Walkthrough TOHU

Walkthrough TOHU

Please note that the developers themselves recommend playing with headphones in this fascinating drawn quest


The first part of our guide is based on the demo. However, we will update this content with the release of the full game. So, you control a little girl. Examine the radio on the table and the dog will get into trouble. Click on the girl to transform into a large robot, and then pick up the fallen box. Open the door, which is knocking on a strange creature, and jump on it.

Walkthrough TOHU
Walkthrough TOHU

So, the engine is damaged, a certain Junkle can help, but he lives on a nearby fish. Therefore, to get there, transport is needed. And they will show it to you – in the location on the right, inside the mechanical bud. They will also show the fly that stole the stone and thereby lifted the bridge leading to the right.

Pick up a tablet from the ground. Its icon will appear at the top right. There are several sections:

  • Quests – current goals
  • Collectibles – all the collectibles you collect
  • Hints – you can get a hint on what to do next (but for this you have to click on the lock so that the slider clicked on all the red details; if you miss, you will have to start over)

The first collectible is an insect with a scissor beak (collectible card № 1), sitting in the upper left corner. Just click on it and a card with its image will be in your inventory.

Walkthrough TOHU
Walkthrough TOHU

Go to the location on the left. Pull the lever by the bridge to start shaking the building with the nest on the left. Climb the bridge and turn right onto the wooden platform. Transform into a robot and pick up the large red pipe. Place it on the conveyor of the building on the left. The device will fall a little lower. Put there the same large weight that lies where the pipe was. Take the dropped device. Click on the red crawfish (collectible card № 2) that is peeking out from behind the cabinet.

Return to the previous location, open your inventory and drag the device to the slot near the bridge. Four levers will appear in the center. Number them from left to right from “1” to “4” and pull in this order:

  • Second
  • Fourth
  • The first
Walkthrough TOHU
Walkthrough TOHU

By the way, perhaps order is not important; the main thing is not to pull the third lever. Go across the bridge to the location on the right. To the right of the flower, is a green creature with a light bulb (collectible card № 3) on the stem. Hold LMB on the middle petal and lower it straight down. Do the same with the others. It is necessary to describe the correct arc with the mouse cursor; otherwise the procedure will be interrupted.

Then interact with the statue. You need to attract the attention of three yellow insects (one is already sitting on the transport stick). The first insect is to the right of the vehicle; the second is at the left edge. Also in the background is a huge mountain with multiple eyes. Shoot at it too; it will spit out the insect. When all insects are on sticks, sit inside the transport.

To be continued…

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