Walkthrough Breathedge - Guide to All Chapters

Walkthrough Breathedge – Guide to All Chapters


Read a complete walkthrough guide, which tells you how to complete Breathedge


Chapter 1

Pick up the gum, take it out of inventory (TAB) and seal the leak. Go to the main cabin and use the interphone in front. You can collect items scattered around the cabin. There is a drawing of a drill on the table, and there is a combing stick by the bed. Pick up this stick, you will open the probe circuit. Get out and fly along the marker to the antenna. Break it down. Fly to the other side of the shuttle and inspect the steering wheel. Go back to the shuttle and create a debug station.

Metal scattered in open space. Small lumps can be collected immediately, while large ones will have to be broken with a crowbar. The wire can be obtained by destroying containers and tape recorders. It’s even easier to fly to the nearest wreckage, where there are sticking wires (copper), and just interact with them. Collect 2 metals and 1 wire, return to the shuttle and create a debug station.

Apply it to the interphone and interact with it again. Now we need to create another item. The required resources are listed in the combine menu. Composite resources must be created on the combine itself. Collect everything you need, make an item and equip it on the Guy.

To get to the evacuation point, you need to create a reinforced helmet and a spacesuit. First, get out of the shuttle and fly to the “air” icon. There, inspect the inflated condom. You will now be able to create an oxygen balloon that will increase your oxygen supply. On the contrary, there is a scanner. Inspect it, create the scanner itself, scan the scanner with the scanner and examine the device inside. You will learn how to craft an oxygen station and a generator for it. It is a useful thing.

Then fly right to the blue streams. There are two toilets, one of them has yellow water, the other has shawarma (kebab). It will be possible to create an accelerator from shawarma to move faster through space. Follow along the blue ice floes, warming yourself by the bright lamps, and collect several pieces of glass. You will need a dipstick!

Go back and fly in a different direction, for the paint. The paint flies in outer space, and there are also containers that can be drilled with a drill. The drawing of the drill lay in the cabin. Collect the lead here as well. Go back, create a lead paint and craft a helmet with a spacesuit. Equip all of this and fly to the evacuation point. Now you are not afraid of radiation! Inspect this place, repair and start the engines.

Chapter 2

Use the drill and fly to the engineering shuttle. Gather materials inside, including large oxygen candles. Scan the helm. Four of these steering wheels would have to be scanned to fly the Normandy in the future. One already exists! Move along different markers and search debris, scan different objects. You will find an oxygen tank above the shuttle. There is a piano and shawarma (kebab) inside the rubble in the cave. Scan the repair tool immediately. It will need to be created. Examine the legs nearby and pick up a magnet. You will learn about breaking into Breathedge coffins.

Follow back, learn how to collect titanium and resin. The resin is hidden in broken flasks. For example, as to the left of the engineering shuttle (if you stand in front of it). Create a couple of canisters of fuel, they will come in handy in the future. Make a repair tool and a magnetic pick inside the shuttle. Aluminum and alkali are on the surfaces of asteroids, you should already have batteries (hit the tape recorders in the cave), magnets fly in the cave, you know how to make electrical tape.

Open a couple of coffins

There are three coffins to be opened. In the cave behind the shuttle there are two, in the wreckage to the right of the shuttle and one more above the shuttle. But in general, there are more of them at the location. After opening three coffins, you will be asked to lower the radiation level 6 times.

Reduce radiation 1/6

Fly deep into the cave and look for the shuttle that rammed the communications point. Examine its contents. There is an Engineer Pass on the side of the box. There are also various devices here, including an inductor and a generator. Scan the dispenser. Opposite the shuttle there is a small asteroid that the astronaut crashed into. There is a rocket vacuum cleaner nearby. This is your first transport. The repair tool will allow the device to be repaired. Fly back on it, create a dispenser and return back. Use the scanner to examine the broken airlock on the ceiling of the communication point, to the side of the shuttle that rammed it. Using the dispenser, select the small airlock on the second tab and repair it.

