Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic

Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic


Read detailed guide to the extraordinary platformer set in India

The game tells the story of brother and sister. Raji will be looking for his brother. Go down the steps and go right until you find yourself in the temple. Approach the statue of Durga and after the video pick up the weapon. Continue right. Jump over the chasm by pressing the “Space”, then go down with the ledge, clicking on the key E. Climb the columns, follow the others and, in the end, you will find yourself outside.

Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic
Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic

Rescue the children sitting in the wagon with a cage nearby (stand on the blue symbol). Walk to the left along the steps and examine the locked gates. Climb up the other steps, go left and go down the steps. Stand at the edge to see a cart with your brother. Go back and follow deep into the screen.

Learn the combat system and do what the game dictates. LMB and RMB – attacks, “Space” – evasion. Defeat the first demon. Then open the gate by holding Shift and throwing the spear into two bolts on the left and right. Perform dodge attacks and then slay two demons at once.

Continue moving deeper into the location, run along the bright section of the wall and go down the column. Learn to attack by rotating on the pillar (go to it and press E). This will stun enemies. Actually, try it. After the victory, go to the left far corner and find amrita inside the fireplace. It recovers Raja’s strength. Interact with the yellow marker, and then rotate the rings so that you get a solid pattern. Moreover, the outer ring is already fixed, so build a drawing relative to it.

Go right, learn a few more new techniques and defeat the enemies. Eventually, you will find the altar of Kali. Interact with it and then use the Q key to activate a powerful Raja attack. Defeat all enemies. At the end, a large demon will appear, but he attacks in the same way as ordinary demons with clubs. Only has increased health.

Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic
Walkthrough Raji: An Ancient Epic

Continue to follow the only route. Explore all the murals to learn the story of Durga and the main villain. Eventually, you will reach the tree. Defeat the bouncing opponent and then interact with the purple flower. Rotate the three pieces to create a seamless pattern on the wood. You need to start from the bottom and move up. Pay attention to the statues in the foreground: if they are being restored, then you are rotating part of the tree correctly. If the statue starts to collapse, then you have already gone too far with the rotation of the tree.

To be continued…

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