Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021


Complete walkthrough of all plot and side quests, search for each resource, recipe and other secrets of the game


Ultimate Plan

As soon as you start the game, you will receive the first achievement – The path of Mr. Prepper. Be sure to choose a training procedure. Talk to the agent and check out with the control keys. By holding down the RMB, you can move the screen by controlling the mouse. Or use the WASD keys. You can also zoom in / out the picture with the mouse wheel. LMB is used to move the Prepper. Double tap – run. Finally, RMB will allow you to interact with any object. Go to bed, then go to the kitchen and remove any food from the refrigerator. Or right-click on it and eat it.

There are three scales at the top of the screen:

  1. Green – stamina scale
  2. Red horizontal – health scale
  3. Red semicircular – Prepatedness


If your Prepatedness drops to zero, you will faint. To maintain Prepatedness, eat and sleep on time.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

Examine the Escape plan above the bed, then select the “house” icon at the bottom of the screen and build the first bunker room. Now you need a ladder. Go behind the house to the right and remove the blanket from the workbench. Examine the table. It needs to be improved, and this requires metal and wood.

Go to the mailbox on the left and interact. Now only Sergey is available to you. You can and should buy 8 units of metal from him. Gradually, trust grows with each salesperson. A higher level of trust opens up access to new offers, and a neighbor can also tell you about other points of sale. After buying metal from Sergey, you will increase the level of trust to the second. Sergey will talk about the supermarket and Nancy. You don’t need it yet.

Close the menu and use the sign on the left. Go to the forest. Collect three logs. You can also pick berries from bushes. Find the sign to return home. Use the workbench and take apart three logs to get 15 pieces of wood. Wait for the metal to arrive, pick it up and return to the workbench. Upgrade the workbench and then create a ladder (3 more metal). Open the box at the bottom of the screen, drag the ladder and place it under the hatch in the room under which the first bunker room is built. Also, in parallel, you will need to take plates from the kitchen, disassemble them on a workbench to glass and create wall lamps.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021


By this time, you will probably be tired, so go to bed. The Agent will come in the morning. You need to hide all the evidence. Run outside and take the workbench into your pockets. Unroll your escape plan board in your room. Finally, right-click on the hatch leading to the bunker and cover it. Now you can open to the Agent. The barrels will make him suspicious, but in reality, they are not needed. The days when the Agent arrives are marked on the calendar with a “glasses” marker.


When he leaves, go down to the bunker and set the workbench in the left corner. It needs to be dragged in the same way as the ladder, but keep in mind that you can only put the workbench in the very corner. It is not installed in other places. Then go to the kitchen, interact with the stove and prepare food. If you do not have raw materials for food, the task will be completed automatically. Now you will be prompted to look into the notebook. Click on the gas mask at the bottom of the screen and go to the “Notepad” tab.

I recommend digging another soil patch into three parts. Then create another staircase (or while you can’t do it, use the same one to go down). At the workbench, create 5 soils patches (which you will get when you dig a new room for the bunker). Place these areas in a new room. All five pieces.

Self-Reliant – Walkthrough Mr. Prepper

All the seeds you need can be found in the house. Search the kitchen cabinets. Search other lockers in the house to collect additional resources. Interact with the sink and collect water. You will receive 5 canisters. Under no circumstances press “Take”, otherwise the washbasin will take it away, and when it is installed in place, it will re-accumulate water. You can also order seeds from the supermarket. Although now it makes no sense to spend money. Plant all five seeds and add five canisters of water. Then create two wall lamps (disassemble the plates for this) and install on the wall so that the light falls on all areas of the ground. The task is completed!

The Herbalist

On the second day the postman will come. Go to the mailbox and get a letter from a mysterious stranger. She is waiting for you in the forest during the day. Go to the forest. Move left and look for footprints near the sign that go deep into the forest. Go deeper, to the location “Forest 1-3”, and look for a woman in the bushes on the right. Talk to Jenny and agree to help. She asks to drive the wolf away. This is how the “Granny and the Wolf” quest begins.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

Into the Wood

There is a funicular at the location “Forest 1-2”. At the location “Forest 1-1” you can find a pillar with a sparkling electrical panel. It requires a lever to fix it. You will pick it up near the bush where Jenny’s grandmother is hiding in the quest “Herbalist”. Go back with the lever and refit. Then select the second level.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

Granny and the Wolf

As soon as you fix the cable car lever for the task “Into the Woods”, go to the second level of the forest. Collect 5 pieces of wood and be sure to craft a baseball bat. After that, move to the second level of the forest. You are interested in “Forest 2-3”. Collect various resources along the way. If you are playing the demo, the forest level 3 cable car repair will not be available. Here you will meet wolves.

