FAQ Breathedge

FAQ Breathedge

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How to run mayonnaise into the core

First you need to inspect one of the four engines on the mayonnaise tank. After that, a task related to scanning motors will appear. There are two motors on the side of the reservoir. Also, two more fly from one side. Scan each one. You will receive Blueprints for the Shunting Engine and Igniter. Craft both items.

Then look for the corridor to the side of the tank with the marker. It is destroyed and covered with a small sphere of mayonnaise. Fly into this sphere and look for the entrance inside. Further steps are simple. To get out of the centrifuge, you fly through the pipe under the ceiling (the only one broken). Oh yes, outside, after repairing the engine, four pillars will need to be destroyed. One of them is hidden in mayonnaise. Three supports can be detached with handles, and one of them will have to be attacked with explosives, crowbar or blaster.

How to increase the supply of oxygen and air

You need create new cylinders. The very first is an oxygen balloon, but in the future you will be able to make more advanced cylinders. Some schemes can be obtained through the research table (you will figure it out in the second chapter).

How to reduce the chance of a breach

Protective covers must be installed. Scan these shrouds in the wreckage that you come across on your way to the place where you need to fly through the electrical discharges in the electrician’s spacesuit. Then install them from inside the base under construction.

How to fly to Normandy

First you need to study the four steering wheels to get a steering wheel diagram. Read more about this in the related question below. Then you will need to create a shunting engine and install it outside. And then interact with three points to activate the warp portal. Return to the helm.

How to install an oxygen station

Create it, remove it from inventory and place it in open space. It’s that simple!

How to increase inventory

As far as I understood, the inventory depends on the spacesuit you are using. Alternatively, you can find a bag or create a suitcase to store extra items in. For example, tools.

How not to freeze, not ice

Move between heat sources. In Chapter 2, the warhead will not have these sources. Therefore, here you just need to act quickly enough.

How to find a military spacesuit

Scan the corpse of the soldier in front of the military compartment.

How to find glass

Fly along one of the two markers in the first chapter, along the blue coolant.

How to find electronics

Not such a rare resource. Smash containers and search various compartments of the ship.

How to find Baby

You will find Baby at the very end of the game. Be patient.

How to find a vacuum cleaner

Fly from the first engineering shuttle in the second chapter to the cave with large reels of duct tape. There will be an oxygen station that you can get. From it, fly to the right of the marker indicating the shuttle, crashed into the technical compartment. There you will find a tester crashing into an asteroid and a vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a vehicle, and you don’t even have to craft it. The repair tool will allow you to restore strength!

How to find paint

Fly along one of the two main markers of the first chapter. Pre-make an oxygen balloon and station in order to have oxygen reserves. The marker points to a cave where paint is flying, and there are also cisterns from which it can be drilled with a drill.

How to find aluminum

Look for deposits on asteroid surfaces.

How to find the wire

Look for exposed wires in the debris of the compartments.

How to charge an oxygen station

Create an oxygen generator. It will unlock along with the station.

How to refuel the vacuum cleaner

Create fuel. More on this below. And then, when approaching the transport, press the corresponding key (a hint will pop up).

How to launch the shuttle into the core

You will need 10 beef pellets. Look for Synthetic Dung near the Biological Bay. 20 units of manure will make 10 pellets. They need to fill the shuttle, and then use the console. Do this all quickly so you don’t freeze.

How to get out of the centrifuge

Look for a broken pipe at the top and quickly fly towards it.

How to turn on the flashlight

Click on the mouse wheel. Naturally, I mean that you’ve already researched the lantern blueprint and crafted and equipped the item.

How to restore health

Need a first aid kit. The first aid kit can be scanned on your first shuttle. Subsequently, you can find a ready-made first aid kit. Once you pick it up, the item schematic is unlocked.

How to enter the military bay / How to get through the gatekeeper

Equip a military spacesuit. The corpses of the military are flying near the compartment. They need to be scanned.

How to get out of transport

Hold RMB. This does not apply to Normandy!

How to get out of the “Normandy”

Only when docking with different objects marked with markers.

How to get out of prison

In the adjacent cell, behind the broken wall, there are two bolts at the top of the grate. They need to be shot.

