Resident Evil: Village Guide - All treasures (How to Make Money) and Secrets

Resident Evil: Village Guide – All Treasures (How to Make Money) and Secrets


A detailed guide in which we’ll show you where to find every treasure hidden in the game. These items are your main livelihood. By selling treasures to the Duke, you can buy new weapons, upgrades, blueprints, and so on.

Some treasures drop from monsters. This happens in a random order, so below I will simply list their names and indicate the cost:

  1. Crystal Skull 900 (drops from normal werewolves or the dead).
  2. Сrystal Fragment – 2000 (does not drop out of enemies, but just in case I indicate the cost).
  3. Crystal Wing – drops from flying monsters. You will meet them for the first time on the roof of the Dimitrescu castle. The cost is 2400.
  4. Excellent Crystal Skull – Dropped by Armored Werewolves. Price – 10,000.


Also, at different locations, you can find several places with luminous dots – these are Сrystal Fragment. Shoot them to make them fall to the ground. Here are the wreckage and other treasures of the village:

  1. On the shield of the statue in the center of the village, at the altar with the first Goats of Warding. Price – 2000.
  2. On one of the icons in the church, where you find the coat of arms with the virgin. Price – 2000.

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After returning from Dimitrescu Castle:

  1. After returning from the castle of Dimitrescu, in the center of the village, there will be a passage to the courtyard to the left of the broken wagon. Inside the house, there is a wooden beast (body) on a curbstone. It is one of two parts of the treasure. You can sell it, but you will get much less than for a whole treasure. So be patient!
  2. Find a blue gate with a castle in the village. This is after returning from Dimitrescu Castle. Knock down the castle (such a play on words) and go into the barn in front. Kill the werewolf around the corner and take the madalina (torso) from the shelf. This is another compound treasure. To sell it to the Duke at a better price, you need to find the second part. Be patient. And so, the cost of the torso is 3000.
  3. Open the grate with the symbol after killing the first armored werewolf. Climb over the roof into the courtyard with three chickens. There is a white toilet stall here, and inside is a large crystal. Price – 3000.
  4. When you get the wheel from the well, go to the center of the village and pick up the bucket in the well near the statue with the sword and shield. You will find a wooden beast (head). In inventory, combine the head and torso to create a wooden goat. Its cost is 15,000.
  5. In the well behind the temple where you found the coat of arms with the virgin, there is a necklace with two gaps. Price – 4000.
  6. Go to Louise’s burned down house and pick up Louise’s necklace that is in the box by the porch. Disassemble it in your inventory to get a gem from the necklace. Price – 8000.
  7. The key from Louise’s necklace is needed for the casket, which is located between the Duke and the place of the ritual. To the bridge, in the side room. Inside is the Cup. Price – 19,000.

After Beneviento’s house:

  1. Go to the violin maker’s house (you found the key on the way back from Beneviento’s house, in the garden) and open the back cabinet using the code 270917. This date is shown in the picture in the kitchen. You will find a treasure. Price – 14,000.
  2. The crystal animal will fall from huge shaggy monsters. You will meet one of them in the story when you go to Moro’s laboratory (open the door with wings at the Duke). Price – 20,000.

After Moro’s lab:

  1. In the part of the village where the first monster was met, there is a pen with chickens. Look at the map. To get there, you need to use the handle on the door. Having done this, kill the chickens, take the poultry meat and climb the stairs. Go to the roof on the left to find the Blood Ruby Box (3000).
  2. Go to the werewolf stronghold and turn left to Otto’s mill. Knock down the lock from the gate, kill the pig in the small courtyard and find here Сrystal Fragment in the center (2000).
  3. There will be a giant at the same mill. Killing him will reward you with a Large Crystal Ax (30,000).
  4. Proceed further after killing the monster and find the chest with Father Nikola’s angel. Its price is 22,000.
  5. When you have a handle, go to the bridge leading to the ritual site and turn right. Lower the other bridge, get into the boat and swim in the opposite direction. Enter the cave and look for an ancient coin at the bottom of the laptop. Price – 8000.
  6. On the same boat, sail to the other side until it stops, to the Dimitrescu castle. Make your way through the house to the backyard, having first lowered the bridge, and use the wheel on the well. A staircase will appear. Go downstairs, go up to the console and pick up all the spiked platforms. Move to the far wagon and slide it to the side. Push the carts down from the platform with spikes and use it to climb to the box. Jump down through the hole in the ceiling of the room and take a large bloody ruby ​​from the case. Price – 5500.
  7. In the same place, after getting out of the well, go back to the boat. There is a door a little further from it. Go inside and find yourself in a crypt. Light two bowls by pushing the third. The enemy will constantly leave the room on the right. You need to set it on fire with a bowl and lure him to the bowl in front. By doing this, you can pick up the golden statuette of the mistress. Price – 20,000.

