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Secret boss of Darksiders: Genesis — How to Get to Trickster


During the passage of Darksiders: Genesis, exploring the Abyss, you can notice the Trickster door with several stones. Below we will tell you how to open it.

Hot to Get Achievements Gatekeeper & Wicked Killington

So, the door is not far from Vulgrim. It is enough to go from him to the left. When passing story levels you will encounter the Trickster Gate. To open them, you need Trickster Keys. Several keys can be purchased from Vulgrim, but you will find most of it at different locations.

Where to look for All Trickster Keys in Darksiders: Genesis

  • Trickster Key № 1. In the first chapter, there is only one Trickster Key. To get it, you need to show minimal dexterity skills to get on thin boards and not fall into the lava.
  • Trickster Key № 2-3. And after completing the first chapter, you can buy two more keys of Trickster from Vulgrim. The second key will appear only after buying the first!
  • Trickster Key № 4. In the second chapter, Trickster Key is located on a ledge to the right of the stairs along which you go down at the very beginning of the level. Use the hook to pull in and reach the ledge.
  • Key Trickster № 5. There are two more keys here. You can only get both after you get the Tremor Gauntlet for War. This will happen in the story of the game much later. At the beginning of the level with a bomb, destroy the growths on the left to find the purple button on the wall. Create a portal in it. Use the Tremor Gauntlet on the red button on the right to jump up. Create a second portal there. Take the key, go down, take the bomb and go through the portal to throw an object into the growth and pick up a fragment of Wrath Core.
  • Trickster Key № 6. From the arena where you fought with the boss, go ahead. You jumped there to find one of the three seals. One of the ledges has red crystals. Destroy them with Tremor Gauntlet.
  • Trickster Key № 7. You will find it in the third chapter. When you find a fragment of the Wrath  Core of War in front, there will be air flow to the left. Climb up on it, go to the right of the chest and turn down the screen to find the right key at the edge.
  • Trickster Key № 8. In the fourth chapter, go up from the initial location and slightly to the right you will find a hill with a growth. There is an explosive bomb on the right, but it does not burn. Drop one bomb to the left of the growth, a couple more to the left. It is necessary to make sure that the leftmost bomb is in the visibility range of the bowl below. Ignite this bowl with the second bowl even lower. Then set fire to the leftmost bomb. After its explosion, the bomb on the right will light up and so on. Go upstairs for the key.
  • Trickster Key №9. In the fourth chapter, move to the very top, past the statue worshiped by fleas. On the left, there are two plates on which you can create portals (you need the Void Bomb of Strife, which you get in this chapter, but in the dungeon below). After creating the portals, jump into one of them. Your character will fly higher and higher. First you get to the coin, but after – to the Trickster key. Also, be sure to jump to the ledge on the left (from the left portal).
  •  Trickster Key №10. In the fifth chapter, when you go down to the Mammon dungeon, move forward. You will need to activate two runes. Go right. Kill the enemies and climb the two beams up. Jump to the ledge on the left, and then jump right down the screen. Cling to two hooks to get to the ledge. Jump to the right to the key.
  • Trickster Key №11. When you get to the treasury, go to the upper left corner. There is a closed grate here. From it, go along the wall down and up the slope. So you get to the hill from where the crystal is visible. A normal throw with a throwing sword is not enough, because the grate closes immediately. Instead, hold and hold E to charge the throwing blade. Throw it into the crystal and run while the grate is open. Go left over the bridge and pick up the key.
  • Trickster Key №12. You can buy another key from Vulgrim at the end of the sixth chapter.
  • Trickster Key №13. You can get it as a reward in the Arena if you score 3500 points at one of the levels.
  • Trickster Key № 14. The first Trickster Key in the seventh chapter is located near the beginning of the location. Climb onto the ledge in the center of the pit, push off the platform with a glove and jump to the left. After breaking the red crystals, go to the boards and take the key.
  • Trickster Key № 15. The second key Trickster Key in the seventh chapter is inside the dungeon. When you get a Tremor Gauntlet, you will need to return in a roundabout way. There will be two plates from which you kick of. So, a key is floating in the air to the right of the second plate.
  • Trickster Key №16. In the eighth chapter, when you climb the drawbridge, go left and push the Gauntlet away from the platform. Fly to the right, deep into the screen. This is where acid flows. Jump to the right, then to the right. Break the red crystals and take the key.
  • Trickster Key № 16. In the eighth chapter, when you kill three scarabs, climb a ledge above the last switch (before the last growth that you must undermine). There will be red crystals. Destroy them, you get a key.
  • Trickster Key № 17-18. After the ninth chapter, when you kill Belial, you can buy these keys from Vulgrim.
  • Trickster Key № 19. In chapter 11, go to the river at the very beginning and turn around. There are two crystals on the arch. Throw the blade of war. An air stream will appear on the left, which will allow you to fly up to the arch with the key.
  • Trickster Key № 20. To pick up this key in chapter 12, you have to try to find it. Near one of the places where the shaman and the location map were, climb the mountain (with the map) and activate the platform for the spark. Fly to the right and insert a spark into the hole. Go higher, activate another platform. Contrive and go through the narrow corridors to the right. Having done this, direct the spark to the right, up and to the left to the luminous rock (hole). A stream of air will appear which will allow you to pick up the key.
  • Trickster Key № 21. In the same chapter 12, the key is located near the gate with three seals. Go right and do not rush to jump down from the rapid of the waterfall. Climb onto the stone with the boatman’s coin, jump diagonally to the right and down, and then even further. You can hook on the hook. Then do the same with another hook leading to the hill with the key.
  • Trickster Key № 22. In chapter 14, lower the bridge and get to the huge passage. Climb the ledges on the right. The path to the right leads to Houndmaster, but you go to the left, to the platform. Stand on it and drive forward. Jump on the far platform on the right, where the Trickster’s key will be.
  • Trickster Key № 23. In chapter 14. When you defeat the boss, climb up the ledges on the left to find the key.
  • Trickster Key № 24. In chapter 15, move forward until you solve the first puzzle with several portals. Next, you will need to go down to pull the lever and lower the second bridge. Go down even lower left from the lever, to the platform with a conversation. Destroy the boxes on the ledge on the right to find the key.

