Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020

Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020


Foreign Сorrespondent

At the beginning of the mission, you just have to follow the madman. To complete the side quest, read his mind five times. This way you will learn about the government’s protective facilities.

Find Bert Wither

For an additional task, use the HEAD and sneak to the base unnoticed. This can be done by crossing the bridge, then turn right in front of the gate. Here you will see several enemy devices. Get rid of them and change your disguise to a military one. Walk a little more forward, approach the energy gate and deactivate it remotely to disable the shield.

Enter the military base and continue following the marker on the map until you are in front of Burt Wither. Watch the cut-scene.

Kidnap Bert Wither

After the video, order Bert to follow you using the Follow Me skill. Do not be afraid to destroy the soldiers in his presence, as they cannot harm him in any way. Do not forget to complete the side mission and eliminate 10 enemies with explosives. There is not much of it inside the building, but outside you will find enough explosives to complete the quest (even explosive barrels are suitable for this).

Before entering you will be greeted by several turrets, so be prepared to fend off them. Having done this, run to the bridge and complete the mission.

Suburb of the Damned

This mission is defensive, as you will have to fend off a large number of soldiers, Majestic mercenaries and heavy equipment, as well as prevent the destruction of either of the two towers. In total, you need to hold out for three waves.

First Wave

When destroying the first wave of enemies, you should have no difficulty. Your enemies will be ordinary soldiers. Don’t forget to complete the side quest – kill five soldiers with the explosive barrels.

Second Wave

Fighting the second wave of enemies will be a little more difficult. In addition to infantry with automatic weapons, soldiers with rocket launchers, heavy equipment and tanks will also begin to attack Krypto.

To complete a side mission, find a soldier with a rocket launcher in the crowd of enemies, but do not kill him. Wait for him to fire a missile at Krypto, then capture it using telekinesis and send it back to him or to other soldiers.

Third Wave

During the final wave, in addition to all the above enemies, mechanized robots will also attack Krypto. These are quite difficult enemies, so we advise you to immediately deal with them with the help of powerful weapons. In the future, to facilitate the passage of the level, follow the mini-map and meet enemies on the road. Do not let them close to the towers. In this case, soldiers with missiles can also help you: wait for the soldier to fire a shot, and direct to heavy equipment, but you should not eliminate such enemies themselves.

Completing the side quest is also easy. Wait for one of the soldiers to throw a grenade at Crypto, use telekinesis and send it back. When the grenade reaches the ground, a few meters around it will glow red. You have a couple of seconds to redirect the explosion.

What Tever Happened to Crypto-136?

Note that the mission does not have to be stealthy, but in some moments you will have to use it!

Find Crypto-136

First you need to find all Furon technologies marked with markers. It’s not difficult, especially if you don’t bother with disguise.

Scan thoughts at a military base. Now you need to read the thoughts of several military men to know where to go next. It is also not necessary to “change clothes” – scan your thoughts, and then remove the military man’s brain stem.

Get to the Majestic base / laboratory. You will complete these two tasks at the same time when you enter the science laboratory. As with the previous quests, you do not need to be in the form of a humanoid. Enter the lab marked with a marker.

Destroy all Traces of Furons

After a short video, collect the film near the destroyed flying saucer, then destroy all traces of the alien race on the ground. You can now leave the ground and complete the mission.

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