Walkthrough Maid of Sker

Walkthrough Maid of Sker


We will tell you how to find all the Cylinders and complete the walkthrough of the horror Maid of Sker

After the introductory video, pick up Thomas Evans’s sheet music from the table. Exit into the corridor. The game will tell you that by pressing the I key, the inventory opens. Now it has sheet music and a musical medallion. You can explore other tabs. There is no map now, but there is a journal with a note that the girl read at the beginning of the game.

Step off the train and check out the wooden poster commemorating the reopening of the Sker Hotel and the performance of Elizabeth Williams, daughter of famed singer Prudence Williams. Run along the road to the gate. Shortly before them, turn left to go through the broken part of the fence. Go inside the building with the phonograph. It will save the game. Moreover, if you play on maximum difficulty, only 5 saves will be available throughout the game. We’ll have to save.

Listen to the recording from the phonograph, go out through the other door, go downstairs and get to the dog. When she runs away, open the wicket and follow on. There will be a huge gate ahead. Open them with the lever located in the building on the right. Enter the hotel.

Ground floor

Go forward along the corridor, open the door and answer the call in the phone booth on the left side. There is the reception desk on the right side. There is a bell and a note “Isaac’s speech at the grand reopening.”

Your task for the game is to find all the Cylinders in the hotel. There is a grate to the right of the reception desk, in the corner. Lower it and make your way behind the counter. There is a bag on the table against the wall opposite. Open it and take the map of the first floor. Open the map by pressing the M key to see the location of the first Cylinder (top right).

Exit through the door and head right. There will be a door to the toilet on the right hand, and a little further – another, locked door with an image of an octopus. There is nothing in the toilet, so go the other way. Behind a large double door on the left hand side is the hotel lobby with a large staircase leading to the second floor. Do not rush to go there, but move to the right along the corridor. There will be a small green door on the left with a room and a phonograph for saving.

Go further down the corridor to hear the man’s pleas. Talk to him by interacting with the door on the right hand. It also features an octopus. He will introduce himself as Henry Hughes. After several unsuccessful attempts, duck down and return to the phonograph room to let the enemy pass. Return to the corridor and open the door on the right, just behind the door with the octopus. You will find yourself in a long corridor. At its turn, on the right hand there will be a musical doll 1.

At the end of the corridor there will be another door with an octopus, as well as a button on the wall. Click on it. The light will turn off. Go back a little and find a switch in the niche on the right. Put it down to restore electricity, and then go to the button. You will find an open elevator.


Take the elevator down, wait a little for the person to go to the left, and move to the right yourself. There will be another room with a phonograph behind the green door. Save and listen to the audio recording if desired. Open the door a little and wait. When the enemy goes in your direction, hide behind the door. Then open it and see that the enemy turned to the elevator on the left. You go ahead where the man came from. Follow the corridor. Soon you will see how an unknown person picks up a corpse from the window on the right. Move even further and open the door on the right. Walk past the door for another enemy to leave the room.

Then enter this room and take the bottle of sedative from the table. Click on R to drink a sedative and recover. Open the door on the left, go into the room and around the corner on the far table, find the book of Isaac’s death and disappearance. Open the door nearby, go forward and take the basement map from the bag on the table to the right.

The door on the right is closed. But you can open the door to the left of the bag. Go forward at the fork. If the enemy comes out through the door in front, then turn left and let him pass by. And then open the door and answer the call in the phone booth on the left. Thomas will point out that all of these people do not seem to see anything. Open the door to the right of the booth to enter a room with suspended bodies. Carefully walk between the bags to the far left corner to find the table where the musical doll 2 is located.

After that, return to the beginning of the room and turn left, where there is an open passage. As you understand, throughout this time you will need to dodge the enemy who walks between the hanging bags. Move through the narrow corridor, covered with boards, make your way under the beam with nails. Repeat the actions with the second beam to make the hero try to grab the monster. Just hold your breath. The enemy will run away to the ringing of the bell. Continue driving to get out into the usual corridor.

Follow the left, open the grate and climb the ventilation. At the fork, turn right (the way forward leads to a dead end), on the next move forward and get out into the boiler room. You will hear Thomas start to cough. To stop coughing, you have to hold your breath. Move through the boiler room on the only path; make your way under the pipes in order to bypass the enemy, who will leave them to the right. You will find yourself in the hallway. There is a door at the end of it. Lower the lever, push the bolt, open the door and run up the steps to leave the basement.


