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How to Get All Health and Wrath Cores in Darksiders: Genesis


To increase the scale of Health and Wrath, you must collect the corresponding fragments of Strife and War. Every three fragments give a full sphere and lead to the strengthening of the hero. Below you will find out where to look for them.

Note. Describing the location of these items, we mean that you have found a map of a particular location (and it’s easy to do). Their location is indicated in a separate manual. In turn, the found map will allow you to see where a particular collection item is located (in Epic Chests – armor, new abilities, upgrades and ammunition; green and yellow marker – fragments of Health Core and Wrath Core).

Chapter 1

A fragment of Health Core of the Strife is in an open place, and you can easily pick it up.

A fragment of Wrath Core of the War is also in the open place. You will need to turn off the main path using the air flow at the top left (in the Outpost area). At the top there is a ballista, and at the bottom – a Boatman’s Coin and a splinter (a little lower).

You will receive another fragment of the Health Core of the Strife when you study the premises behind Trickster Gate. The Gate is in the Abyss, where Samael goes you and where you get a Blade.

After the first chapter, Vulgrim will have several items. Among them will be:

  • Two fragments of Health Core of the War.
  • Two fragments of Wrath Core of the War.
  • Two fragments of Health Core of the Strife.
  • Two fragments of Wrath Core of the Strife.

Moreover, the second fragments appear only after the purchase of the first.

Chapter 2

A fragment of the Wrath Core is at the beginning of the level, on a hill on the right. Read our Trickster Key Guide to find out how to get this item. You are interested in the paragraph on the key number 4.

A fragment of the Health Core is located in the upper right corner of the location. Jump to the right from the arena where the boss is fighting. Here you destroyed the growth under which there was a seal. There is a grid on the right. It opens when two bowls burn. But there is a pattern opposite the grid. If you stand on it, then it will begin to sparkle. You need to open the grate, and also wait for the plot moment when the Strife will have Aether Spark. Launch it and bring it to the goal to remove the spikes from the wall. Go upstairs and pick up the item.

Chapter 3

A fragment of the Health Core of Strife is hidden near the place where you will meet the first flying magician. Climb to the ledge on which he appeared, and you will see a wall with two blue crystals. Throw the blade of War at them, highlighting both targets, so that a niche with an object opens.

A fragment of the Wrath Core of War is in open space. You will pick it up without difficulty.

A fragment of the Health Core of War is hidden behind the Trickster Gate. Look behind the stove. The Gate is up the path from the entrance to the dungeon (you do not need to enter it).

Chapter 4

Move up locations to find two plates for portals. Create and jump between portals until you can fly into the ledge on the left. Move along the mountain, destroying growths, and find a fragment of the Health Core of the War.

Two fragments of the Health Core (one for War and Strife) are behind Trickster Gate. To get to this Gate, move up and to the right of the starting point. You must find the wall to create the portal. Make a portal outside and behind the wall and move there. Kill everyone, jump from the ledge to the left. This path will lead you to the Trickster Gate. To open them, you need to have 3 Trickster Keys. And to move in the cave beyond the Gate, use Shift.

Chapter 5

A fragment of the Health Core of Strife is hidden in a cache. To get into it, go through the chapter, and when you go down, go to the left from the closed gate. Solve the puzzle to get to the statue that needs to be activated. But after that, do not go back, but follow the stairs to the left. Find the hole in the floor where the lava flows. Jump there to get into the cache. Then everything is simple.

When you are in the kennel to the right of the lift (leading down), you get into the main room with portals. Create two portals if the grate near one of them is open. If the grate is closed, then another grate should be open in the lower right corner. Use the Sword of War to drop it into the nearest burning torch, and then into two torches behind this open grate. A cache will open.

Chapter 6

After completing the sixth chapter, in which you fight with Mammon, you can buy one piece at a time:

  • The Health Core of War.
  • The Health Core of Strife.
  • The Wrath Core of War.
  • The Wrath Core of Strife.


The fragment of Wrath Core of Strife can be obtained for 5500 points.

To be continued…

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