Partisans 1941 Walkthrough
Walkthrough 1

Partisans 1941 Walkthrough


We tell you how to complete the tactical game Partisans 1941, created by the studio Alter Games and published by the well-known company Daedalic Entertainment

Partisans 1941 Walkthrough

All story tasks and missions.

A Close Call

Check out the controls. Do what the game is asked to do. Move along the fence, hide around the corner in the cellar (when the enemy moves away from you). As soon as he passes by, follow on and look into the house. Search the box to get resources. Equip your weapon, kill your opponent and hide in the bushes. Climb over the fence, deal with three distant enemies. Then distract opponents by throwing a stone and run out onto the road.

Out from the Frying Pan into the Fire

Inside the building, find a pistol, medicines and a collectible item (newspaper). Deal with the enemies outside. Two allies will join you. Your team now consists of three people. Use the skill distribution menu (U key). Make versatile heroes! Let one have a rifle, another a pistol, and so on.

Deal with opponents on the road, kill enemies in the village, attacking them from different angles. Never steal the things of common people. They are highlighted in red. Otherwise; it will lead to a decrease in morale. You can talk to the old lady on the left. She will talk about the church. And the path to the side of it really leads to the church, where the enemies are. You will receive achievements for clearing locations (kill all common enemies and officers). Leave the location by killing two Wehrmacht soldiers and the commander. The commander will have a photograph.

Out of Comission

Now you need to destroy the tank. First, clear the courtyard on the left and take the explosives from the box. Two enemies can be killed by a rolling truck. Also talk with the grandfather. He will tell you about the cache with a machine gun on the side of the base, near the swamp. And there you really will find a chest. Choose either side and go to the base. Enemies at certain moments move away from each other, therefore, having picked up this moment, you can interrupt them, acting covertly. You can overturn the engine on two enemies in the nearest building (enter through the door from the street). Kill everyone, mine the tank with the explosives you found earlier.

Last Meal

In this task you need to get poison, poison food and attack the convoy. Clear the field from the Germans who will disperse. Get to the hive (map marker M) and remove the poison. There is a collector’s item in a nearby hive. Go down to the barn where the food is. Stand behind it. The front door is guarded, and the side door is locked. There are three large barns on the right. On average, there is an enemy (the second one also comes to him). Deal with both and find a key from one of them. Use this key to open the side door of the food shed. Kill the soldier who walks here and then poison the food. It remains to get to the convoy and carefully get rid of each enemy. Everything is really simple here!

Before They Hang Them

It takes 30 minutes to get to the place of execution. Jump over the fence with a sledge and talk to the old woman. Enter the house and take out the key from the chest, and then open the door for your comrades. Deal with the nearest enemies and move along the hill on your left. Go through the courtyard, where you must definitely kill all the enemies outside. Do not touch the two enemies in the house on the left. Take a moment, exit the yard through the main entrance and turn immediately into the bushes on the left. Walk forward a little and cross over to the other side. Go between the two nearest greenhouses, kill the enemy and run across the road. Move a little to the right of the trees and exit into the square.

After the cut-scene, place your soldiers and kill all enemies, preventing the execution. Two soldiers must be killed with a load from a cart. It will be easier! Move to the village where the headman is hiding. Finish off all enemies. You can do this secretly (at least until you are found, try to make sure that there are 2-3 opponents left). Finish off the headman.

Then you can search the entire location to collect various collectibles. Or go straight to the exit.

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