Dimitrescu castle

  1. After you get caught for the first time, look around in the room with the fireplace and take away the Scarlet Glass that is on the table. Its cost is 3500 lei.
  2. When you get out of this room through the fireplace, in the corridor near the large door leading to the hall, look for a glazed cabinet. Break it to get a Crystal Fragment. Price – 2000.
  3. Ingrid’s Necklace – drops from a dead man in a dungeon, where you will find yourself when you run away from Lady Dimitrescu’s first daughter. As you understand, in this case, the dead will have to be eliminated. Price – 2000.
  4. Crystalline Torso – can be picked up after killing any daughter of Dimitrescu. According to the plot. The cost is 5000. There are only three, so you will earn 15,000.
  5. Wooden statue of an angel – inside the locker, locked with a key, in the kitchen of the castle. This is the second room from the place where you kill the first daughter of Dimitrescu. In the same corridor, on another pedestal, there is a lock pick. Price – 3000.
  6. A Crystal Fragment hangs from the ceiling in the dining room, in front of the exit to the castle courtyard. Price – 2000.
  7. Scarlet Skull – inside the Norstein maze in the room with the Duke, in the castle hall. Look for a metal ball with a flower and swords in the annex on the left, in the courtyard. Enter the annex using the Dimitrescu key and go up to the second floor. In the room to the left with the enemy there will be a ball. Insert it into the maze and guide it to the cell to collect the treasure. Price – 8000.
  8. In the room with the elevator, on the wall, hangs Crystal Fragment. Shoot him. Price – 2000.
  9. On the second floor of the living room, to the right along the corridor from the wine room. Crystal Fragment hangs in the painting. Shoot at him. Price – 2000.
  10. Azure Eye – inside the sarcophagus, which is indicated by the treasure map from the attic. There you will find yourself in the story. But in general, a treasure map is unnecessary. The main thing for you is to get a key with a mark (according to the plot), and then return to the dungeon where the first daughter was chasing you (through the kitchen). In the corner of the dungeon (anyway it will be highlighted in red on the map) there is a grate with a symbol. Unlock it and you will find yourself in the room. Blow up the wall on the left (with a homemade bomb) and light the two bowls by swinging them. ATTENTION! Take your time to sell the eye. It is one of five treasures that are divided into two parts. Later, in point 14, we describe where to find the silver ring. So, if you combine an eye and a silver ring, you get a ring with an azure eye. The Duke will pay 12,000 for it.
  11. In the niche behind the blown-up wall from the previous point, on the boxes on the side there is Crystal Fragment. Price – 2000.
  12. In the room with the pleasure mask, there is a Silver Ring in a drawer. Price – 1800.
  13. In the same room, Crystal Fragment hangs on the ceiling. Price – 2000.
  14. A Crystal Fragment hangs on the ceiling of the second floor of the opera hall, in the room with the note. Price – 2000.
  15. For defeating the boss, you will receive Crystalline Dimitrescu. Price – 25,000.

House Beneviento

  1. Angie doll – for defeating the boss of the location. Price – 28,000.
  2. When you return back from the Beneviento house, you will have to turn and go around the house on the right. There are graves and a casket to the right of it, behind the arch. In which, you find s a ball with the sun and the moon. This item is needed to launch the Norstein Labyrinth. Go a little further and look for a left turn that leads to another house. There will be a labyrinth inside it. Use the ball, solve the puzzle and get the onyx skull. Price – 15,000.
  3. There is a well near the house from point 2. Use the wheel to get the madalina (head). Combine it in your inventory to get Miss Madalina’s treasure. Price – 20,000.
  4. A little further, returning from the Beneviento house, you will pass through the cemetery, where the dead will revive. Look for two treasures on the gravestones – a large crystal (3000) and vivianite (5000).
  5. Return to the village after killing the puppeteer and find the crypt in the graveyard. Now it is open, and inside is a broken slab. Go back to the graveyard in front of Beneviento’s house, where there is a treasure marker. A mini-boss will appear here. Kill this huge foe to get the Big Crystal Ax. Also, place the broken slab on the gravestone to find a hidden object – Berengario’s bowl. The price of the Bowl is 18,000, the price of a Large Crystal Ax is 30,000.

