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How to Capture Enemies in Phoenix Point


The fact is that many research projects will be blocked until you find a suitable sample of the virus and prepare it for analysis.

In fact, in order to capture a living Pandoran, you need to choose the right type of enemy and paralyze him using weapons with the corresponding effect. Upon completion of the mission, all paralyzed enemies will be automatically captured and delivered to the base, if there is room for them.

How to Paralyze Enemies at Phoenix Point

The ideal weapon for capturing enemies is the Neurazer, which you unlock when learning the early technology Pandoran Capture and Containment. However, first you need to move to the next order, since each subsequent goal is unlocked only after reaching the previous one:

  • Protect the faction’s shelter from the attack of the Pandoran.
  • Destroy the nest of Pandoran.
  • Explore the technology Pandoran Colonies.
  • Explore the technology Pandoran Capture and Containment.
How to hire new soldiers at Phoenix Point
How to hire new soldiers at Phoenix Point

Neurazer is a melee weapon that deals a minimum of damage, but also adds 8 points of paralysis with each hit.

Paralysis damage works according to a certain pattern. It is compared with the value of the victim’s strength, and then reduces the number of action points of this opponent by the corresponding value.

However, the most important thing is: if the damage from paralysis exceeds the value of the enemy’s strength, then this creature will be completely neutralized and will no longer be able to act. For each move, the level of paralysis decreases by 1 unit, so if you want to capture someone, periodically look at the paralyzed target and add paralyzing damage. And also, be careful not to accidentally kill the enemy, as your weapon still does physical damage.


The safest way to capture an enemy Pandora is to equip a melee weapon, as described above, with an attack aircraft with the Dash ability, thanks to which you can take this or that position without spending any of the four available action points. Thanks to this, you will be able to spend all four points on strikes, that is, in total, cause 32 units of paralyzing damage. This is enough to completely paralyze enemies with a force of up to 32 units.

Keeping captured enemies at the base

Paralyzing and capturing the enemy, you will only do half the job. The second part – you need to have special places on the base for the maintenance of Pandoran. There is only one building designed for this – Containment. You can build this design at any base where there is a room. But it also requires resources.

One such design provides 50 free cells. Each type of enemy requires a certain number of them. Smaller creatures take up 1-2 cells, but much larger slots may be required to hold larger ones. On the “Personnel” tab, you can find out about the status of captured Pandoran and the number of free slots.

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