will kill Dr. Austerlitz.

Chapter 12. Initiation

Talk to Mabel, go to the ceremony hall and be initiated. At this point, you will learn about Jonathan’s deed. Catch him at the entrance and decide what to do (this choice will also affect the ending of the story):

  • Get out of here – Jonathan will survive;
  • Kill Jonathan – Victor will kill Jonathan.

Put on your mask for the ceremonies and go downstairs. Talk to Theodore, enter the living room, take off your clothes and make love with several companions. Pray to the deity, and then dress again. Theodore will give you the key to his room on the second floor. Go up there and find the clue in the drawer. Go down to the first floor, to the library. Talk to Mabel and solve the riddle.

You need to distribute the numbers correctly as shown in the image below.

To complete the chapter, talk to Ephraim in the pool table room on the ground floor.

Chapter 13. The Chamber of Trinity

Go up to the second floor and find candles lit on the floor. Follow them to the first floor. You will see a portal to a parallel world to the left of the exit.

Walk past the martyr with golden ribs and go upstairs., pick up the knife for the platform to the left of the giant creature with hands. Move it aside. The Fallen Prisoner will now be able to follow you if you absorb the essence. Kill the creature near the roots of the plant to open the passage above.

Take the blade, return to the martyr and stick it between the ribs. Talk to Amanda and watch the video.

Chapter 14. The Mask of Ughro’ecna

Go to Amanda’s room. She will give the task – to find a first-aid kit, a revolver and cartridges. The first aid kit is in the bathroom on the second floor, and the revolver with ammo is in the closet under the stairs on the first floor. Along the way, you can talk to Natalia, who works in the living room on the ground floor, and Mabel in the attic. Collect the required items and return to Amanda’s room. Teleport to a parallel world.

Run forward, then go upstairs and interact with the gate. You need to use the active elements on the gate to collect the same image as in the picture in your inventory. Use our screenshot below for a hint.

Follow the opened passage until you reach a hall with three fallen prisoners. First, lure them into the cave with roots and kill them. This will help you climb higher and find the round plate. Take the first sphere in the same cave.

Insert the plate into the gate, next to the place where the prisoners spawn. You will see several passages here. The passage to the right leads to three orb racks, behind which there is another crystal rack. This crystal can be inserted into the gate, which is located in the first cave with roots. This will open a passage to a second cave with roots. Lure fallen prisoners here and feed them to the roots. Don’t forget to pick up the second sphere here.

Now you can climb even higher and get over to the opposite side, bypassing the destroyed bridge. To restore the bridge, you will need to absorb the essence and activate the crystal. Take the third sphere here.

Go up to the racks for the three orbs and place the items you find here. The wall will move and open up access to the lava, which allows the prisoners to fall. Shoot her with a revolver, return to the main hall and climb the stairs to the adjacent room with the only prisoner. Using the same principle, lure him into a cave with roots and kill him. In the main hall, go upstairs and take the mask.

Chapter 15. Wrath of the Queen

Back in the real world, examine the corpse in the bathroom on the second floor, then go to the ceremony hall and talk to Theodore. When you leave the hall, you will see Mabel bleeding. You can help her, or you can leave the girl to die (this will affect the ending of the story).

If you choose to help Mabel, then talk to the girl and read the notes on the dressing table in her room. Return to Theodore and talk about what happened to her. The priest will give you the key to the attic. Find some medicine bottles here and return back to Mabel. Give the medicines to complete the side quest.

To continue the story, go up to Amanda’s room and again move to a parallel world.

Run forward and listen to Amanda. Now she is your opponent who needs to be destroyed. To do this, shoot at the crystals closest to the exit (you need to destroy two crystals on both sides). If you do this quickly, then Amanda herself will come out and stand on one of the platforms with the third crystal on the right or left (above these platforms there is a plant that releases a red liquid).

If you did not manage to destroy four crystals before she appears, then Amanda will restore the platforms and crystals. We’ll have to start all over again.

When Amanda is under the plant, shoot him. The girl’s defense will be weakened, and you can destroy the crystal that holds the platform.

After the battle, go to the healing platform and find the opened passage. Use the essence to restore the bridge and watch the video.

Amanda refuses to die, so you have to give her one more fight. When the creature is following you, shoot it in the head. After a while, it will appear in the center of the platform and begin to shoot ice balls at you. If you get into the zone of action of such balls, the hero will be slowed down, and Amanda uses an attack on the ground.

After the victory, Amanda will offer to join her. The following choices will affect the ending of the game:

  • Agree – you agreed to contact Amanda;
  • Object – You have rejected Amanda.

If you choose the first option, you will find yourself in your memories, where you have to copulate with several creatures. The game will then end.

There are two main endings in the game. First, you agree with Amanda and open the gates of Syu’trar, second, you kill Amanda. In the first case, you will see the epilogue and find out what will happen to Victor. As you progress through Lust from Beyond, you can make decisions that will affect some characters at the end of the game.

All Achievements

Start the game with censorship, and then turn it off in the settings to get two achievements at once – Prude and Sinner. You will receive three more achievements simply by the plot of the game, by completing the prologue – It was just a dream, Preparing the Ritual and The end of the beginning.

