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Where to Find All War’s Elemental Enhancements in Darksiders: Genesis


War can use various Elemental Enhancements for the sword, which allow it to inflict elemental damage to enemies, drain their health points, and much more. Below, we explain how to get all the Enhancements for the sword.

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Note. Describing the location of these items, we mean that you have found a map of a particular location (and it’s easy to do). Their location is indicated in a separate manual. In turn, the found map will allow you to see where a particular collection item is located (in Epic Chests — armor, new abilities, upgrades and ammunition; green and yellow marker — fragments of Health Core and Wrath Core).

  • Earthsplitter. You will receive this item automatically in the first chapter. There is in front of the gate with a seal prohibiting movement on a horse. Kill the demon and open the Epic Chest.
  • Thunderclap. You can buy from Vulgrim for 3500 souls and 10 coins of the Boatman right after completing the first chapter.
  • Flamebrand. In the fourth chapter, move up locations, past a large statue with a sphere. Below, you find an Epic Chest. Kill the enemies and take away the Enhancement for the sword.
  • Vampiric. You can buy it from Vulgrim after completing the sixth chapter.

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