Walkthrough I Am Fish - Game Guide

Walkthrough I Am Fish – Game Guide


After the introductory video, you will control the fish. Rotate the camera with the mouse and collect 4-5 slices of bread.

Level 1

Get out of the house by moving along the shelves and dropping lower and lower. Get out of the house and along the wires move to the right, until the golden shell. This is a checkpoint. Move to the right on the other wires until the next checkpoint. Follow the right along the roof, go down to the soft rug below and activate a new checkpoint. Around the corner to the right there will be double wires along which you need to move further. Jump from them to the others and get to the checkpoint, along the way you find a piece of bread. Note: If you fall down, the aquarium will burst. Also, with each strong hitting the wall and pillars, it will gradually crack.

Walkthrough I Am Fish
Walkthrough I Am Fish

The next wires can be reached via a drain channel at the edge of the building. Don’t be afraid to fall down, as the hit will be softened by the flowers. Eventually, you can jump off the roof of the last building, cross the road and get into the water.

Level 2

To begin with, follow the top, push the board forward and move to the other side. Jump onto the mattress, find the checkpoint and bread. Push the ladder so that it falls down, and along it go down and leave the house through the window. Follow the right and jump down to the roof, and from it – onto the trampoline. The fish will fly into the pool, the aquarium will crack. Take the second piece of bread and find the drain hole in the pool. Swim through the pipe. Swim forward and jump over barriers with acceleration.

Walkthrough I Am Fish
Walkthrough I Am Fish

To be continued…

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