Where to Find All the Fgurines

The library has a box and 9 push buttons. You need to install 9 figurines on them. Here is the location of all the figurines:

  1. Living room with a long table and a puzzle. There is a clock in the corner on the right after entering. Open them and take the figurine.
  2. Room with a billiard table.  There is a sideboard with hanging glasses to the left of the passage to the room with trash (opposite the library. It can be opened like a door). There will be a first aid kit and a figurine in the niche.
  3. In the library – on the bookshelves to the right. You need to open the transparent doors.
  4. In the room opposite the library. Look for a table full of junk. There will be a statuette among him.
  5. In Theodore’s workshop, where you find a bottle of herbal extract needed for the ritual. Look in the drawer of the table where the extract is located.
  6. Inside a cache in Theodore’s room. First, you need to insert the skull key (located on the shelves in the workshop) into the bust on the pedestal. Read the description of one of the achievements below.
  7. In the room opposite the bathroom, outside the open window.
  8. In the living room, behind the middle statue at the end of the room.
  9. In the room where the ritual is performed. Behind the statue on the right.


According to the plot of the prologue, you need to talk with Sabinian and Theodore. To get an achievement, you have to choose the right phrases. In conversation with Sabinian, choose:

  • Yes, it is an amazing night.
  • What will be our next move?
  • ll right. Let’s do this.

When talking to Theodore, choose:

  • I am ready.
  • I got it.

Secret Love

For this achievement, at the beginning of the game, exit the room and head to the balcony on the right to talk to Mable. Next, return to your room and read the letter addressed to her, which lies in the drawer of the cabinet. Finally, read the letter that lies in the bedside table in Theodore’s room, and then talk to Mabel, who you will meet at the stairs down (after you find the extract in the attic).

Theodore’s Secret

There is a two-headed statue on a box in Theodore’s room. You can insert something into it. When you find yourself in the workshop of Theodore (go to the attic for the extract), then take a look at the left side of the rack with different trash. There will be a skull key. Insert it into the bust in Theodore’s room.

To spite Theodore

You need to check every item in Theodore’s room:

  • The mask on the fireplace.
  • Oil lamp and stained glass on the curbstone (needed for the plot).
  • A letter in a curbstone.
  • The medicine is at the bottom of the same cabinet.
  • Dentures on another bedside table.
  • A figurine in a denture box.
  • The letter and statuette that you will receive after you open the cache with the skull key in the achievement above.

True Faces

You need to study all the masks in the game:

  • A mask in the main character’s bedroom.
  • The mask is in Theodore’s room.
  • Living room with two showcases with 6 masks (12 in total).
  • Mabel’s room, after the ritual, on the bed. This room is opposite the main character’s bedroom.


Go to the living room and open the note in reading mode (E key), lying between the display cases with masks. Wait a minute.


You need to quickly open the safe: 3-5-6-1-1-4-4-5-3-5.

The devil never sleeps

After the ritual, when the lights go out, go to the living room and take the mask from the display case located closer to the door.

Bloody delight

After the ritual, when you go up to the attic behind the monster, you will see Mabel in a chair with a BDSM machine. Look at her for three minutes.

Eternal Delight

After the ritual, go down to the first floor and go to the room opposite the library to see the orgy. Look at her for 5 minutes.


You need to go through another world without taking damage. After the portal, go forward. Stay away from tentacled cocoons. Do not hurry.

Curiosity satisfied

There is a locked door at the bottom of the stairs. The key is in the library. To get it, you must collect 9 figurines. You need to talk to the prisoner under the stairs before the ritual. The location of the figurines is described in the walkthrough above.


You need to collect all 9 figurines. Their location is described in the text above. Install in the library before the ritual, take the key and open the door under the stairs.


You need to get 3 jars of sedative. Look inside the desktop in the main character’s room, in the attic of the workshop, and in Theodore’s room, inside the drawer under the bust.


Find and use two first aid kits. One is in the bathroom closet, the other is in the room with the pool table, behind the door with wine glasses.


Read all 14 notes:

  1. In the closet by the bed in the hero’s bedroom.
  2. On the desktop in the hero’s bedroom.
  3. In Mabel’s room, in the drawer of the dressing table.
  4. In the room opposite the bathroom, under the horse on the bookcase, look for a drawer.
  5. In the living room, inside the curbstone by the sofa.
  6. In the living room on a chair.
  7. A sheet with points for chess games, on the table of a man with two heads.
  8. In the dining room, between the display cases with masks.
  9. In the library near the figurine puzzle.
  10. In the library on the table to the left, where there is a lamp. Look for the letter only after Theodore asks to collect two items for the ritual.
  11. In the room with Theodore, in a drawer under the bust.
  12. In the attic in the workshop, on the table.
  13. In Theodore’s room, inside the cache (insert the workshop key into the bust).
  14. After the ritual, look under the stairs, near the dead prisoner.

Sticky Fingers

You need to click on all interactive items:

  1. Two first aid kits.
  2. Two bandages.
  3. Three sedatives.
  4. 9 things in Theodore’s bedroom.
  5. 9 figurines.
  6. 14 notes.
  7. 15 masks.
  8. 13 items in other rooms (for example, a statue of a horse in a room with a billiard table).

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  • Reply
    Sep 02, 2020 10:32 pm

    where is the lanteren

  • Reply
    Mar 15, 2021 6:20 pm

    At the hotel reception, Danny will give.

  • Reply
    Apr 23, 2021 12:51 am

    In que section “Questions of the game” there is a “Prologue”, is it a different version of the game? Because there was no prologue in the game I’m playing.

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