Fly inside, scan whatever you can and open or break the door. Picked up the engineer’s pass in the shuttle, which crashed into the contact point. The door is to the left of the interphone. Apply the chicken to the wiring and use the repair tool to patch the wires. Repeat the steps and then use the interphone. You will receive his schematic and a schematic of the kenotron. Any interphone can decrypt records from the Breathedge coffins. Be sure to use this to find markers that will indicate blueprints for some rare items. Including ZAZ-1 and blaster!

Build a technical compartment, a pipe, a small airlock and fly inside. Install an electric generator, an oxygen generator, and a research table inside. Study the electrician’s spacesuit, craft it and equip it. Then fly to the specified location, past the electrical discharges. They won’t hurt you. Get to the compartment and read the instructions on the projector. Open the menu, settings and lower the radiation level. Yes, it was possible!

Reduce radiation 2/6

To get into the military bay, scan the uniform of the military opposite, and then craft and equip it. Talk to the gatekeeper and he will let you inside. In the room on the left, there is a key card that will allow you to penetrate into the depths of the complex. Examine the note on the conference room table to learn about the spacesuit. Craft it and equip it to protect yourself from radiation.

Reduce Radiation 3/6

There will be a reservoir of mayonnaise next to the other marker. Scan the motors on the tank first. There are only four of them. Two more fly from the right side. Then create a thruster and igniter. You will get both blueprints as a result of scanning all six engines. Replace the engine. Find 4 metal towers behind this whole structure, a large bowl of mayonnaise. One of them needs to be detonated with explosives or shot with a blaster, while the others have handles that you need to pull. One of the towers is hidden in mayonnaise, but that’s no big deal.

There is a narrow corridor behind the tank with a mayonnaise ball. Fly into it and look for the airlock leading inside. Get to the control room, start the centrifuge by examining the console and using the igniter on the astronaut’s corpse. After launching it, fly through the leaky pipe under the ceiling.

Reduce Radiation 4/6

There will be a cold gel and a shuttle with an inscription in a huge and destroyed metal sphere. To start it, you need fuel – 10 beef pellets. Look for synthetic manure for pellets near the compartment, in the debris with brown liquid. But there will be little of it, so examine the other markers associated with radiation and you will find a biological compartment. There’s even more beef and dung around! Create 10 pellets from 20 units of manure, fill them and start the shuttle.

Reduce radiation 5/6

The biological compartment has four orange mounts. You will need explosives to remove them. The circuit can be examined on the research table (or you can hack several coffins, decipher the notes and hope that one of them indicates the location of the circuit). Use four explosives and then pull the lever near one of the former mounts. Fly inside through the hole among the mutant capsules. At the very end, find a computer with data and study it. Go up to the room above and use the steering wheel. Go back and take the mutagen.

Reduce radiation 6/6

Get to the “Bogatyr” cannon and study it. Destroy 5 turrets to get discharge elements from them, and replace them in Bogatyr. Shoot the cannon and fly to the damaged compartment. There is a round hole in the compartment to the right of the damage. To the left and just above the hole in the place of damage there is a floor with an entrance door. Get inside, break the doors on the way and enter the code. Go downstairs and break all the devices, including the console for 200 HP. Radiation is lowered! You can break it with a crowbar or a blaster.

Chapter 3

Now you can get to the “Normandy”. Collecting ZAZ-1 for this is completely optional. There will be another steering wheel blueprint on the Normandy. But you need to scan the other two. Look for one at the shuttle with the oxygen station inside the cave with large reels of electrical tape. You’ve probably already studied it. It’s next to where you found the rocket vacuum cleaner. And there is one more in the engineering shuttle not far from the wreckage with the Bogatyr cannon. When you have completed three parts, fly to the Normandy and study the last one. There you will need to create another engine and repair three nodes responsible for the operation of the warp portal.

Chapter 4

Fly towards the station and dock. Exit the Normandy and walk to the station. Examine the console and then pull out the contraption. Move further along the marker until you find yourself in the hall with the processor. Examine the control panel and pull on either of the two handles. You will receive a blueprint for the processor dome. To create it, you need wire, lead and a non-conductive gel. The latter is mined with a magnetic pick and stored in large blue tanks located at the station. Then head back to the Normandy, collecting wire and lumps of lead along the way. Create a dome, go back and place it on the processor (just move closer for a hint). Then lower both knobs to reload the station.

