Walkthrough Almost My Floor – Game guide

Walkthrough Almost My Floor - Game guide

A detailed guide to the Almost My Floor quest. The protagonist of the game fights his nightmares and tries to figure out what is happening in his apartment building.

Prologue. One day

By pressing the space bar, you can highlight all interactive objects. At the top of the screen is an inventory containing keys and a mobile phone. Look at mailbox 7 to see the World of Electrics magazine. Crate № 16 contains developer video game magazines. Try grabbing a coffee cup from the mailboxes. Try again, which turns out to be more successful. You will receive an empty cup. Chat with Masha. If you’ve looked into her drawer, you can ask about an electrical magazine.

Walk to the right and turn on the light at the electrical panel. You will see a spider. Study it, then you can make a choice:

  • Peaceful way. Place the spider in an empty cup (it should be in your inventory).
  • The villain. Select the “Crush Spider” option.

As you can imagine, the decisions you make will be validated in the future. Call the elevator and try to manually open the door. Need a mount. Go to the door on the right and call your neighbor. He is drilling again, and in any case, he will not hear the doorbell. Examine the electrical panel and then return to Masha. If you haven’t studied the electrical magazine in mailbox № 7 before, then do it right now. Talk to Masha and ask for electrical help. She will give you a diagram.

Go back and interact with the electrical panel. At the top are colored indicators. They must all be lit. Insert the red square indicator into the square red hole on the left. The yellow square indicator is in the yellow square hole on the left. Next, insert the round blue and square red into the purple outlet on the upper left. Round blue – into the round hole on the left. Round yellow and red – into the orange outlet on the right. And round blue and yellow – into the green outlet at the bottom left. Call your neighbor, grab a pry bar and open the elevator.

Chapter 1

Pick up the shield and use it on yourself. Click on the twinkling eyes to reflect their shots. Then run into the elevator. Once on your floor, go left and talk to Masha. Ignore her invitation. Give it up instead. Go right and search the open box to get duct tape. Apply it to the door peephole at the right edge and remove the spoke from the bike. Walk left and use the knitting needle on the labeled box to the right of the door. Spiders will appear, which will gradually begin to climb over Alex. Press LMB at the moment when the slider enters the green area. Repeat the steps three times. If a spider is caught in a trap, its silhouette will appear. Click on it and all the spiders will scatter.

Use the knitting needle on the box to the right of the elevator and collect the insect spray. Go left, talk to Masha and invite her to go into the apartment, but do not enter yourself. Lock the door with the key, and then apply insect spray to neutralize Masha. Enter the apartment and view the memory of how Alex and Nika arrived at this house.

Look out the window to transform the room. Examine the poster and leave the apartment. Walk past the disappeared elevator to the apartment on the right. Return to your apartment. Walk down the blood-stained corridor. Examine the poster, use your mobile phone and dial the number 666. Tell them that you do not want to end the journey (otherwise you will die) and enter the elevator.

Chapter 2

Pick up the wire cutters and use them on the bomb. Cut the wires in the following order:

  • Green left
  • Purple (lilac)
  • Blue left
  • Green on the right
  • Blue on the right

Can be cut in any order! At the second stage, you need to choose three different squares that touch each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally – purple, blue, yellow. Don’t touch the red ones. Remove all squares except red ones. In the third step, move the slider from the top all the way to the right. Rotate the two corners so that the purple liquid goes all the way to the right. Then close the top green button (should turn red) and open the bottom two red ones (should turn green) so that the green liquid goes all the way to the right. Ready!

At the exit from the elevator, use your mobile phone to bypass the trap. Walk to the right and pick up the stone. Also open the cabinet and take the solvent. Walk left and apply the solvent to the sticky board. Take the board. Remove the HELP note from the wall. There are biting plants on the left. You can throw a stone at the explosive thing on the ceiling, but this will be considered an evil act. Walk to the right and interact with the cleaning lady. Click on the flying mops, and then talk to the cleaner about all topics. She won’t let you pass. You can hit her with a stick, but this again will be considered an evil act.

There is nothing to do, you have to choose. I decided to throw a rock at the explosive thing on the ceiling in order to destroy the flowers of the wire cutter. Then pick up a flower and present it to the cleaning lady. You will be able to walk to the right. Pick up a rag, go left and cover the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign with a rag. Go to the door on the left and try to open it with a bunch of keys. Talk to the character outside the door, he will offer help. Give him the HELP note to find out that the key is under the neighbor’s rug. Go right and take the key under the rug. Before opening the door on the left, place a sticky wooden stick on the floor. Open the door with the key. The monster will be trapped. Throw a rock at the explosive thing on the ceiling to kill the monster. Pick up the heart of the monster. Use the slider to hit the green lines twice and enter the apartment on the left.

You will see a bunch of boxes. Squeeze between them and study the diary on the table. Examine the writing on the wall to the right of the window with geometric symbols. Pick up a medallion, examine it and place yellow figures in the upper sector from top to bottom: triangle, circle, square, square, circle. If everything is done correctly, the main character Alex will inform you about it. Examine the medallion again and pay attention to the lower sector, which now shows colored circles (from top to bottom): green, red, cyan, blue, yellow.

  • Go to the elevator, place the heart of the monster in the hole on the right, and then examine the buttons inside. Drive the yellow shapes from top to bottom into the left column:
  • Triangle
  • A circle
  • Square
  • Square
  • A circle

Drive the colored circles into the right column from top to bottom:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Chapter 3

To be continued…

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