Walkthrough Kill It With Fire

Walkthrough Kill It With Fire

Guide and detailed walkthrough of the spider fighter simulator


Before you start the game, you need to know a few main points and nuances of the game:

• Spiders can hide everywhere: behind paintings, in shelves and cabinets, on equipment and even in flowers.

• Use the Radar to detect spiders. Radar is located in the first location (RMB).

• You can’t kill a spider with one shot.

• On levels, you can collect ammunition for additional weapons. Typically, revolver ammo can be found in cupboards and simple furniture, and homemade flamethrower fuel can be found in the bathroom or kitchen.

• At almost every level you will find a special test. Such tests are unlocked when you complete all the points of the plot tasks.

First Contact

You need to complete five tasks to complete this level:

  1. Kill a spider is not difficult. In total, you can eliminate 15 spiders in this location.
  2. Get a Detector – this device is located in a closet, to open which you need to kill a certain number of spiders. Examine the shelves carefully, and if necessary, remove all items from the shelves to find it.
  3. More Weapons – Examine the shelves under the mirror and collect hairspray in the bathroom. This way you will be able to use a homemade flamethrower.
  4. Warm-up – Use a flamethrower on multiple spiders. Naturally, you will wait for other items, which will lead to the task.
  5. A weighty argument – to complete this task you will need to kill the spider with a book or a stack of books. Ggrab a book or books from the shelf (E key) and throw at it (LMB).

In addition to the main tasks, you can also find additional weapons and improvements at the starting location. The upgrade is located in the left cabinet of the TV table (requires 2 killed spiders), and the weapon (revolver) can be opened by completing four story missions in the upper drawer of one of the cabinets.

Close Combat

Available tasks

The task will be automatically completed after you kill the required number of spiders.

  1. You need to break 10 picture frames. Their location is as follows. In the corridor you will find 5 frames (three on the wall, one on the shelf in front of the entrance, one to the right by the window); 2 frames are in the bedroom (on the wall and on the curbstone); 1 photo frame in the children’s room on a bookshelf; The remaining 2 are hanging on the walls in the office.
  2. To open the cabinet door, you examine the top shelf of the bedside table, which is located in the children’s room next to the sofa. Take the key and take it to the bedroom. This will open the lock. Examine the cabinet to pick up the double-barreled gun and cartridges for it.
  3. It is one of the most difficult tasks in this location. In the nursery, you will find new equipment. You can use it to kill a couple of spiders from a double-barreled gun at once, but there is one caveat: two spiders will not run to the same bait. To do this, throw two balls of bait at once next to each other. You can also use another method: find the red spider, kill it with your tablet and immediately change your weapon to a shotgun. At the moment when several white spiders come out of it, shoot.
  4. When examining the room on the left, you will find a bookshelf. Pull on the second book from the left of the second shelf from the top (blue and yellow) to open a secret room.
  5. You need to find seven batteries to complete this task. Here is their location:
    1. In the middle drawer to the left of the bed in the bedroom;
    2. In the top drawer to the left of the gaming chair (in the cabinet where you found the bait);
    3. In the office, to the left of the table with the computer.
    4. In the same place.
    5. In the office on an armchair. We need to remove the pillow.
    6. In the office, in the trash can.
    7. On a shelf in a secret room behind a cupboard.

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