Go through the door below and to the left of the processor. Follow the room with the rotors and lower the levers in the following order: left, right, middle. Move on and look into the room on the left, where there are sparking wires. Use a crowbar or blaster to break the electrical shield on the left to de-energize the wires. By the way, there is a blaster lying in the previous room next to the corpse.

Exit into the corridor, go left and look left at the fork. A filter is built into the wall. Use a repair tool to obtain a filter and a diagram of the filtration system. Go to the room ahead and pick up the navigation chip lying near the coffin. There are also sparkling wires on the side. Decontaminate them and use the repair tool several times. A room on the side will open. Enter it and lower the lever. Go to the main hall and restart the system. Return to the Normandy. The engines have been repaired.

Cooling zone

Three markers will appear. We decided to fly to the nearest, rightmost of the three. On your way to the cooling zone, you will find an automatic repair station. Just fly inside and wait for the Normandy health bar (blue, at the top of the screen) to be full. Look for a marker in the cooling area to indicate the docking location. It will be covered in ice. Shoot the ice (be patient, this is a long process) to completely destroy it, and then dock with the ship.

Get to the save module. You can find two electronics and two lycoplasmas along the way. They are needed to craft a filtering system and a navigator. By the way, the navigation chip found at the station is needed to create a navigator. True, there should be four of them. We also removed the filter from the wall, which is necessary for crafting the filtration system. Activate the console to open the gate ahead. Walk past the freezers. Examine the refrigerator compartment marked with a marker, lying on the right, at the number “3”.

Go through the gate at the end and follow the left. There will be a coffin with a second navigation chip lying under it. There are two electronics on the side. From here you can go through two pairs of gates. Follow through the gate to the right of the coffin. Walk past the freezers. Two light bulbs can be found near one of the cameras on the right. Go a little further and scan the refrigerator on the left. This will be the second of three parts for the cooling block diagram. Go back and go through the gate opposite to the no-gravity compartment. Fly to the very end and scan the refrigerator compartment on the right to get the last part of the cooling diagram.

Go back to the middle and find two holes on the sides. One leads to the floor below, where you have already been, and the other is protected by nitrogen vapor. There are valves on the side of it. Interact with the control console to get rid of the steam, and then fly upstairs. Ahead will be the building where the console is located. But it requires an employee pass. In the building on the left, you can find a gravity module and several lycoplasmas. Examine the huge helium balloons under the dome and find “seals” in one of them. Fly to the marker in the center of the ball and take the employee’s pass, next to the corpse’s hand. Return to the console and unblock the passage. Get along the corridor to the office.

There is another gravity module on the table to the left. Go further down the corridor. There will be three cabins on the left. At the far end, on the bed, lies a filtration device. Use the repair tool on it to get a second filter. Go even further and see the control module. Try to get it and then destroy the four consoles on the sides (with a crowbar or blaster).

Go back to the cold store floor and drill a hole in the marked corpse to get the working fluid. Collect a few more servings of working fluid from the corpses using the drill. You need 4 servings in total. Then return to the Normandy, make a generator and be sure to find two gel portions. There are tanks in a room with large spheres of gel, one of which had a pass. Now create a cooling unit. Go to the captain’s bridge and place this block in the control block to upgrade the shuttle (on the left, above the filtration system).

Compartment for the rich

Travel from here to the next marker. The closest is the one located 4500 meters away. When you reach the glass dome, look to the right, on the side wall, for the docking panel. Go forward and take the third navigation chip that is holding the coffin. In the cabin to the right, you can find a ready-made generator. There is nothing interesting in the cabin opposite, so walk along any corridor along the piano. There will be destroyed doors on the right, and workers on the left. Enter this cabin and look for a filtration system in the corner. Use the repair tool to get the third filter. In this cabin there will be two corpses of people from the “Green Universe” organization.

There is also electronics. Continue down the left corridor, to a dead end with a coffin. Pick up the fourth navigation chip. Go even further and find another coffin robot that will have a navigation chip. That is, there are more of them in the game than are needed for the assignment.