Moreau’s laboratory

  1. Crystal Fragment hangs from the ceiling in an adit on the way to Moreau. Just look back and look at the ceiling. Can be picked up after killing a boss.
  2. When you find a blue pickup truck behind the building with a control panel (you go to turn on the power), look to the right of it for roosters and an extension with a chest. Crystal Fragment is hidden inside it (2000).
  3. The boss will drop Crystal Moro. Price – 40,000.
  4. Near the mill at the beginning of the location there is a Norstein labyrinth (next to the village where there were two pigs). There is a door on the side that can be opened with a handle. After opening it, go a little forward and go up to the altar on the left. There is a ball with a mermaid. Solve the Norstein maze puzzle to get the light Green Skull. Price – 20,000.
  5. In the same place where the ball with the mermaid was found, search all the houses, take the revolver and a shaggy monster will appear. As always, it will drop a Crystal Animal – 20,000.
  6. The Silver Angel is hidden in the chest that you see when you board the boat with the key. The chest is on another boat. You cannot pick it up at this moment. But it will be possible later! So, when you defeat the boss and return to the familiar cave, do not rush to leave it on the elevator. After that, the elevator will be unavailable. Instead, go to the place where you boarded the boat. Now it’s stranded. Follow the path to a reservoir with a boat and a chest, which contains a silver statuette of an angel. Price – 12,000.

Lycans Fortress

  1. Defeat the giant werewolf seen in the village and receive the Crystal Hammer. Price – 35,000.
  2. After killing this werewolf, you will find yourself in a room with many valuable stones. Many of them hang from the ceiling. Shoot them down with pistol shots. You can find 1 Yellow Quartz (10,000), 1 Large Crystal (3000), 1 Vivianite (5000), 4-5 Crystal Fragments (2000 each).
  3. Guglielmo’s plate can be found immediately after talking with Heisenberg on TV. Go down the steps and look left. Price – 25,000.

Heisenberg Factory

  1. From the room with the smelter, go left and along the way you will find a refrigerator, for which you need a lockpick. Inside is Yellow Quartz (10,000).
  2. In the same factory, when you open the door in the corridor with cyborgs to create a shortcut to the smelter, look a little further and see a crack in the wall. Blow it up with a homemade bomb to find a suitcase with a top hat. It is one of two parts of the treasure. The part itself costs 7,000.
  3. Other enemies in the factory drop a Polysilicon Skull (3500) and a Crystal Heart (5000). It’s at level B4, on the way to B3. Between levels B3 and B1, you can collect the Big Crystal Heart for 9000 and the Pure Crystal Heart for 25000.
  4. When you start from level B3 to B1 and go through the mine with the drill, follow through the ventilation and jump down. The stairs have a crack in the wall. Blow it up to collect 2 Large Crystals, 1 Yellow Quartz and 1 Vivianite.
  5. When you stop the huge propeller while driving to level B1, look in the room for a map and a wagon. Move the last one and make your way into the secret room with the suitcase. Inside is a ball template. Create a ball in the B4 smelter and place it in the Norstein maze by the elevator on the same level. Solve the puzzle to get another treasure – the Brown Skull. Price – 30,000.
  6. When you get to the elevator on B1, jump onto the pipe nearby and run forward. Slide down the cable and remove the Yellow Quartz (10,000) from the wall.
  7. When you get the Heisenberg Key by crafting it at the smelter, go down to B4 and look for a room with a horse. This is on the way to a room where huge mechanical fingers were spinning (you fired at the light bulbs to stop them). So, there will be a handle in the room. Combine it with the top hat to get the Heisenberg Hammer. Price – 45,000.
  8. Complex Crystal Heart drops from an enemy with a propeller. This is a must-have boss.
  9. And the main boss will drop Crystal Heisenberg.

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