First, one simple will attack, then three simple ones, and then two simple ones and a leader. Hit them with LMB, having previously equipped a baseball bat. If you need to defend, use CTRL or just run back. After you win, pick up the cable car lever that is in the background. Walk right and look around Jenny’s house. Search the funicular along the way. There will be many seeds in the house. Go outside and chat with the old lady. You will receive a new assignment. Jenny’s old lady will be available for trade.


Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Quest “Mushrooms”

Old lady Jenny will issue the following task, stating that mushrooms should be looked for in a new location – in an old mine. Go there and talk to the miner Bob. He is ready to let you into the shaft if you fix the elevator. The task “A miner without an elevator is not a warrior” will begin. Repair the elevator using 10 metal. Then you can go downstairs.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

You need to find the pass to the -1 level (green) in the second from the right adit. Then pump the workbench to the second level and create a pickaxe (there were changes in the game update, so the pickaxe can now only be bought from Bob). Return to the mine, click on the remote control and go down to level -1. There is a blockage in the second adit on the left. Destroy it with a pickaxe (equip it like a bat), and then collect all the mushrooms along the long adit that goes down. The miner’s helmet will light the way. It can also be crafted at a level 2 workbench.


This Elevator of Mine

To repair the elevator, you will have to collect 10 pieces of metal. You can, for example, disassemble the fuel barrels near the house. Or you can buy containers from Sergey and disassemble them already. Once you have repaired the elevator, talk to Bob. The task will be completed.


Take the elevator and go downstairs. There are four different levels at the entrance in total. Two to the left and two to the right. Here you will find your first enemies – bats and rats. Also collect boulders that can be broken into small stones on the workbench. On the first adit on the left, you can get to the green pass at the -1 level of the mine. There are 6 different levels in the mine, excluding the entrance. The last, sixth is classified. In this chapter, I go into detail on each floor of the mine, and what can be found. In the first adit on the right, there is gold at the end under the stairs. It can be sold to Bob for a profit. Also, at the entrance, there is a box with fuel in the second from the left adit (below the first with a map), at the very end. You can take it all. There is another piece of gold in the second adit on the right.


Mine -1 level

We have already found a map for this level. Go upstairs and use the remote control to the left of the elevator. Select level -1. Go down, search the trolley on the right and refuel the drill, standing next to it. There is such a drill at every level of the mine. You need 4 cans of fuel for full refuel.


Go left and move through the passage to the room (follow the tracks like in the forest). Talk to Bob about everything and agree to help in finding the jacket. The task “Bob’s Jacket” is activated. You can also explore the shelves with books on the left. Ask for one of the books under the rack to get the Nuclear War book (only after the Minuteman asks to find it). The one that Minuteman needs.

Go down below. Some passages will be blocked by embankments, so you will need a pickaxe. It will be possible to make it at the second level workbench (or buy it from Bob, if there is no workbench in the menu). However, you can already go down to the lower adit on the left and get to the blue pass at level -2. If you go down there right now, you will find that all the adits are shrouded in darkness.

Once you upgrade the workbench to the second level, you can create a miner’s helmet (illuminating the adits; don’t forget to equip) and a pickaxe (the pickaxe may not be in the crafting menu, so buy it from Bob). At level -1, there are two mushrooms and gold in the adit on the left. There is a blockage in the adit on the right. Smash it and destroy the mice. At the end there will be gold, and along the way – mushrooms. In general, there are enough mushrooms at this level to collect 8 pieces for Jenny on her side mission. In the second adit on the right, there is a box with fuel and iron ore at the end. In the third adit on the right, there is another crate with fuel, ore and a bomb. First you need to break the blockage.

Mine -2 level

The first adit on the left has two obstructions and gold at the very end. The first adit on the right leads to a yellow pass at level -3. The second adit on the left leads to a crate with coins, ore and fuel. In general, it is quite dark here, so it is better to continue your exploration with the miner’s helmet. Crafted at a level 3 workbench. The second adit on the right has a box with fuel, gold and ore.

Mine -3 level

The first adit on the left is very long and leads to a crate with fuel, coins and ore. The first adit on the right leads to the enemies and Bob’s jacket. The main character will also emphasize that there is no pass to the next level -4 mine! You need to look elsewhere. The second adit on the right contains a box.