Where is Trickster Gate in Darksiders: Genesis

  • In the first chapter, Trickster Gate is in the Abyss, at the end of the level. As soon as you find a chest with weapons (Vorpal Blade), then move back and to the right. To open, 2 keys are required.
  • In the second chapter, Trickster Gate is right at the very beginning of the level, in front. You need one key.
  • In the third chapter, you need to move up the path from the entrance to the dungeon. To open the gate, you need 1 key.
  • In the seventh chapter, go a little forward from the start of the location and head into the cavity on the right. Here you need to kill the enemies, and then find a rise to the elevation to the right.
  • In the eighth chapter, the Trickster Gate is hidden in a secret place. You need to jump into the drain under the Belial Dam. This is also necessary for a side task. We described it in our walkthrough. Look on the site! To open the gate, you need 1 key.
  • In the eleventh chapter, the Trickster Gate (to open which you need 2 keys) is located near the beginning. Follow the river to the left and go under the waterfall.
  • In the twelfth chapter, Trickster Gate is located in the upper right corner of the map of a huge location where you are looking for three shamans.
  • In chapter fourteen, get to the large open gate. Instead of going through them, follow the left. There will be the Trickster Gate.
  • In chapter 15, the Trickster Gate is in front of a lengthy stretch (bridge) without any objects to the boss. Jump down and find them. To open them, you need 2 keys.

Where is the 12th Trickster Door?

But the hardest part of all this is to open the last Trickster Door. It is hidden in the Void. To get to it, you need to go from the teleport to the ledge on the right. A torch burns here. Throw the blade of War at an angle so that it bounces off the wall and lands in a non-burning torch behind the wall. Next will be a long series of puzzles. Below you can see the video in which we show the battle with Trickster and the path to the door number 12.

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