Resident Evil: Village - FAQ

Resident Evil: Village – FAQ


Answers to all the most popular and frequently asked questions about survival horror Resident Evil: Village

How to open a simple lock / How to open locks

There are a total of 8 locked lockers and drawers, and each requires a separate lockpick. In this guide, we told you how to find 10 lockpicks, two of which can be safely sold to the Duke!

How to survive an attack / How to Get through the Beginning / Grinder

You need to hold out for about 6 minutes during the first werewolf attack. The goal will then be marked as completed. You can safely throw yourself into the clutches of any werewolf, after which the cutscene will begin. If something is not clear, read this guide.

How to Change the Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is selected at the beginning of the game. It cannot be changed during the game.

What is the Name of the Vampire

Alsina Dimitrescu.

How to Cook

The Duke will cook automatically, in the shop, in the “Kitchen” section. Your task is to collect the required ingredients.

How to exit the game

Press Esc, select the last item, and on the title screen, press Del and confirm the decision to close the game.

What Ethan looks like

Unfortunately, we do not know this. We are not shown his face in either the seventh or the eighth parts.

How to get into a house with a red chimney

In the center of the village, a passage to the courtyard by the well will be opened. This way you will reach the tractor, lift it up with the lever and open the patterned gate with the key marked. Climb onto the roof, jump into the other courtyard and climb onto the other roof. This is the roof of the house with the red chimney. Go inside through the hole in the ceiling.

How to open the crypt

The crypt in the War Maiden’s graveyard will open automatically when you return from Beneviento’s house. There is a broken slab that is needed for a gravestone in the cemetery on the way to Beneviento’s house. A crypt in a closed area behind the temple, where the coat of arms with the maiden was, opens automatically when you return from the werewolf fortress.

How to open a grave

You need the crypt described in the paragraph above. There will be a broken slab.

What to do with meat

Carry to the Duke and find out. But don’t sell for sure!

How to remove modules from weapons

This cannot be done. And why? Each weapon has its own unique modules.

How to remove jewelry

If you have DLC decorations and want to remove them from your weapon, open the settings, go to the Special menu and select the appropriate section, where you just need to turn off the display of decorations.

Where to find all masks

Continue playing the game and collect all the masks. If you are confused, open our walkthrough, press CTRL + F and enter the query “mask” (without quotes).

Where to find the dagger

You will find it in the game’s storyline, at the end of Dimitrescu Castle. Unfortunately, it is only automatically applied by Ethan in the cutscene.

Where to find treasures

We wrote about each of them in a separate guide.

Where is the fifth bell

One bell is on the table on the left, one is on the cabinet on the right, the third is on the chandelier, the fourth is outside the window on another building, the fifth is behind a hole in the wall, near the gears, swinging like a pendulum.

Where to put things

There is no storage facility in the game. All items are stored in Ethan’s inventory. But it can be increased by purchasing three separate upgrades from the Duke for 10,000, 30,000 and 50,000 Lei.

Why Chris killed Mia (Why Chris is a villain) / What happened to Mia

This is a STORY SPOILER: in fact, Mia is not Mia, but Mother Miranda, who skillfully pretended to be Ethan’s wife. And Chris knew about it. Why didn’t he tell Ethan everything? Another question! Luckily, Chris will save the real Mia at the end of the game.


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