Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town
Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town


At the beginning of the game – you can get training. There is also a Help section in the pause menu, which shows all the control keys.

  • • ESC – open the menu
  • “Space” – highlight all interactive objects
  • LMB – interact with an interactive subject
  • I – open inventory
  • RMB – examine the item in the inventory

Bike and money

Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town
Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Remove a note with a diagram of the creation of a bicycle from the cabinet on the left. Open inventory and right click on the note. You will see what parts are needed for the bike:

  1. Two wheels. One on the closet and the other on the wall in the protagonist’s room.
  2. Two pedals. In the cabinet drawer on the left.
  3. One large and two small gears. One in the bathroom and two inside the piggy bank.
  4. Frame. On the cactus of the first floor.
  5. Chain. A belt in the wardrobe on the left, in the hero’s room.
  6. Steering wheel. Inside the fridge.
  7. The call. Disassemble the alarm.
  8. Seat. On the wall around the corner of the second floor.

Look in the closet on the left and in the main compartment, you will find a belt under the clothes. Below there are three drawers. At the very bottom, you find the pedals. There is a wheel on the cabinet. Another is attached to the wall on the right side of the room. Now you can’t get them. Remove the compass from the glass on the table. You can’t remove the key from the wall, but you can leave your room in the corridor.

Enter the room on the left, in the mother’s bedroom. Examine the casket on the table in the lower left corner to get a ring. Combine the ring and the compass in the inventory. You can leave the bedroom (if you double-click LMB on the exit, then you do not have to look at the animation of a moving hero).

Look into the toilet on the right and remove the sunscreen lotion from the right wall drawer. Go around the corner, the toilet to the right. There is a bicycle seat on the left wall. Open the tool box and take away the hammer, screwdriver and wrench at once.

Now go down to the first floor. Remove the stickers from the board at the front door. When you try to exit through the door on the left, you will see a message stating that the protagonist needs transport (a bicycle) and money to start. A frame for a bicycle hangs on a cactus. Go through the door on the right to enter the kitchen.

Look in the refrigerator and use a screwdriver on the screw on the right, then pick up the bike wheel. Get the money from the pot on the kitchen table on the left. Don’t take the frame from cactus. You will collect the bike on it. You can add a steering wheel and seat to the frame. Return to the second floor, go around the corner to the tool box and find the plunger on the left. Enter the toilet, use a plunger on the bathroom to drain the water, and take the filter. This is the first gear. Go to your mother’s bedroom and use a screwdriver on the alarm clock to pick up the bell for the bike.

Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town
Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Go to your room, turn on the desk lamp and apply sunscreen lotion on it. When it heats up, grease the bolt on the wheel attached to the wall. Unscrew it with a wrench. Then pick up the second wheel by pulling out three drawers in the wardrobe and using them as steps. After that, use a compass with a stone on a piggy bank to get two gears. Go down and set everything on a bike. The belt will be used as a chain.

Bone town

Go into the city and enter the Dead Man Tavern on the left. So far, this is the only pass available. Talk to the innkeeper. He allows you to stay in the 10 room. Remove the key to room 10 from the wall and go upstairs.

Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town
Walkthrough Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Open number 10 and go inside. Take after shave lotion from the cabinet on the left. Remove the blank from the wall on the right and go down to the innkeeper. Hand him the form. Return to your room to see a complete mess. The innkeeper will come here. Talk with him, and then go out into the corridor. Go down and you will see that the innkeeper is in place. Talk to him to find out if he has cleaned the room. You will receive a key to room 10. Ask for the Do Not Disturb sign. He will give it to you.

Go up to the second floor and apply the sign on the first door. Go into the back room, pick up the bucket with a mop on the right and remove the warning plate on the washed floors from the cabinet on the left. Return to the corridor. There is dirt on the right. Use a mop bucket and a yellow sign on it. Also, be sure to pour liquid soap from number 10 into the bucket. Go to your room and pull the rope. While the innkeeper is busy, run downstairs and take the key to room 9. Go upstairs, open number 9 and go inside.

Examine the wall above the fireplace to find a brick. Go through the door on the left and remove the nail file from the sink drawer. Use the nail file on the brick above the fireplace of the same number to find Willy’s Father  card.

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