Walkthrough Arise: A Simple Story

Walkthrough Arise: A Simple Story


Hold down the left or right key to get the main character to his feet. Stand on the highlighted area and hold ALT.


Move forward. Use the left and right keys, you can change the time of year. In this case, the valley will either be drained or filled with water. Drain the valley and stand on the wooden board in front. Fill the valley with water and find yourself in a clearing with a wooden boy. Drain the valley and jump over the stones to the right. Go to the right, around the hill, and stand on a piece of wood. Raise the water level and jump to the right. Drain, go forward to the hill and use a piece of wood to go up. Rewind time for the winter and climb a stone with the help of a snowdrift, and jump onto a neighboring stone with a memory (1/5). Similar glowing dots will allow you to find various drawings from the life of the protagonist.

Next you will find a wooden boy with a flower. Jump forward. Select the water level so that you move to the board, lower it and jump onto the stone and from it – onto land. Follow the left, clockwise around the hill. Climb into two steps and rewind time so as to raise the water level. You will see that the raft is approaching you. Jump on it and continue to raise the water level to jump onto a long board. Lower the water level, the raft will make a semicircle and will be on the other side. Jump on it and go down to land. To start, run to the left and climb along the ledges on the rock (water should be lowered). Jump on the stones to the left, pick up water and climb onto a wooden raft. Get the memory (2/5) from it.

There are ledges on the wall ahead. Hold Shift and climb on them. Go a little further and go down the ledges on the left (instead of climbing the ledges on the right). You need to do this with the Shift key held down. Go left and deep into the screen to pick up the memory (3/5). Go back upstairs. Climb to the very top along the other ledges. There will be a boy looking into the distance.

As you have already noticed, the game is saved in those moments when you find the figure of a boy – the main character in childhood.

Follow right to the stones on which there is a memory (4/5). First create a large snowdrift and jump onto the stone in the middle. Jump on and pick up the item. If it does not work, then rewind time for the summer. Follow up the screen and climb onto the raft. Lower the water level and run forward through the arch from the ground. Climb the stones, jump to the right, raise the water level and jump onto a wooden board. Rewind time to lower the water level. You can raise and lower the screen using the “+” and “-” keys. You will notice that there is a ground on the right. Jump on it and climb up the hill. Run to the top, but do not rush to approach the figures. Go around the top of the hill to find the last memory (5/5).

Walkthrough Arise: A Simple Story
Walkthrough Arise: A Simple Story


After waking up, run down the screen and to the right. On one of the stones will be the first memory (1/8). Move forward into the tunnel to slide down the water. Go to the ledge on the left and rewind time so that the bee is nearby. Hold ALT to catch the bee, and rewind time to fly left. Move left and under the ledge you will find a memory (2/8). Go back, rewind time so that another bee flies up to you, catch and move to the left. Roll down the tube to discover the first figures of a boy and a girl.

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