Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020

Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2020


The Island Suburbia

Go to the nearest person and use the device. Follow the marker to read the scientists’ thoughts. Try not to draw attention to yourself as you will need to return to your flying saucer.

Disrupt the Majestic plans

Now that you are comfortable aboard the flying saucer, destroy two eateries, as well as the convoy guarding the scientists.

Watch out for Majestic Operators

On the left side of the screen, you can see a list of active quests. The main quest involves the destruction of ice cream vans in the allotted time. If you do not have time to eliminate the agents, then you will fail the task. The matter is complicated by the fact that your saucer is actively attacked by ground air defenses. Use the shield on the appropriate key (Shift) to destroy the missiles attacking the plate in time.

Capture the Agent to Interrogate him

When all the vans are destroyed, land a saucer on the beach, use disguise, and head to the city center. Here you will meet the agent you need, as well as enemy operatives that can damage the HEAD. Lure the agent by detonating the alien recognition device, or use the distraction on any operator. When you find yourself next to him, use the skill “Follow me” and take him to the flying soucer.

Teenage Zombies from Outer Space!

In this mission, you cannot disturb the police ahead of time, so try not to make noise. Otherwise, the quest will have to start over.

Complete Pox’s plan

Go down from the roof to the left and look for a humanoid that is leaning against the wall of the building. Use the HEAD on him to disguise himself, then follow to the open cinema. On the mini-map, you can see three markers that mark Majestic agents. Kill them in any way (the easiest is to remove the brain stem), but don’t try to transform into them!

Do the brain stem trick three times, collect the item you need for the task and watch the cut-scene.

Once in the open area of ​​the cinema, you will see a timer at the top of the screen. You only need to hold out for two minutes, fighting off attacks from agents and police officers. If you are not going to complete the side missions “Kill an agent using a policeman” and “Kill a policeman using an agent”, then we can give a little advice on how to hold out until the time expires, practically without using a weapon.


South by Southwest

At the beginning of the mission, Krypto receives a new weapon – the Ion Detonator. Such a gun shoots explosives, which explode upon activation of the player, or after a while. You can also grab explosives with telekinesis and throw them in the desired direction.

Draw on the Forces of Majestic

It is quite easy to complete this task – smash and destroy everything and everyone in your path. As a side quest, you can destroy a car by throwing a person at it. It is not necessary for the car to be intact, and it is also not necessary that the person be alive.

Inflict Financial Damage to Majestic

To complete this task, destroy the black cars of the agents, as well as the agents themselves. For the elimination of simple cars, police, military and civilians, the amount of damage will not be replenished.

  • Majestic agents – $ 500
  • Majestic cars – $ 4000
  • Military Air Defense – $ 7000

Get rid of the presence of Majestic

In addition to hand weapons, in this quest you will also have access to one side cannon – Sound-Boomz. When hit, such a weapon inflicts devastating damage in a short range.

Get rid of all agents marked on the map and destroy the organization’s property. Nothing complicated. As a side mission, you can destroy a building with the help of an enemy operative. This is quite easy to do. First, you need to inflict average damage on the building (a few shots from the main weapon will be enough), then grab the RMB agent and throw it into the building. Repeat the actions until the building explodes.

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