Mine – 4 level


As soon as you get a pass to this level from Joe (complete his tasks in the junkyard), go down. On the first tier on the right there will be a box with cartridges, gold and fuel. On the first level on the left, look for another box with dynamite, coins, ruby, fuel and ammo. The second level on the right contains a cave with many rats (stock up on food for healing) and a pass to level -5 of the mine.

Mine – 5 level

In the room on the left you will find the Sleepless base. This is Bob’s last assignment. In the first adit on the left, at the end there will be a cave of rats and a pass to the mysterious level of the mine. This is the last level. There will be hydrogen in the second adit on the right. The second adit on the right leads to the gold. The second adit on the left leads to the box with the usual resources. Some more resources and gasoline are in the third adit on the right, in another box.

Mine: Mysterious Level

It changes every time, but there is always an adit with many rats and a box with a good reward. In the form of jewelry and so on. You don’t need a level according to the plot.

Missing Mining Pass

This task is connected with the search for a pass to the -4 level of the mine. You will receive this pass from Joe when you complete his second mission and find Chupacabra. Read below.

New Escape Plan

In fact, this task could have been continued earlier, without searching the forest and the help of an old woman. As soon as you plant the plants, provide them with water and light, you can re-examine the board with the escape plan. Examine it. The task will start and you will need inspiration. The postman will come immediately. Run to the mailbox and take away everything that came to the Prepper. Among other things, there will be a letter from Minuteman and an inspiring photograph of the rocket. Go back to the plan, interact with it and place a photo of the rocket in an empty cell. You will unlock a new plan.

How to make money at Mr. Prepper

Collect berries in the forest every day, but do not put them in the refrigerator. Let them rot. Rotten food can be sold to Old Jenny. Every day you can sell 10 units of rotten food and 10 units of fresh berries. $ 20 out!

Where to Get Electronics

There are several options. The first is in the desert. But at later levels. The second option is the Jetsons’ house in the trade menu. For them to appear, you need to pump the reputation with the hunter. Or maybe other merchants. At first, the Jetsons will have phones periodically. Two at a time. But if you continue to trade with them and pump your reputation to the maximum, they will have tape recorders and computers. Finally, after completing Bob’s tasks, you will see the Sleepless base. Bob will leave his room at level -1 of the mine. And you can pick up his computer.

Jenny’s Quests

Exotic Fruits

This is the next task from old Jenny. She will tell you that guarana grows in the depths of the forest, which is distinguished by red fruits. To get to the desired part of the forest, repair the cable car on the second forest level (for the second time, read above). This part of the forest has six levels. At level 3-6 there will be a pack of wolves and a lever for repairing the level 4 cable car. Collect guarana – plants with red fruits on the way there. After collecting 8 pieces, return to the old woman on the second level and give them back. She will give 4 guarana seeds.

Underground Plantation

After you bring Jenny 8 guarana fruits, she will tell you about the next task. She needs you to plant 4 guarana seeds. This requires a second level workbench. Create four tubs and plant guarana in them. Provide watering and lighting. There is no need to wait for the guarana to grow. You can simply go to the forest every day and collect new fruits. By the way, guarana blooms several times. Unlike carrots or beets, you need to cut the fruit periodically, but the plant itself will not disappear. When you plant 4 plants and bring Jenny 20 guarana fruits, the quest ends. She will give 10 guarana seeds.

Air Crash Investigation

After you bring Jenny 20 guaranties, she will ask for one more favor. First, repair the cable car to the fourth level. Lever and plastic can be picked up at Forest level 3-6. Once fixed, go to Forest 4. Then you need to get to the 5th level of the Forest. Repairing the road on the fourth level requires a lever, plastic and 10 electronics. One way to get electronics is to buy phones from the Jetsons’ house and disassemble them. You will get access to this house as a result of pumping experience from the hunter. Kill wolves and sell their skins.

Please be patient until you fix the cable car on the fourth level. It is not difficult. I need electronics. Just trade constantly with the hunter and then the Jetsons. They will have telephones, tape recorders and computers. Also, electronics can be found when exploring the desert.

As soon as you repair the cable car, move to Forest 5. You need to make your way to the very end, Forest 5-10. There will be a downed plane. Destroy the wolves and search the plane. It will have a photo of the Prepper (???), the artificial horizon required for the task Countdown and a pass to some place.

