Weird West - Witch Box and All Witch Encounters

Weird West – Witch Box and All Witch Encounters


During the passage of Weird West, you can stumble upon a mysterious witch who will ask you to save (and not open) a certain box. We tell you what to do.

The witch appears randomly while traveling around the map, in the first chapter. She will give the box and ask her not to open it. When you open this box, it will be empty. You can either open the box or close it immediately. But…

Also search the ornate chest nearby for some loot. It will be random. You can get a petrified relic or a golden ace of spades, or something else. The witch can be met later, by other characters:

  • Pigman. The witch will offer to buy a book. The cost will be $1 higher than your current balance. Is always. So, it’s not possible to buy the book. Instead, she will offer to tell fortunes on tarot cards.
  • Protector. There will be two prisoners next to the witch. One of them is a thief who robbed the innocent, the other is a murderer who killed the one who abused him as a child. Decide who deserves punishment. If you punish a thief, he will turn into a snake.
  • Werewolf. The witch will challenge you to a slapping contest. It is impossible to win because you need a special accessory.
  • Oneirist. This character can get the desired accessory, the open palm amulet. He can be found in the administration in Somnolence. You will visit this place as part of Oneirist’s main quest. After receiving the amulet, equip it and move around the world until you meet the witch. You can use it in a slapping contest. The chest contains a fossilized relic.

No spoilers, but I completed the story campaign and the witch didn’t even ask for the box! The witch does not even react whether we opened the box or not.

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