Walkthrough Mutropolis

Walkthrough Mutropolis


Here is a detailed guide to the passage of the drawn 2D quest Mutropolis

Act 1. Discovering

You play as the archaeological scientist Henry. Talk to Carlata and Cobra on the right. Proceed further and chat with Totel, who stands in front of the stone door. Move away from the door. There is a large blue mushroom between Cobra and Totel. Take it. Back out and search the bags to the left of Cobra to get a geological chronometer. The I key opens the inventory. Walk to the left and examine the shovel sticking out in the sand. Also examine the toolbox a little further. Password is required.

Go to the pit and throw the large mushroom from your inventory into it. Chat with Micro and ask for a password. It will give you the first half of the code. Talk to Luke, who is standing near Carlata, to get the second part of the password. Open the toolbox to obtain the Aqua Dentata substance.

Walk right and talk to Totel. Examine the door and use the geological chronometer on it. Then chat on all topics with Totel. If you’ve learned a shovel, talk about your scraper. He will offer another option. And now you can apply the previously found substance to the door.

Head back to the left and examine the pile of rubble with a shovel sticking out of it. Henry will notice the tracks. Talk to Carlata and ask where she was before. Then ask where Micro was. He will say that you need to look behind the stones at the entrance. Go to the cave entrance and click on the stones on the right. You will notice gum. Now talk to Cobra. Choose all the options until you see a shining powder falling from her hands. These are fungal spores. There is a niche with mushrooms behind Carlata. Examine it to find a scraper. Apply it to the door that has been poured with a special substance. Go through the door and watch the video.

To be continued…

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