Wasteland 3 - The Bizzare

Walkthrough Wasteland 3 – The Bizarre


We tell you about all the plot and side quests of the game location Bizarre, where the headquarters of the rangers from Arizona is located.

Unwelcome Guests

The quest will begin in Broadmoor Heights, Colorado Springs region. When you get it, head to the Bizarre. Talk to the merchant to find out for the smugglers. Go left, find a bridge there and go to the smugglers. They will have to be killed anyway. Having done this, you search the corpses, pick up the key and open the door on the right. This is how you find refugees. Agree to help them. You need to get inside the Bizarre. Read more on this in the side quest “Knock, knock!” below.

Inside, talk to Pareidolia Jones on the left. Pay him or get some skill test. Next, return to Colorado Springs and in the center, to the left of the market square, look for Mama Cotter’s tent. Chat with her. If arrested, you will gain the reputation of the 100 Families and Reyes’ approval. He will become advisors at the base. If you choose not to arrest, you will gain a reputation for refugees and Reyes’ disapproval. In any case, you will be given mechanics in the garage.

Knock, Knock!

You need to get to the Bizzare. There are 3 ways. Go to the van leading inside and pay $ 500. Go to the building on the right and talk to the woman who asks to mix paints. You need to get red and you should have found a guide before. But even if you don’t have one, click on the table with chemicals next to it and select the following options: C-18, H-14, N-2, Na-2, O-8, S-8.

Now go to the entrance and say that Paris vouched for you. The third option is to go to the left, deep into the location, get to the distant building and kill all the clowns. You are interested in dentistry. Kill hero, search the corpse in the chair and take the pass. When you find yourself inside, the task will be completed.

A Nightmare in the Bizarre

The mission will begin after you find yourself inside the Bizzare. Talk to Flab and clear the tunnels from monsters.

My body Requires This

Chat with the bartender. He will ask you to find ramen from the tunnels. There are parking meters in the tunnels. You will receive silver coins from these. There will be a vending machine in the dining room of the tunnels, where one of the bandit groups was. Throw coins in there until you knock out the ramen. And then bring it to the bartender. He will become the chef at the ranger headquarters.

Cinema Verite

The quest is taken from the girl at the dance floor in the bar of the Bizzare, passage to the left. Talk, drive across the map to the Monster Army bunker and go inside. Kill and find four switches and disable laser barriers to get into the theater. There will be three more cars. But there is also a glass showcase. There are reels of film under it. Give them to the quest giver.

A Very Hostile Takeover

The quest will be given by Charlie Nose. He wants to take over the Bizzare. Talk to the Flab inside him to receive a counter offer for protection. Or you can just sell him information and then help Charlie. It’s up to you to decide, but after helping Charlie and the Cartel, all the characters of the Bizzare will be killed. And you can plunder it.

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