What does Baby look like

You will see it at the end of the game, although no one will show the woman’s face.

How to get to the biological compartment

You need to create 4 explosives. Explosives blueprints can be unlocked at the research table. Or find a coffin, decipher the tape, and hope it contains information about the explosives. In general, coffins are an alternative option for unlocking all blueprints available on the research table.

How to lower radiation

There are six stages. Just study all the “fists” and “question marks” markers.

How to build a ZAZ

First you need a ZAZ-1 circuit. It can be unlocked on the research table, or obtained by finding the ZAZ itself. There are several places with a car at once. For example, one of the blueprints is in the wreckage of a station with a mayonnaise compartment. Climb into it from the near side, where there are no mayonnaise balls. Now we need a transport platform. Go to the “Bogatyr” cannon, from which they fired at the compartment. To the right of this compartment, other debris is flying at the top. Look for gates in them that can be scanned.

The drawing of the transport platform will become available. Create a tech bay and build some power generators. Connect it with a pipe with a transport (medium or large). For example, there is a blueprint for a large transport bay in the biological bay. Then build a transport platform below or on the ceiling. Interact with her to start building a car. You will need Lycoplasma and the Energy Core. Below I have indicated where to look for them.

How to get to the technical compartment

Examine the shuttle, get out and see a broken airlock on top. Scan it, craft a custom device, and repair the gateway by selecting the small gateway from the build menu. Through it you can get inside. If you mean the technical compartment that you created yourself, and then first connect a pipe to it, and then a small airlock.

How to get into the mayonnaise compartment

Look for a broken hallway and a small mayonnaise bowl. Fly into it and find a passage into the corridor.

How to decrypt a tape

Use any interphone. Available on many shuttles. In the future, you can even rebuild it yourself.

How to investigate a murder

Examine the hammer, corpse, “Newbie” box and read the note on the table. Done!

How to neutralize the core

You need to throw an EMP grenade at him. Examine on the table in the tech bay.

How to repair a gateway

You need to create a special device, the drawing of which you will find inside the shuttle, which rammed the compartment in the cave behind the reels of electrical tape.

How to open the coffin

Find the magnet and then scan the points of interest at the beginning of the second chapter. Create a magnetic pick.

How to disable turrets

Either shoot the turrets or look for the small orange control panel that is always nearby.

How to get lycoplasm

You will need a dipstick. Follow the fiery area near the Bogatyr cannon. Use an engineering suit to avoid the heat toasting you.

Where to find a light bulb

Everywhere. For example, at the beginning of the game, you can exit the main shuttle and fly down, where there is a pink room and a corpse tied to a bed. Unscrew the bulbs from the fixtures.

Where to find thickened duct tape

In the future, you will be able to find such tape, and before that you can create on the combine.

Where to find a wall enhancer

This is a protective cover. It needs to be scanned in the wreckage in the second chapter. You will definitely fly past them. Sooner or later.

Where to find an engineer card

In the shuttle where the diagram of the dispenser (construction tool) was found, there is an engineer pass on the side of the box.

Where to find an oxygen candle

In many places. For example, if you fly to the “air” marker below the first shuttle at the beginning of the game. When you find one, a self-crafting scheme is unlocked.

Where to find the coffins

They are scattered throughout the location. According to the assignment, you need to open not 200, but three coffins. Look for one at the exit of the engineering shuttle on the left, another at the top, and the third in the cave, next to a large ball of duct tape. A little further in the cave there is a fourth coffin. In general, this is not difficult to do. And then continue to break open the coffins to get the records. When deciphering them, you will open markers indicating the location of the blueprints for various items.

Where to find a generator

It is inside the shuttle where the dispenser circuit is located. This is in the cave behind the engineering shuttle, at the beginning of the second chapter.

Where to find the eye

There is a smuggler’s corpse next to the safe. Take away the flying eye.

Where to find beef

At the biological compartment. You will fly there to reduce the radiation level. There is a “question” marker.

Where to get beef pellets

Craft from synthetic dung. There is manure near the biological compartment and next to the metal sphere with the coolant, where the shuttle is located, which needs to be launched into the core (thereby reducing radiation).

