Papetura Walkthrough and Game Guide

Papetura Walkthrough and Game Guide


Papetura is a fun point and click adventure game that will remind you of the amazing works of Amanita Design (Samorost, CHUCHEL, Pilgrims, Creaks series). Pape and Thur’s little creatures fight monsters who want to burn their beloved paper world.

Level 1

After the monster leaves, wake up the main character by clicking on it. Interact with the bud the insect is sitting on. It will move to the ceiling, and a pot of midges will fall from there. Activate the rest of the flowers from below, and throw flies from the pot into the buds from above. To do this, click on the “ring” above the hero’s head. Fallen flies can touch the buds from below, which will go out. Just re-interact with them. It is also necessary to light the flower on which the large insect sits. When everyone is lit, a passage to the right will open.

Level 2

How to pass Papetura - Walkthrough and Game Guide
How to pass Papetura – Walkthrough and Game Guide

Stand on the edge of the petal and throw the fly into the thorn above the strange monster. Throw another fly into the monster’s mouth. It wakes up and pulls the fly on the thorn. You will be able to walk past the monster and climb up the stem. Go right and interact with a strange insect. Listen to him. He will give food. At any time, you can click on the “question” in the upper right corner of the screen to find out a hint. In this case, the game hints that the rectangular monster from below should light up.

Go downstairs and hit him on the right side to push him into the first room. Push under a large glowing fly for it to eat. Push the glowing creature back and carefully examine its body. There are 6 points on it. As well as 6 stems on the surface. Check which dots are off. Do the same for the buds on the surface. For example, on my monster the second and sixth points did not shine. So, I went upstairs and made sure that the second and sixth buds do not glow (and the rest are glowing). If you do everything right with the buds, you will hear a loud sound. Go downstairs, a huge flower has opened. Push the monster to the right and follow him.

Level 3

How to pass Papetura - Walkthrough and Game Guide
How to pass Papetura – Walkthrough and Game Guide

Push the monster to the right to reveal the branch, and go to the right. Jump down the hole and follow to the left. Run forward avoiding falling fireballs. At the very end on the left, go down the slope and run to the right.

Level 4

Push the yellow insects down to lower the bar completely. Go down to them and pick three fruits from right to left to raise the bar all the way up. Now you can run along it to the right. Go down below, remove the leaf and pick up a black creature that resembles a kitten.

Level 5

Pick the round fruit on the left. The room will be lit. There is a floating monster in the bottom right. Throw a ball at it, as you did with flies. The monster’s eyes will light up. Move down the path and quickly climb up when the monster floats in your direction. Stand upstairs. The monster will stop in the middle of the location and look up. Wait until a bud falls on his head from the central part of the ceiling. If this happens, the monster will be stunned and remain in the middle. Go down to it and interact. You will use the monster as a floating boat.

Swim to the left, into the room with the long-necked creature. Throw a ball at him to awaken. Swim to the right, as the creature is afraid of you. When you are far away, it will stretch your neck. Swim back to him, but take your time. That is, do a couple of paddle movements and stop so that the creature stretches its neck again. So, you have to get to him, stroke and talk. Ask to flush the water and swim to the left.

Throw the ball at the liana in front and go further up. Leave the location. You will see a key. Go to the building on the left.

Level 6

How to pass Papetura - Walkthrough and Game Guide
How to pass Papetura – Walkthrough and Game Guide

This will be a large location. If you go to the left, the hero will refuse to go further because of the darkness. There is a locked cabinet just above the room. Climb even higher, to the right and go outside. The path to the right leads to another dark room. There is a broken staircase at the top left. Climb up to her. There are three bowls to the left and right of her. Throw three balls into these bowls so that the stairs go down, and quickly go upstairs. Talk to the creature. It will give you the key if you get a book, glasses and a bottle.

Level 7

Throw balls at all brown objects in the room to light them. The ball can bounce off objects and fly into others. Use this trick. When all objects light up, leave the location.

Follow the bridge to the right and you will see a pond. Interact with the bait and throw it into the water. It will gradually go down. Catch two large fish (in fact, there will be only one in your inventory). Then wait for the small fish to swim to the left and throw the bait next to you. She will sink to the very bottom, where a small octopus swims. Return to the main room. Different creatures will appear in the bar. Talk to the bartender and give him the captured octopus to get a bottle.

Go down to the room on the lower left. Throw balls at three vines and pass them while they are safe. Go to the room on the left. Interact with the painting to see some white dots. You need to activate them in a specific order. Go to the window on the left and click on it. The hero lowers the sheet, and you will see the correct sequence of pressing the buttons. You need to start with the “head”, that is, the upper left button. Click on these buttons in the correct sequence to open the cache with goggle.

It remains to get the book. It lies in the same locked cabinet in the main room. Return to the upper room and turn off any light bulb by throwing the ball. Go down to the vines and throw the ball at the creature that hangs on the nearest vines under the ceiling. It will wake up and run away. Re-light the lights everywhere and go to the hall with the bar. The creature you saved will appear next to the cabinet. Talk to him, give the fish and get the book.

Level 8

Give all the collected items to the creature in the lightbulb room. It will allow your companion to get inside the flower. Visit each stem and light all the bulbs. They light up every time you touch them. If you touch again, they go out. Use this mechanic. When all the lights come on (some will have to come back three times), go to the back room and take the key. Dodge insects until the exit opens and head back.

Run back into the pond and ask the long-necked creature to raise the water level. Twice. Swim to the right and insert the key into the keyhole.

Level 9

Climb the stairs and stand on the balloon. Fly up, shooting at flying opponents when they open their mouths. After going upstairs, interact with the pipe where the smoke comes from. Then close it by throwing the ball inside, and enter the hole where the monster is hiding. Watch the video concluding the Papetura walkthrough on

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