Walkthrough Bright Memory

Walkthrough Bright Memory


Read detailed passage of the third-person action game Bright Memory.

The origins

Kill the enemies with a pistol, interact with the door in front and shoot everyone using a machine gun. Note. Kill the first three opponents, you can go to the left side to find a collectible item – the WarStorm disc. Then interact with the terminal and watch the cutscene.

Uninvited guest

Look around at the new location and find a collectible item in the grass – a jade statue. Move forward and kill the wolves. Look in their cave on the right to find a collectible item – an ancient vase. Break the fence using the light blade (E). Deal with the first opponents. Mutated lions will appear first, and then zombies. Use firearms and skills activated with the F, E keys and moving the mouse wheel up and down. Kill everyone, go upstairs and get through the tree to the place where you need to use the hook. But first, jump down into the pond with the turtle, and find there a collectible item – a fragment of the disc.


Enter the cave, jump over the abyss and find yourself in a trap. Kill all enemies. Then you will need to solve the puzzle. There are three plates that you can stand on. Depending on this, 1-2 rings with symbols will rotate. Stand on the right button of the three and adjust the inner (small) ring so that the right symbol on the wall (constellation) is lit. Then stand on the left platform and wait for the bats symbol on the wall to light up. After that, get on the middle and wait for the mountains on the wall to light up.

Come on. You will have to see Carter’s people. There is a collectible item – a snake figurine on the shelf on the left. Break the wall and get to the cave where you are attacked by Carter soldiers. Defeat them; you will have to destroy a huge monster that looks like a rat. You can pre-kill all the zombies. Use F to throw enemies in the air. Kill everyone; the heroine must say that the cave is collapsing. If this does not happen and the music has not changed, reload the last breakpoint and repeat the battle. Now you can fly to the other side using the hook on the stone pedestal. But first, you look the dead soldier at the side, to the left of the bridge. He has a collectible item – SAI token. Move further, extinguish the fire with the F key and kill the wolves. Deal with bats and zombies, and then destroy the wooden barrier. You can activate a bonfire along the way.

When you walk along the wooden bridges and climb onto the ledge, look to the left to find a collectible item in the corner – a jade idol. Turn the next lever, go to the light source and wait.

How to defeat the Forgotten Forest Lord

First, do not pay attention to what the main character says. She will say that her bullets do not take his armor. In fact, you can damage the enemy using firearms. Just aim at the head. Run away from him. You can wait, let him get closer, and then use Shift + D / A to dodge to the side. While he hits the air, run back and shoot at the enemy. Do not forget to use other skills. Unfortunately, you cannot throw the Lord in the air. But you can do it with ordinary zombies. After victory, swallow his soul. You will receive the Dark Forest achievement.

Returning, you follow along the corridor until you catch up with Carter. On the way you have to kill monsters. Having done this, clear the location of the soldiers. Climb the hill to the left and move on top around the perimeter of the room until you reach the lever. Having done this, you follow along the wall and jump further, catching on the chain under the ceiling, on the column. Activate the second lever and stand on the platform under the ceiling to activate the treasury. Monsters will appear. Kill them all using different skills, take away the ritual vessel and try to get out of the cave.

How to defeat the God of War Xing Tian

You will fall down. Move forward until you meet a new boss. First, in order to inflict damage on the enemy, you must shoot at the head located on his head. Secondly, use different evasions with Shift + A / D. Third, consider the fact that a battle has two stages. When you deal full damage to the God of War, he will fall, but will rise again. His attacks will become more aggressive, flames will appear from the walls, and approximately in the middle of the battle you will see ordinary zombies. However, if you kill all the zombies, then they will not bother you anymore! Do not forget to use a light blade. You will receive the Forgotten God achievement.

Turn the lever and get out of here. This completes the walkthrough of the first episode. We are waiting for the continuation of the game from the developers!

Bright Memory Achievements

Part of the achievements – we described above, in the walkthrough. However, some of them are not related to the plot.

Jet setter

You need to unlock the skill in the first branch, allowing you to shoot in the air. Stay in the air for 10 seconds. During shooting, use the light blade strike to stay in the air.

Master of operations

You need to hold the SSS rank for 30 seconds. The best option is a battle with the Forgotten Forest Lord.


Kill 30 zombies and Carter soldiers, shooting accurately in the head.

Faster than light

Use a combination of Shift + A or D to dodge enemy attacks. Do it 5 times.

Too damn busy

Secret achievement. You need to blow out the candles. Toward the end of the game, when you meet Carter and fight with his soldiers, you will need to move along the bridges along the walls of the hall. One of them will have several red candles. Shoot them to put out each.

Lord of light

Complete the game a third time. That is, once again after achieving the Great Adventurer achievement.

Killer combo

It is necessary to make the enemy remain in the air for 15 seconds. To start, hit him with a sword by scrolling the wheel down (the heroine sticks the sword into the ground), or use EMP by pressing F. It can also start with freezing time. When the enemy is about to fall, use Q + E combos.

One life to live

Find the game disc. After killing the first three enemies, turn around and look for an object in the corner.

Grave robber

You need to collect all collectibles. Above, we indicated their location, right in the walkthrough.

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