Where to find shawarma (kebab)

Shawarma can be found in one of the toilet stalls in the cold gel area at the start of the game. After exiting the main shuttle, fly to the right. Another shawarma can be found in the cave behind the engineering shuttle, at the beginning of the second chapter.

Where to find steering wheels

There are four steering wheels in total. The first one you will scan inside the engineering shuttle at the beginning of the second chapter. Look for the second in the cave. There will be an oxygen station that can be repaired and another steering wheel. Then fly into the area with fire and the “Bogatyr” cannon. Look for an engineering shuttle with a steering wheel nearby. You will scan the latter on Normandy itself.

Where to find alkali

On asteroid surfaces, mined with a probe.

Where to find the dipstick

Pick up the combing stick in the first shuttle at the start of the game. The probe can now be created!

Where to find encrypted tape

Opening the Breathedge coffins.

Where to find the protective cover

Scan in the wreckage in chapter two. You will definitely fly past them. All construction-related parts will be highlighted with a wrench marker as they approach.

Where to find the igniter

Scan all six motors near the mayonnaise compartment. You will receive a blueprint.

Where to find the analyzer

Do your research on the research table by creating your tech bay. Or search the coffins until a note appears that, when deciphered, will reveal the location of the analyzer blueprint.

Where to find plastic

You can fill the toilet. Plastic will spit out of it. But you have to quench your thirst. Or search in the open world.

Where to find a rocket vacuum cleaner

Inside the cave behind the engineering shuttle at the beginning of the second chapter. Behind a shuttle with an oxygen station that can be repaired.

Where to find rubber

Smash tape recorders or search in open space, in containers, in compartments, and so on.

Where to find a roll

Craft from fabric on a food processor.

Where to find the bit element

Destroy or disable the turrets, and then search them (a “lightning” marker will appear).

Where to find refined metal

Craft on a food processor from metal.

Where to find weapons

Examine the blaster blueprint on the research table.

Where to find yellowish water

Toilets or go to the toilet yourself.

Where to find the living compartment

A schematic of the small engineering bay is in the wreckage above the engineering shuttle at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Where to find the energy core “Breathedge”

Look for an area with electrical anomalies in the direction of Normandy. Throw EMP grenades at them.

Where to find a suitcase

Can be examined on the research table.

Where to find your scanner

Fly down from the shuttle at the start of the game to the steam marker.

Where to find an electrician’s spacesuit

To be examined at the research table. Build a maintenance bay, a pipe and a small airlock, then fly inside and install everything else – an electric generator, an oxygen generator and a research table.

Where to find lead paint

We need lead and paint. Look for the marker on the far left as you exit the first shuttle.

Where to find a magnet

In an open world. Appears in the second chapter, among the wreckage behind the engineering shuttle.

Where to find mycoplasma

Inside the shuttles, search the equipment to the left of the helm.

Where to find an engineering suit

Explore on the research table.

Where to find an inductor

You will not find the inductor itself, but you will receive its diagram along with the drawing of the dispenser, in the shuttle inside the cave behind the engineering shuttle. You will get into it at the beginning of the second chapter.

Where to find an interphone

Study the scheme according to the plot.

Where to find titanium

It flies like metal in outer space. Comes across from the second chapter.

Where to find fuel

Titanium flies in outer space, and resin can be obtained from shattered capsules on the surfaces of debris. Look at the engineering shuttle at the beginning of the second chapter and follow the plate to the left from it. There will be a capsule at the end. Need a dipstick or drill.

Where to find a transport site

Examine the docking gate in the wreckage above and to the right of the huge part of the ship that you are firing at with the Bogatyr cannon.

Where to find the technical compartment

It is available to you by default.

Where to find a blaster

Examine on the research table.

Where to find a can of beef

Near the biological compartment.

Where to find the battery

Break the tape recorder.

Why do you need a steering wheel

For the renovation of Normandy.

Why do you need an oxygen generator

For refueling an oxygen station.

Why do you need an eye

To open a smuggler’s safe nearby.

What to do with a man in handcuffs It is necessary to examine the hammer, the man himself, the “Novice” box and the note on the side

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