Where to Find Companions in Wastaland 3

Where to Find Companions in Wastaland 3


Read about the location of all Companions in the sequel to the popular tactical game

Where to Find Companions in unique Wastaland 3

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Marshall Kwon

This character will become available immediately after you capture the ranger headquarters. Find him at the base and ask him to join your squad.

  • This Companion is lawful, so it will leave the squad if you will kill civilians.

Lucia Wesson

Once you chat with the local sheriff in downtown Colorado Springs, Lucia will want to join the Ranger squad. This character is mainly focused on the use of revolvers and semi-automatic weapons.

  • This Companion is lawful, so it will leave the squad if you will kill civilians.

Jodie Bell

You will meet this hero at the very beginning of the game, when you can save her from the bandit Dorsey. She will only become available if you saved her. After some time, she will be waiting for you in the lobby of the Rangers Headquarters. Talk to her and agree to take to yourself.

Jodie has excellent marksmanship, so she is best used as a sniper. Pick her the most powerful sniper rifle and she will save your life more than once!

  • This Companion is legitimate, so it will leave the squad if you will kill civilians.


You will have to solve the problem with the refugees in the story mission “Unwelcome Guests” to take Scotchmo into your squad. You need to free the refugees, find the smuggler and deliver them to Colorado unharmed. You can hire Scotchmo before agreeing to break the Bizarre, or vice versa, protect it.

Ironclad Cordite

While walking through Broadmoor Heights, Angela Dot will contact you and report a prisoner in an underground prison under the city. You need to find a statue in the west of the city and interact with it. Below you will find several groups of well-equipped mercenaries waiting for you. Deal with them to free the Ironclad Cordite.


You will receive a radio message that will lead you to the Unity Station. Travel there to meet this possible companion. Join the battle with him and try to take away the maximum amount of health from him as soon as possible. The fight will end, and the Fishlips will ask you to join your ranks.

Vic Buchanan      

It is the most reckless character in the entire Wasteland universe. You will meet with him only in the middle of the game, when you free the rangers in the city of Aspen. In the final dialogue, you can invite Vic to become a part of your group. Of course, some companions like Lucia Wesson won’t like this, but it’s up to you.

Pizepi Joren

You don’t have to go far from the previous companion to find Pizepi. Upon returning from the residence of the Patriarch in Aspen, Pizepi herself will ask you to join your squad.

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