You can immediately save with the phonograph in the corner of the ruins. Listen to the audio recording. Go forward to get to the clearing with scattered things. You find a musical doll 3 on the boxes to the right. Make your way to the other side of the clearing, and before leaving it, take a mystical note from the last table.

Follow further, go to the cemetery on the right and go right. There is a sedative on the far grave. Return to the cemetery entrance and directly opposite Prudence Williams’ interactive headstone. The cut-scene will start. At the end of it, the hero will fall into the grave.


Move forward and pick up the letter about the Jebedi cult. There will be another phonograph behind the green door on the right. Continue through the cave until you reach the mine. Immediately pick up Isaac’s report on the ship “Providence” from the table. Use the nearest switch on the rails to move the minecart and go forward. You will descend from the ledge into a new part of the mine.

To leave this place, you need to open the grate on the right. There is a button there. But first you have to activate the levers. In the center of the adit – there is a control panel with a red toggle switch that starts the trolley. Don’t touch it, look to the right and you will see a switch. Lower the switch and press the button near the grate. The top lamp comes on. Now turn the red toggle switch in the center so that the cart goes the other way. The enemy standing in front of the corridor will leave, and you can go to its previous position and lower the second switch. Press the button next to the grate again. The second light will turn on, the door will open, and you can leave this place. Go forward and pull the handle to go upstairs.

You will find yourself on the surface. Under one of the columns on the left, look for Jebedai’s ritual records. Lower the two levers to the left and right of the large bird door. This must be done quickly, only in this case the door will open! Go through it while avoiding the monster. You need to go up the hill to the left, but if you go down to the right, you will find a musical doll 4 near the fallen log.

Climb the hill and squeeze through the bushes. You will see how one person tortures another in a wheelchair. Follow further through the forest with torches, open the gate and go through the door that the dog opened.


Walk forward and open the door on the left side to reveal a room with a phonograph. Continue through the garden, avoiding the monster. On the right, there will be a turn with a pedestal on which there is a musical doll 5. Continue to go to the fork with two stairs. Climb the steps on the right, but after the enemy leaves on the steps on the left. Go through the garden, turn into the building on the left and answer the call in the phone booth. Next to the booth there is a travel bag with a map of the gardens hidden in it.

Open the door on the left, take the musical doll 6 from the box on the left, and then go forward. Free the dog from the trap and then examine the gazebo. The first Cylinder is hidden inside. Before you can pick it up, look at the ceiling. There is an arrow there. It shows which lever to pull. Continue to activate the levers indicated by the arrow and then collect the Hero’s Cylinder.

Return to the room with the phonograph and open the door to the left of the telephone booth. Ahead will be an idle fountain, on the side of which lies a sedative. Go inside the building, open the door on the right and pick up two sound modulator cartridges from the tray on the left. Return to the first room, go right and find Isaac’s plan on the table on the left. Ahead there is a pedestal with a strange arrangement. Take it. Now you can activate the device using the “1” key.

Activate the device. Each such stun consumes 1 cartridge. We found two of these earlier. Return to the room on the left. There is a green door on the left. There is another phonograph there.

Follow on to get out into an open area with trees. There is a door with a button on the left. First, go ahead and activate the switch inside the booth. Press the button at the worth to turn on the first light bulb. Go to the right side of the location and activate the second switch. Press the button again to turn on the second light at the gate on the left. They will open, and you can go ahead and return to the hotel.

Hotel, ground floor

Nearby there is a bench with a tray and a cartridge. Enter the adjacent room to find a musical device and a locked door on your left. There is the key Inside the chest. Open the locked door with it, move to the right and open the room with a telephone booth. You will have a talk with Elizabeth, take away cartridge from the table on the right. Open the door to the right of the telephone booth and take the second piece of the first floor map from the bag.

Move left to find a stand with the Morning Herald newspaper. Open the green door on the right; use the phonograph. Move back and open the double door on the other side to return to the first floor hallway.

Return to the hall, follow the reception desk through the grate to the right of it, in the corner, and exit into the corridor. Go right and open the door with the octopus with the key. Turn right to find a fireplace and another door with an octopus. Isaac’s audio-visual notes are on a stand by the window. Look for a beer tap on the desktop. There is a movie projector on the left side of this room. If you run it, you can see the maps with the location of all the Cylinders.

Open the map. Do you see the room in the upper right corner? Now you can easily get to it. Once in the prayer hall, wait for the enemy to leave here. There is the Williams family Bible on the stand. Go to the chair and take the Cerberus Cylinder.

To be continued…

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