Be More Exotic

After the quest above, return to old Jenny to the hut and talk about everything. She needs 99 more guarana. Uh … First you need a level 4 workbench. Create a freezer on it. Food does not spoil in this device. This is the only way to collect the right amount of guarana. Visit the forest and grow them at the base if you want. When you bring all the fruits to the old woman, a little later a pill will come to the post office, which will allow you to stay up all night.

Minuteman Quests

When you receive the second letter from Minuteman, he will ask you to send him a jar of blueberry jam. Wait until you can buy sugar at the supermarket. The assortment changes daily. When you buy sugar, stock up on 10 blueberries and 1 glass, and then make a jar of jam. Mail it to the Minuteman. Together with $ 30 for the jam, he will send a letter with the following request (Nuclear war).

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

Nuclear Warfare

After you send a jar of blueberry jam, Minuteman asks to get him a book about Nuclear War. Now fix the elevator at the mine by the stream, find the green pass, go down level -1 and immediately go left. There will be an entrance to Bob’s room. There is a bookcase on the left. One of them is about the Nuclear War. Go back and send the book to the Minuteman through the mailbox. He will give you $ 60.

Not Great, Not Terrible

Next, the Minuteman will ask you to find a Geiger counter for him. Complete Joe’s landfill quest to find Foil. You will be prompted to return to it the next day. Do so. And in the background, there will be a counter on the table. Just ask Joe for it.

Who Observes the Observer?

The Minuteman will give this task in a letter after you give him a Geiger counter. You will find him at Joe, after completing the task of finding the foil. Continue to complete Joe’s tasks and be sure to ask for the Observer. Read below.

Then, when interacting with the vehicle, the command “Drive to base” will appear. Collect gasoline, refuel the car and drive to the base. When you get to the place, interact with the terminal. You will need the map found in Forest 5. In addition, you will need to remove all equipment and transfer absolutely all items, including resources, into boxes. Only food should be left.

Interact with the terminal again, go all the way to the right and interact with the gate in the background. Go inside the base, go right and look into the warehouse. Take the AI ​​core from the case, collect computers and disassemble them on the workbench on the right. Then take apart the AI ​​core. You will receive a rocket control module and a hull from the AI ​​core. Return to the case, drag the AI ​​case from the inventory inside the glass tube. You will be told that nothing will work without the guts. You will discover the scheme for the fake AI core. Create it and place it in a glass tube. Bring your rifle with you!

Move back to the control room. You will have to fight the Observer. There are three phases. In the first, avoid falling rocks (through layers of dust) and interact with yellow monitors to deal damage. In the second stage, exploding monitors will appear. Only yellow monitors need to be attacked. In the third step, some of the monitors will be overturned. If you do not see yellow monitors at the moments of the attack, then try to interact with inverted screens. After the victory, go back.

Bless the President!

The next task will start regardless of whether you completed the previous one. The Minuteman will send a new letter. Read it. If you have already found the Sleepless Base in the mine on Bob’s instructions, return there, to level -5, go to the base and examine the president’s figure to the left of Bob. Ask him for a figurine, come back, sell or buy something for the postman to bring the package. Exit while he is at the house and your hero will automatically hand over the statuette. You can watch him next time to talk a little more. But the task will be completed as soon as you hand over the statuette.

Care Package

The task with this letter will be sent by the Minuteman after you go through the second phase of the rocket construction (associated with the artificial horizon). He asks for food with a long shelf life. Continue to send him such food. Until the level of trust rises to the sixth. A lot of canned food can be found in the desert.

Locked and Loaded

After the quest with supplies, the Minuteman will ask for a rifle and 200 rounds. First you need to send a rifle. But where can I get it? Based on the Observers. Follow the plot and be sure to find it.

Bob’s Quests from the Mine

Bob’s Jacket

To take this task, fix the elevator in the mine by the stream, find the green pass, go down level -1 and immediately go left. There will be an entrance to Bob’s room. He is the quest giver. He will also give you a reward for helping with the elevator – a tape recorder.


You need to create a second level workbench, make a pickaxe (or buy it from Bob if it is not in the crafting menu; the developers have removed it) and a miner’s helmet to illuminate dark places. Then go down from -1 to -2, and from -2 to -3. Each time you will need to search the adits in search of colored passes. At level -3, there will be a jacket next to the rat cave. Pick it up and take it to Bob. He will give a faulty revolver. But then he will tell you that a certain Joe from the landfill can repair it.

Bob’s Glasses

Bob will ask you to find these glasses for him after you bring him a jacket. Go to old Jenny and ask her for the glasses that are worn on the plant named Bob. She will gladly pass them on to you. Return the glasses to Bob in the mine.

