Walkthrough Twelve Minutes — guide for each Loops

Walkthrough Twelve Minutes — guide for each Loops

You’ll start the game in an elevator and step into a hallway. Look at the paintings on the wall to your left and right. One is a painting of a bookcase with a red book. The other is a painting of a flower.

Grab the fake rock from the plant to the left of your door. Open your inventory and click on the fake rock to find your house keys.

Drag the house keys to your door to unlock it.

Look around in the apartment, pick stuff up, learn the layout of the apartment, and talk to your wife.

  • Turn on the lights with the switch by the door.
  • Grab the mugs from the table by the couch and the counter by the sink. Drag each of them to the sink to fill them.
  • Go to the fridge and open it. Grab both plates.
  • Set both plates and both mugs on the table.
  • Tell your wife it’s a good time for dessert. Take your seat at the table.
  • Click on your plate to enjoy your dessert.
  • When she gives you your present, pick it up and click on it again to open it. You’ll find the baby clothes inside.
  • Ask her why Dahlia?
  • Play out the rest of the conversation however you want.
  • At 12:05, a cop will show up. You’ll both get arrested. Don’t resist. In fact, don’t click on anything while the talking happens.

Your wife will reveal that the watch is in the…well, it isn’t that easy.

Loop Two

When your wife comes out of the bathroom and sits on the couch, walk up to her.

  • Tell her this feels like the same day and then prove the day is restarting.
  • When you choose what to prove with, click on the window over the sink.
  • Wait for the thunder — you’ll have to kill a little time. It happens just before 12:02.
  • You’ll have to choose what to prove with again. Walk into the bedroom, open the drawer, and retrieve the present.
  • Walk back to the living room and pick it from your inventory to prove yourself.
  • The rest of this loop is going to be frustrating. Run through the dialogue options to question her. Ask about the pocket watch and her father. She’ll probably get frustrated and stop answering questions.

Head into the bedroom and try the light switch. You’ll get shocked the first time. Turn it off and on again. This time, you’ll get electrocuted and knocked out.

Open the front door and step into the hall.

Loop Three

  • Walk straight to the closet to the left of the front door. Open it and step inside. Close the door behind you. You’ll watch through the blinds. Don’t click on anything.
  • You’ll hear your wife walk into the bedroom and get shocked by the switch.
  • Time will fast-forward, and you’ll see the cop barge in. Your wife will get arrested.
  • Don’t do anything.
  • After some questioning, she’ll say the pocket watch is in the bathroom vent under the medicine cabinet.
  • Once the cop is gone, step out of the closet. Go through the front door into the hall to reset the loop.

Loop Four

  • Walk to the counter and grab the knife or spoon from the table.
  • Once your wife comes out, head into the bathroom. Close the door. Click on the medicine cabinet and then click at the very bottom to find the ventilation grid.
  • Drag the knife or spoon onto it to pry it open and find the pocket watch.
  • Open the door and head back into the living room.
  • Talk to your wife and question her about the past … followed by tell her you know what she’s hiding in the vent.
  • After a quick exchange, you’ll need to convince her you’re in a time loop. Use the present to prove yourself.
  • There’s a long conversation that follows. She’ll admit to everything and tell you about the polaroid on the fridge.

The cop will show up around now. Play out the loop.

Loop Five

  • Wait for your wife to sit down, and go talk to her.
  • Prove the day is restarting and then tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  • Run through all the new dialogue options when you question her about her past.

The loop ends the same way.

Loop Six

  • As soon as you can, grab both mugs and the polaroid from the fridge.
  • After you greet your wife, head into the bathroom. Close the door behind you. Open the medicine cabinet and grab the sleeping pills.
  • Drag a mug to the sink to fill it with water. Drag the sleeping pills on top of the mug you just filled to make a mug with pills.
  • Head back into the living room, and then into the bedroom. Turn on the switch to get shocked. Step back into the living room.
  • Drag the mug with pills to your wife to give it to her.
  • If you haven’t yet (or even if you have), click on her book to talk about it.
  • Wait a few seconds for the pills to kick in. She’ll go lay down in the bedroom. On her way in, she’ll turn off the lights and close the door.
  • Hide in the closet and watch through the blinds.

