Walkthrough Wasteland 3 – Colorado Springs

Walkthrough Wasteland 3 - Colorado Springs

We tell you about all the storyline and side missions of the first game location, the city of Colorado Springs, where the headquarters of the Arizona rangers is located.

Ranger’s Last Hope

Towards the end of the first location of the prologue, you will meet a dying major. Then, a little higher, on a hill, there will be a cat Tom. In addition to rangers and companions, there are uncontrollable NPCs in the game who, nevertheless, help in battle. And the cat is one of them.

A Home Away From Home

Talk to the Patriarch. He asks to return home his children, sons and daughter. Examine the new base. Marshall Kwon is your first companion. Three tasks are activated. All of them are performed in three other locations, so they are not considered in this walkthrough.

Cornered Rats

Talk to Sheriff Daisy in downtown Colorado Springs and head to the top of the map to go to the Garden of the Gods. In addition, Lucia, a new companion, will join you. Kill all the enemies, save Bellamy and move on. You can even arrest the first Dorsey, but you can put them either to yourself or to hand over to Daisy. Next, there will be a more serious enemy group. If you open the grate at the generator on the right, you can find the matrix. Then follow the hidden path on the left and insert the matrix into the spotlight. It will work as a turret. Talk to Isaac and decide his fate. Promise Lucia to help, and she will stay in your squad.

Full House

You need to find NPCs in four different locations of the base:

  • A brig jailor. Sheriff Daisy from downtown Colorado Springs will have a mission for you on the story mission “Cornered Rats.” After completing the mission, you will have the head of the prison.
  • An Armory Quartermaster. Complete The Big Trouble in Little Vegas.
  • A Medbay Doctor. Complete the side mission “Top Doc”.
  • Garage Mechanics. Complete the quest “Unwelcome Guests“.

Unwelcome Guests

Sooner or later, you will have a task. Go to Broadmoor Heights and chat with Reyes in the first building on the right. Next, you will need to go to Bizarre, so read the continuation of this quest in our second guide.

Welcome Colorado Springs

There are three merchants in the market square. But the arms dealer doesn’t come to the shop. Disarm the mine and report everything is fine. In this case, you can use the services of a merchant. You can deceive, as if the mine was defused, but then the merchant will explode. Nobody will come to replace him.

Apartments “Sans-Lux”

In the room on the left you can find a character who will give you a suitcase. You can, of course, open it, but if you show restraint, then in the future you will meet it in another place. And then you get a cool unique set of armor!

Night club

In the club, there will be a drug addict on the left. He asks to get him drugs from the safe. He will give a combination. Go up the stairs and immediately turn left. Deal with the workers (by convincing or defeating them), and then get everything you need from the safe.

Side quests

Top Doc

In downtown Colorado Springs, there is an open garage. Chat inside it with Dr. Parker. Bring him the supplies he needs. For example, one of them is in the opposite container. Everything can be bought from merchants. Then examine three patients and apply the correct kit to each. The set must be installed in the quick access slot (in the inventory under the slots for weapons). Select it, and then aim at the desired patient.

Big Trouble in Little Vegas

Visit a nightclub in downtown Colorado Springs. Go to the bar, talk to Charlie and the bartender. They won’t say anything. Walk left along the stairs. The first room is the dance floor of hard workers. If you can convince them, they will tell you that they saw Charlie dragging Delgado to the back rooms. There is a brothel a little further. There will be a character named Ken Doll. Talk to him. He will tell you everything, but if you pay.

Talk to Charlie again and go right to Faran Brygo. Then, after learning about workshop, head downtown and follow to the workshop transition point near Sheriff Daisy’s office. Inside, kill the bandits.

If you want to arrest Faran, you will have to help two club visitors start a fight so that the guard will leave the computer. Then hack it and activate the ventilation system. In a conversation with Paran, select the phrase associated with him. He won’t want to sacrifice the club, so you can arrest him. Otherwise, any attempt will end in battle.

Don’t You be My Neighbor

When Rosie Wong contacts you, go to the Sans Lux Apartments. Talk to the woman, go to the end of the corridor and knock down the door on the right (you can even shoot her). Finish off three clones, look around and find a scientist in the market square, near the scribe’s shop. Decide his fate.

Wolfe’s Hunt

When Wolfe appears near the headquarters of the rangers, talk to him and agree to help. Travel to downtown Colorado Springs and find the museum entry point to the right of the market square. Once inside, go to the far left podium and examine the synth mannequin with a weapon behind his back. If you pass the test, you can immobilize the synth. And then – kill or free. If the check fails, you will have to let go of the synth or kill him, but the synth will activate all other robots! Return and report everything to Wolfe. He will give three other goals, but outside this task.

Heads or Tails

You will receive the task when you leave Colorado Springs, but still we will describe it here. You need to either save the Huns, or help the sheriffs at the arapaho caravan. In any case, someone will suffer. In the first you will get the reputation of refugees, in the second – 100 families.

Lords of War

Angela Deth should contact you later. Hear her, return to Colorado Springs and go to Broadmoor Heights. There is a statue in the lower left corner. Interact with it and open a hidden passage. Go downstairs, deal with the mercenaries and get to the makeshift prison. Help Cordite. He can become your companion. First, you can clear the room on the right, with toads, then start the generator and go through the hidden corridor to the ventilation grill, which leads to the Cordite chamber. Perhaps this way you can free him without a fight.

Rad Alert!

Another side quest that opens on the global map. Some points have background radiation. When you get mechanics (after the quest “Unwelcome Guests “), then buy one of them a chassis for Kodiak and install it on the car using the table below it.

Slaver’s Bounty

Talk to the woman who appears. Go down to the center and in front of Daisy’s scaffold look for a bonfire with Holly. Talk to the girl and decide if you should cover her up. But only if you lie to her, the slave owner will be able to catch the fugitive and give you the codes. And you can open secret rooms in the headquarters of the rangers, below the medical compartment. There is a camera in these secret rooms. Have one character stand underneath while the other goes to the main control room and click on the big computer in the center.

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