Ivy Bob: Hydrogen Storage

Bob will give this task to their mines after you bring him points. He asks to investigate Level-5 Mines. You will get access to level -4 from Joe. Complete his tasks in the junkyard (after the second, read below). Go down to level -4, find the pass and go to -5. Go left immediately to find Bob’s new room. Talk to him about all topics. The task will end.

Sleepless base

Follow Bob into the room at level -5. Just talk to him inside and the task will be completed. Now Bob is not upstairs, which means you can visit his room at level -1 and pick up the computer. And this is the source of electronics!

Joe’s Questa from the landfill

Mind Control Protection

To find out about this task, you must bring a jacket to Bob from the mine (read the task above). More precisely, you will learn about the landfill. Head there after 10:00 pm and chat with Joe. He will issue a task during which you need to get 1 foil. There is a damaged car to his right. Try to fix it. All you need to do is bring 20 pieces of metal. Also, don’t forget to refuel it. By car it will be possible to move through the desert. Collect fuel in the mine or / and buy from Joe. Then return to the car, fill it up and drive through the desert. Press LMB to dodge obstacles. It is enough just to hold down this button in a timely manner. Eventually, you will reach an abandoned gas station. Collect various resources including foil. Return to Joe at night and transfer the resource.

The Missing Cryptid

After the task above, return to Joe the next day and talk about everything. Go to the forest, to the fourth level, and move to the very depths. At the last stage, you will find a pack of wolves, another lever and a cage. If this task is accepted, Joe the dog will sit in it. Free him and return to Joe. As a reward, he will give you a pass to the mine at level -4.

Radio Free North America

You will be prompted to return to Joe the next day. And you will need to earn trust in order to learn more about the “Observer” on the instructions of the Minuteman. Go back and take a new assignment. Joe asks to get 5 electronics for him. As soon as you have it, return to him. Disassemble phones that you can buy from the Jetsons. The task will end, and Joe will ask you to come to him later. The next day.

Joe will ask to pick up a signal on the car. Stock up on fuel, fill up your car and hit the road. Whenever there is a stop, interact with the antenna. In fact, the signal can only be caught after the fifth segment. You can just hold the first segment with LMB. On the second, you will need to accelerate on the trampolines when the blue icon appears. At other times, obstacles will appear in the background. That is, it is not always necessary to press LMB. When you catch the signal, return to Joe to complete the task. You will also earn his trust and advance on the quest ” Who Observes the Observer?”

Ultimate Plan, part 1

You need to collect 50 wood, 20 metal and 10 glass. I collected the wood in the forest, it was enough for me and the disassembled wooden box to the right of the house. Metal – 3 disassembled barrels, standing on the side of the house, and several disassembled pots. Glass is simple – take apart the plates and bowls. Place all of these items in the slot when looking at the plan, and then select a place for the mine. It is best to choose a location that will be closer to the current rooms of the bunker. Since you will have to build a path to this mine. Dig this path and the mine itself. A package with a reward will arrive. You will receive two greenhouse icons and a book. Greenhouse badges can be hung in the rooms where you grow your plants. This will improve productivity.

Walkthrough Mr. Prepper - Survival Guide 2021
Walkthrough Mr. Prepper – Survival Guide 2021

Workbench Upgrade – Level 2

Upgrade the workbench to the second level. It is inexpensive and uncomplicated. And then I recommend building a steam generator (do not forget to fill it with wood) and a furnace on which you can melt the ore.

The Countdown

Immediately after the first part, as soon as you dig the shaft for the rocket, re-examine the escape plan. For the next step, you will need:

  • 60 units of metal
  • 20 plastic units
  • 1 attitude indicator

You will find the artificial horizon on Jenny’s mission “Air Crash Investigation”. Read the relevant chapter!

Next, there will be a third phase of construction. The hydrogen is located at -5 level of the mine, in one of the adits (look for the blue bottle). I wrote about electronics in the “Air Crash Investigation” task.

Then the fourth phase of construction will begin. You will need plastic, cloth, electronics, and a rocket control module. The last subject is of interest. This stage can only be completed after exploring the Observer base.


This is the end of the game. Build a rocket, going through all four phases, talk to Bob, who will have to after returning from the Observer base. You will receive a button from him. Set it up in your bedroom. When the rocket is built, interact with the button. Chat with all the people outside and the Minuteman inside (apparently, he will only come if you send him a rifle and 10 rounds). The final video clearly hints at a sequel!

See you soon!

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