Continue moving, walk past the welded doors until a marker appears pointing to one specific one. Remove the housing from it to get the saw-drill diagram. Return to the Normandy and build the saw drill. It does not require any particularly rare resources. You can also assemble a navigator and / or filtration system if you have collected all the necessary filters and navigation chips. Come back with the saw-drill and saw the hinges on the sides. Walk forward, destroying the coffin with the blaster.

Walk around the platform, but be careful as the turrets attack you. They cannot be destroyed, so run straight into the building marked with the “fist” marker. Close the electrical panel inside to disable the protection. Climb up and enter the Green Universe leader’s shuttle. Go to the captain’s bridge and search the equipment on the left. You will receive the Anti-Asteroid Defense Blueprint. In addition, there is a filtration system underneath. Use the repair tool to get the fourth filter (in our walkthrough, and there are more of them in the game). The first portion of microplasma will also be here – two such resources are needed to create anti-asteroid protection. You need a probe to collect microplasmas. It should be applied to the shuttle equipment located to the left of the helm.

Unknown compartment

A marker indicating this compartment will appear at the moment when you fly a couple of kilometers from it. And rest assured it will happen. Follow to the indicated place, destroy the turrets and find a place for docking (on the side). However, you shouldn’t fly here until you have collected four gravity modules! If you have done so, go into the compartment and follow forward to the almost knocked out door. There is a grate on the left. Scan it to get an antigrav diagram. You can now create this device. Return to the Normandy and craft an antigrav. Go back and place it on the grate. By the way, one of the gravity modules lies on the left of the boxes, in front of the grate. Before that, I managed to find three, and the fourth, fortunately, was nearby!

Continue deeper into the complex. After making your way through the ventilation, get to the room where the wrecked car will be. There is a filtration system (on the side of it) from which the filter can be removed. Use the marked grate. A mutant will appear behind you, but you won’t have to fight with him now. The hero will get out under the dome. Walk to the right to the far shuttle, shoot off the four fasteners and lower the lock. When the plate falls down, examine it and return to the ship. It turns out someone has already installed the shields!

Third object

Fly to the third “question mark” and find the docking point at the beginning of the ship. It will be surrounded by two turrets. Move forward and run into a door that requires special equipment. Return to the ship and create a tool. Fortunately, no rare resources are needed. Follow back and open the door. You will see a big boss. Fly to the “question” marker and pull the lever.

Take a moment and fly to the next “question” marker. This should be done during reloading, when the word “Run!” Is written. Interact with the device and hide. Next times, pull out two plugs, and then shoot four batteries. Wait, the robot will explode soon. Fly to the shuttle and use your blaster to destroy the doors. Inside, to the left of the helm, collect the Microplasma. Now you can create an anti-asteroid defense! Interact with the module at the helm, then go down and collect the mosaic. Return to the Normandy and fly to the nearby fist sign.

Booster station

Move deeper into the complex until you find yourself at a massive door. After destroying all the coffins, inspect all interactive points marked with a green “magnifying glass” marker. Eventually, the door will open. Follow ahead and take the dirt from the hands of the coffin. Then drag the grandfather’s coffin, and then open the gateway. Hit the wire in three places with a crowbar, return to the ship and fly up to the warp accelerator. Dock and then agree to warp.

Chapter 5

Go deeper until you are caught by robots. Watch a lengthy cut-scene. Go to the adjacent chamber and fire your blaster at two huge loops on the grate, left and right (above). Get out of here, fly through space to the left marker and make your way inside. Look for a door at the end that you can walk through. Examine the computer, cut the coffin and interact with it. This will unlock the door in the previous hallway. Go to the Normandy and sit at the helm.

Chapter 6

Everything is simple here. Fly to the indicated location, dock and study three schemes. Then create three different blocks. Fortunately, they need simple resources. If necessary, you can use the “Normandy” and make a warp jump to the already visited places. When all three blocks are installed, move deeper into the complex to face the Matrix. While the weapons are reloading, run from one safe zone to another. They are all marked in blue. Analyze the device, then destroy four batteries next to each such device. And then use the center panel. Watch a lengthy final video.

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