Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020

Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020


Read complete and detailed walkthrough of a remake of an exciting shooter about alien invaders.

Earthly Women are Delicious!

Go to the Fair

Once on the Earth, follow the man, then approach him and press the X key. Immediately after that, take his form by pressing the F button. From this point on, you can use your disguise to transform into humanoids. Remember that during an active disguise – you need to constantly read the thoughts of other people, otherwise the disguise will fail and you will reveal yourself.

Scan the Minds of Humanoids

Go to the fair in the guise of a man and head to the central tent. Scan the thoughts of the winner of the competition and wait for the cut-scene to start.

Hypnotize Miss Rockwell

Before completing this quest, you can start a side quest. You need to find the mayor (he stands on the podium, opposite the central tent), go behind the tent and take his guise. Now hypnotize the winner of the competition and escort her to the flying saucer.

Smash the Fair!

There is nothing difficult in this quest. To complete the side mission, simply grab items with the right mouse button and throw them into buildings. When the fair is defeated, the mission ends.

Citizen Crypto

Find The Source of Radiation

Once on the Earth, walk up and scan the cow’s thoughts. Green cows explode if thrown by telekinesis.

Deactivate the Radiation Source

Since cows explode on contact, take a few cows and throw them at the scientists. It’s easy. Don’t forget to destroy some radioactive containers near the scientists.

Calm Down the Locals

You need to go into a closed area in a police disguise. To make it easier to get to the cop, first take the form of any civilian (there is a farm or cemetery nearby, where there are enough ordinary people).

Having done this, run to the closed area and get to the mayor. To complete the side quest, scan the thoughts of three humanoids in the meeting along the way.

You can take on the guise of the mayor only after you distract the police. One of the cops will be marked with a special distraction icon. Approach him and press the C key. Then all the other cops will be distracted from the mayor and you can take his form.

In the guise of the mayor, stand on the podium and watch the video. Now you will need to correctly answer the questions of local residents, and try to ensure that the scale of trust does not completely drop. We have prepared sample answers to help you complete the quest positively.

Cows glow like fireflies! (Here you can choose what you like best).

Strange things are happening in Rockwell!

  • Blame everything on the communists – correct answer

You have to do something about all this!

  • Show patriotism – correct answer

Citizens need a steady hand!

  • Threaten the communists – correct answer

But someone destroyed the Rockwell Fair! (If you have a full scale of trust on this question, then you can answer in your own way).

Alien Pool Party

Find the Alpha Male

At the beginning of the mission, you cannot kill humanoids or impersonate yourself in other ways. If you do this, the quest will end. Climb the hill and take on the form of any person. Then move to the city center, simultaneously scanning people’s thoughts. When you scan enough thoughts, a green marker will appear on the map, indicating your task.

Upon reaching the pool, you will see a man in a white suit, and next to a hostile agent. Such agents use special devices that interfere with your disguise. Track the agent and don’t get close to him. Study the mayor’s thoughts from a distance.

Make a Pogrom

Grab guests marked with a marker and drown them in the pool. Thus, you will not only complete the main, but also the side quests.

Defeat the Santa Modesta Police

Do not rush to destroy the police. First, find and eliminate enough police cars to complete the side quest. After getting rid of all the cops, the quest will end.

Televisions of Doom!

You don’t have to use disguise in this quest, as you will need to move quickly around the map!

Find the Record!

Follow the marked car and destroy it with explosives. Any cylinder near houses can be used as explosives. Wait for the agent with the briefcase to leave the car, kill him and take the briefcase.

Search the Human Brain Expert

When you have the briefcase, head to the television center. As we have already noted, it is completely optional to use masking. Go to the sleeping Ernst and scan his consciousness. Then grab it and throw it into the ocean. Thus, you will complete two quests at once. Don’t forget to destroy his car as well. When you have done this, return to the city and watch the cut-scene.

Replay Majestic on their own field

To complete this quest, you need to climb over rooftops and break antennas. Try not to touch the ground, so you will complete a side quest and get bonuses.

Aliens Stole My Brain Stem

At the beginning of the mission you will have a new weapon at your disposal. With it, you can quickly extract the brain stem from humanoids. To do this, press the attack key, and then release it when the icon on the person turns white.

Collect Human DNA

To complete this quest, simply hold onto the markers on the mini-map in the lower left corner of the screen. It is not at all necessary to disguise as a person – make a pogrom in the city, but collect the necessary elements. As a side quest, you will need to use the new weapon on the humanoids eight times.

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