Walkthrough The Guise

Walkthrough The Guise


Read a detailed walkthrough of the gloomy metroidvania The Guise (PC Game), the main character of which is trying to regain his former appearance

Howling Forest: Wildfire

After the introductory video, move right until you come across a huge monster. Lady Mallory will save you. You will receive a new skill. Hold L to heal yourself. Break the gate on the right and go further. At the beginning of the location there will be a checkpoint – a place where you can rest and save.

Jump along the ledges and kill the first enemies. Break the next gate, press S to jump off the wooden bridge, and jump over the water, otherwise it will kill you. It is not necessary to destroy every enemy in the cave, and it is very difficult. You can just bypass them. Eyes fall out of enemies. They will be used to improve the main character. Eyes can also be obtained by breaking large black-orange growths.

Eventually, you will meet Maynard, and you will receive the first side quest. He needs a trophy – part of some monster. Walk right and jump down. There will be a yellow crystal on the left. Now, such crystals cannot be broken. There is the first portal on the right. Go a little further and find a monster – Damia, the monster of the Old World. Jump over his head to avoid attacks. You will earn Acid Spit and Damia’s Eye for the Victory. Jump over the pond with the help of the monster and go right to the save point.

Jump up at the corpse to the right of the door to find the first amulet. It doubles the damage done by acid. The door cannot be opened, so go right. Shoot the enemies and the lever to release water from the pit. Sooner or later you will meet Gail, the same girl from the orphanage.


Go right to the shelter and talk to Mallory. With her, you can improve abilities, change amulet, and so on. Go outside and talk to the girl. She will give a new side quest – Home Sweet Home. We need to raise money for the needs of the shelter.

Break the gate and head right. You can enter the cave, kill the enemies and at the very end, on the left, break a small hatch. Inside there will be a room with eye growths.

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