When the cop shows up, he’ll walk in and start looking around. He’ll open the bedroom door and spot your wife. He’ll get electrocuted when he turns on the light switch in there. When you hear him hit the floor, step out of the closet and into the bedroom.

  • Click on the cop and empty his pockets to get a revolver, two pairs of handcuffs, his phone, and a knife.
  • Drag a pair of handcuffs from your inventory onto the cop to tie him up.

You can ask him questions at this point, but he’s not going to cooperate.

  • Drag the revolver to his arm or leg to shoot him.
  • Start running through the dialogue options to learn more about him and his relationship to the family — Ask about the watch, ask about his relationship with her father, ask about the murder charge, how do you know it was her, and why would she possibly do something like that.
  • Ask how was her father murdered.
  • Leave the conversation and pull the polaroid from your inventory. Drag the polaroid to the cop.
  • You’ll get a couple new dialogue options — Who could have killed her father? and Ask him about the nanny.

Before the loop resets, go through the cop’s phone. Read his messages and click on the phone number for Bumblebee. The call will go through, but you won’t be able to talk to her.

Loop Seven

  • Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  • Keep talking to her and tell her about the cop and explain the cop’s connection to her father.
  • Click on previous topic, talk her about past and tell her the polaroid proves she didn’t kill him.
  • She’ll go sit on the couch. Talk to her one more time. Talk about her past and ask about her father’s affair followed by ask how her mother found out about the affair.
  • Ask about her nanny, ask about the nanny’s child, ask where her brother could be now, and then ask who killed your father?
  • Chances are you’re out of time at this point. The cop will show up, but he won’t want to listen to you.

Loop Eight

  • Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  • Grab your wife’s phone out of the closet — it’s in her purse next to the clothes.
  • Use your wife’s phone to call Bumblebee — you’ll remember the number from when you called her from the cop’s phone back in Loop 6 — and say her father wants to arrest your wife followed by say your wife is innocent.
  • Speak to your wife and talk about the cop.
  • Choose let’s wait for him to arrive. Time will fast-forward.
  • When you hear the elevator ding, you’ll hear the cop take the call from Bumblebee out in the hallway.
  • Don’t do anything until he rings the doorbell (if you open the door too early, he hangs up and the loop goes poorly). When he rings the bell, open the door.
  • Your wife will take over and point him to the photo on the fridge. Listen to the cop explain everything. Your wife will hand over the watch, and the cop will give a little more information about your wife’s brother.

Loop Nine

  • Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  • This time, you’ll mention the Monster, your wife’s half-brother.
  • Grab your wife’s phone from the closet and call Bumblebee again. Say your wife is innocent.
  • Speak to your wife again. Talk about her past and find more about the brother being the killer.
  • Hit previous topic, talk about the cop, tell her the cop wants the watch to save his daughter, and let’s wait for him to arrive.
  • The events play out similarly this time. Wait for the phone call from Bumblebee to wrap up and then open the door. Your wife does the talking again, and this time focuses on Monster.

Loop Ten

  • Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  • Head to the bedroom, open the drawer, take out the present, and open it for the baby clothes.
  • Grab your wife’s phone from the closet and call Bumblebee again. Say your wife is innocent.
  • Speak to your wife again, talk about the cop and wait for him to arrive.
  • Wait for the call from Bumblebee to finish, open the door, and wait for your wife to go grab the pocket watch.
  • After the conversation is over — when the cop mentions the nanny’s name being something flowery — drag the baby clothes to the cop.

You’ll regain control in the middle of a conversation.

Choose whichever answer you want.

Loop Eleven/Ending

  • Grab the knife (or a spoon) and wait for Her to come out of the bathroom. Get inside, close the door, and open the ventilation grid. Grab the pocket watch and wait.
  • You’ll end up in a slightly different version of the past in a slightly different conversation. You’re welcome to choose either answer if you want, but to get the ending…
  • Don’t click on either conversation prompt. Instead, click on the red book on the bookshelf along the bottom of the screen — it’s the one you saw Her reading.
  • Don’t click on the conversation prompt. Just wait it out.

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