Walkthrough CARRION

Walkthrough CARRION

At the beginning of the game, move along the pipes marked with arrows. One of the pipes will be underwater. The monster is not afraid of it.

Then use RMB and drag with the mouse to rip off the grates and doors from the hinges. Start devouring people using similar mechanics. The way up is blocking the barrier. Go to the door on the right and click on the “Space” to squeeze inside. Lower the lever, go back and follow up. You will find a save point. After saving, go down to the eye and press “Space”.

Frontier – Wasteland

Move to the right, still opening the passages with the RMB. Along the way, you will need to lower the lever, and then follow down. Get to the mines, follow the left and find a save point. To open a new eye, you need to find two more such points. Continue to destroy the grates. When you find the second savepoint, follow the left. The path is closed further, but there is a flask in this room. Destroy it by holding RMB and moving the mouse to the sides. You will receive a new ability. Move up to the cubes blocking the path. Press E to push the web between them and toggle the lever.


Follow up the pipe, climb higher and use the web again to get to the lever. By switching it, you can go to the right. Don’t go up. Instead, head to the room to the right. Kill the enemy, lower the lever. Go back twice to the left and go downstairs to find the third crevice. Save and follow to the eye to move to a new location (to the right and up) from the hall with the third crevice.

Frontier – Wasteland

Follow left, down and enter the door. You will control the person. Run left and down the stairs. Go down below and interact with the pipe to open the passage. Climb back up and follow the left. Place the explosives on the wall at the bottom left. Wait for your partner to leave the detonator, and then activate it.

Uranium Mines

You control the monster again. Move to the right until you return to the beginning of the mine. Use the cobweb to activate the lever at the bottom. Go down and squeeze through the pipe. Move right, down and left to activate the first crevice. Use Shift to define the direction of their position. Get to the next crevice. You will have to kill many enemies. I advise you to kill everyone first, and then eat. After that, go up and follow the left, activating the levers. Opponents with shields and spikes will appear. Go around them and attack from behind so as not to hit the shields with tentacles. You cannot eat them. Destroy the flask to get new DNA. You can now destroy ventilation grates and wooden barriers. It is also a skill to deal damage to enemies. To use it, you should not press, but clamp E. Nearby there will be a third crevice.

Frontier – Wasteland

Use your eye to return to new lands.

Dump of Dangerous Objects

Find the other eye by smashing the boards and return to the dangerous object dump. Return to the hall, where you found the third crevice (when the web was used the second time to pull the growl). It is located at the bottom right, and you need to go left and down from it. You will find yourself in a new location.


Destroy the boards, follow to the right. There will be a lever behind the cubes in the next room, but you cannot use the web. First, you need to drop the excess biomass (orange cells next to the green ones at the top of the screen). To do this, go down the pipe, get to the water and press the “Space”. The monster will lose half of its weight, leaving a cocoon. Now, instead of destroying the boards, you will again throw the web. Climb up and use the web on the lever. Return to the water and absorb the cocoon to re-use the attack dash. Squeeze through the door, which has now become accessible (after activating the lever). Use the first crevice. The eye will open immediately! Move up, kill the soldiers, follow the pipe to the left and go up to the eye. He will return you to a familiar location, but to a new part of it.

Frontier – Wasteland

Climb up to get to a new location.

Frontier – Marsh

Follow up and activate the generator to turn off the laser beams. Move on and soon you will find the first drone. Grab it using the tentacles. In this case, it is important not to hit the shields. And then hit the walls until it explodes. The passages will open back, right and down. Go downstairs and use the central hatch.

It will allow you to control the person again. Walk left, use the set of stairs until you reach a closed opening. Follow it to the right, down the stairs and jump even lower. After that, move on until you find a descent down. At the very bottom there will be a lever. Pick it up, go back and slide the grate. Climb up and get to the place where the passage is closed. There is a podium at the bottom and on the right. Insert a lever into it to close the hole. Walk left and pull the chain. You can proceed further and collect biomass samples.

Now move down and to the left along the water. Kill enemies. You can use adjacent rooms to get biomass and then smash the boards to the left. Enter the hole.

Botanical Garden

To begin with, move to the right, through the lasers and up the pipe. Kill the enemy; activate the lever on the left. You will open a passage on the left. Through the left pipe and get to it. Go down and kill the soldiers along the way. At the very bottom, activate the lever and follow below to find the first crevice.

Follow the right, kill enemies and hit the boards. Climb up; activate the lever on the left. Follow back to the main hall. Here you have to kill three drones! Let them attack you, and then grab and hit the walls. Do not ask for trouble! Follow up, kill two flamethrowers. They are very easy to attack from below. Climb up, lower the lever and find the second crevice.

Move to the right. You will fly through the laser, which will close the passage. You’ve already seen such a trap. Climb up and to the right. There is a closed doorway. But you go down to the fan and use the cobwebs to switch the lever on the right. So you can get into the right room. Break the flask there to get a new skill. Now the monster can temporarily become invisible. This consumes energy. To charge energy, look for shields, rip off covers and interact with them. Moreover, the monster can become invisible only without extra biomass! Only with a green health bar.

Open the passage, leave the biomass in the water on the right and fly back to the left. Fly invisible through the lasers and activate the third crevice. This will bring you back to the opened eye. There is a door above it. Fly through it and activate the lever. Dump the biomass and fly past the laser using invisibility. Enter the eye.

Frontier – Marsh

Follow up, to the right and return to the hatch, surrounded by two lasers. Fly past them in stealth mode and enter the hatch.

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