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Faction and Diplomacy in Phoenix Point Guide


Three major fractions dominate in the Phoenix Point world. And you yourself can decide how to interact with each of them, what benefits to receive.

These fractions are called as follows: New Jericho, Synedrion and The Disciples of Anu. Each group has military power, unique technology, a certain influence in the world. In addition, all factions have practically opposite opinions on how to save humanity. As you explore the world, you will begin to encounter the shelters of these factions. Once you meet the fraction itself, you will open an initial research project to learn more about it. You can see detailed information in the “Diplomacy” section.

New Jericho

This one is considered the most militarized of all three factions. Their policy is the principles of human purity and the destruction of external threats – the Pandoran. The faction leader is Tobias West, a former CEO and billionaire sponsoring hostilities.

In terms of the total number of followers and shelters, New Jericho is medium. Their technology is almost entirely focused on military achievements. Gauss Weapons – A quick and easy upgrade to standard weapons, allowing you to do more damage.

Another advantage is the Armadillo armored personnel carrier. This is a powerful, armored tank that can withstand a lot of damage. There is also a unique Thunderbird aircraft – a powerful Helicarrier with lower speed, but greater range and carrying capacity compared to the standard Manticore aircraft.

Unique class – Technician

Along with the usual classes “Stormtrooper”, “Sniper” and “Heavy Infantry” New Jericho offers a unique “Technician”. This fighter wears an exosuit, can set automatic turrets, heal units and repair equipment.


This is the communists. A faction is governed by Council. The most technologically advanced group. Their main goal is to find a way to exist in a new ecosystem imposed on humanity. The fraction is small in comparison with the other two, but this disadvantage is successfully covered by advanced technologies. The Synedrionfocuses on accuracy and stealth. Using their technology, you will force your soldiers to use weapons with a silencer, to paralyze enemies. In general, weapons will have a higher range than gadgets of other factions.

Instead of Thunderbird, this faction has Helios. This is a small, lighter aircraft that can move fewer units than the aircraft available to Phoenix by default. However, this is offset by range and incredible speed. The excellent device for quick response to any threats!

Unique Class – Infiltrator

The fighters of this class are unparalleled in secrecy and intelligence. Unit Assassin uses weapons with a silencer both at close and long distances, which is extremely useful in many tasks. There is also access to drone technology used for reconnaissance and tactical advantage.

The Disciples of Anu

Exalted is the leader of the Disciples of Anu. It is a completely new religion revolving around the Dead God and the visions of the Exalted. Pandorovirus, according to the Disciples, was sent to Anu to cleanse mankind from sins. This faction has the largest number of followers and shelters, but it is not particularly advanced from a technological point of view. Their biotechnology is based on mutations and the use of a dangerous virus to enhance humans.

The most important creation of the disciples of Anu is the massive Tiamat airship. This is a partially organic ship, moving at a slow speed, but capable of moving up to 8 units. Also has an incredible range.

Unique classes – Berserker and Priest

Students have two unique classes at once. Berserker is a mutated warrior created for close combat. He uses heavy armor, natural healing, and powerful melee weapons. The second class is the Priest. Its mutations allow the unit to control enemy fighters for a short time.

Independent shelters

However, not all of humanity has sided with one of the three factions. There are many independent shelters that you will surely encounter when exploring the world. These shelters and their leaders show no inclination to any of the three factions. Each independent group will base its opinion solely on personal interaction with you. After meeting with such a fraction, you will receive a task from their leader. If you follow it, you will get a lot of resources. However, the favor of independent shelters is not as important as your interactions with the three main factions.

Diplomacy Phoenix Point

There are several ways in which you can interact with the three main fractions. You can examine your relationships and the relationships of these fractions with each other on the Diplomacy screen. To increase your reputation, you need to complete the missions of a particular faction, choose suitable options in random events and help it repel enemy attacks. You will receive different benefits when you reach the threshold for a positive reputation:

  • 25 – you will see all the shelters belonging to the faction.
  • 50 – you will receive a part of unique technologies.
  • 75 – access to the entire unique technology branch.

But for the transition you will have to complete a specific mission for the faction. Otherwise, the values ​​will remain at 24, 49 and 74, respectively.

Trade and hiring soldiers

After exploring the two early technologies, icons will appear on the shelters listed in Geoscape. One will allow you to exchange resources, and the other will recruit new units.

Raids and fighting

Over time, the opposing views of the three factions will lead to the fact that they will fight each other. You can both participate in this war and completely ignore it. You can both defend a friendly faction and attack enemy shelters. And inside such shelters are often hidden useful rewards.

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