Walkthrough Those Who Remain
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Walkthrough Those Who Remain



Enter the house and go left. In the living room by the fireplace there is a laptop with a password. There is the corridor a little further. Pay attention to the door with the chain. Follow to the left of it, to the far door to go through the back room to the garage. The light is turned on by a switch to the right of the front door. The garage has wardrobes. A bolt cutter is hidden in the far right. To open it, you need to move the chairs.

Go to the entrance and to the right of it (standing with your back). Turn on the lights with the switches on the right to get to the kitchen. In the kitchen, you can read a note in which an unknown person writes to his son Mark and asks him to return home before dark. There is a door to the room with the piano near the kitchen. There is a note from the principal from Mark’s school on the table, which says that he often skips classes. Open the door with a chain using a bolt cutter. There are three wardrobes here. A luminous opening is hidden in the left. Enter it.

Go to the second floor, open the door to Mark’s room and enter the luminous opening. You cannot climb to the second floor because it is dark there. Re-enter the closet in the basement to move to another dimension. Go up to the second floor and turn on the lamp standing in the corner by the stairs.

Now go to Mark’s room and return to the normal world. Upstairs – there is light. Climb up there, open the nearest door and read the funeral note on the pedestal with flowers in front, to the right of the computer. There is another note in the next room on the table. You will learn about the death of Kenny, Brother Mark. Go further and turn into the bedroom on the left. There is a note in the cabinet.

Go into Mark’s room and look into the lower drawer to read Mark’s diary. You will find out that he and his friends constantly mocked Annika. Leave the room and follow Annika to the room on the ground floor where the piano stands. On the side – there is a door to the restroom. Go there and walk until you see Mark on fire. You need to find more evidence in order to decide the fate of Mark.


  • On the kitchen
  • In the room with the piano
  • Find the office on the second floor by the stairs
  • In a room nearby, on a vase of flowers
  • Find the same bedroom, in a drawer under the TV in the far-right corner (the most important note!)
  • In the bedroom next to Max’s room, in the bedside table

Now go back to Mark. You will see a person in a chair. Enter the restroom and choose the green or orange sphere – forgive or condemn Mark. Leave the room, go to the end of the corridor, and then back. At the very end, you will hear the lights go out. The last door on the right hides a bright doorway. Go there.

Police station

There is a table in the room with sparkling wires. In the second drawer, find the note on the disappearance of people. Follow the right and open the door. There is an office ahead, near which lies a corpse. Search the body to find the car key. Go left and there will be detention cells with a luminous passage. But the room is flooded, a bare electric lies wire in the water. A fire is burning on the other side of the corridor. And it blocks the passage.

Return to the hall. Go right along the corridor and turn into the room on the right, where a note lies on the table. In the next room, in the lower drawer there is a list of missing people. Follow the corridor to the right. A monster will appear soon. Run away from him in a circle until you return to the hall of the site. Turn around and see the way out. Go there and open the car on the left. Turn on the headlights and go to the enclosed area. There are 3 gates ahead, and one more on the right. You need to turn two correct valves. Do this with the middle of the three and the one on the right. Water is supplied, fire is extinguished.

Walkthrough Those Who Remain
Walkthrough Those Who Remain

Return to the corpse that had the key, and go right along the corridor, where now there is no fire. Enter the room on the left. There is a note (on the table to the left) about Lawrence Mathis suspected of double murder. He was transferred to this site. Also read the email on the computer.

Go into the next room and look at the large monitor. Turn on the lights in room 01 and turn off the electricity in the cells where the wire sparks. Go to the hall and go through the door opposite, where they turned on the lamp. Turn on the switch on the wall on the right and go into the locker room in front. You will see the sheriff. It must be condemned or forgiven. Inspect all the lockers and in one of them you will find the key to the camera. Run into the camera room and open the camera, in which there is a luminous passage.

You will fall into another world. Here comes a monster with a lantern. There is a dark pedestal behind the screen in the room where you ended up. In the second drawer, you find a police report. From it you will understand that the sheriff closed the case of Annika, because his son was involved in him. Then go out into the corridor and run left to the very end, into the room with lockers. From the very end, search the fifth cabinet on the right. It will contain a note explaining that the sheriff has already lost one son. Go back to the beginning and turn left. This path leads to a room with a luminous opening. So you will return to the usual site. Follow the locker room with the sheriff and decide what to do with it – forgive or condemn.

Go out of the area by the green pointer. Chat with a man sitting in a police car. He asks to find the key. Search the two corpses of the police and talk to him again. Enter the site. Lockers will start to open and close. In the cabinet in the far-left corner there are matches and a car key. Take both items and go to the man. The stranger will say that this man has a gun in the glove compartment, and it was he who shot the cops. It’s up to you – give him the key or throw a match in a pool of gasoline under the car. In any case, the path will be lit, and you can go through the door.

An achievement is unlocked depending on your choice.

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    May 25, 2021 8:01 pm

    If we only get the good ending if the perpetrators are spared, then the developers are grossly misogynous.All except the women in the game were guilty. The women were only “accident” victims. Really a sad game concept.

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    The voice of reason
    Oct 09, 2021 8:06 am

    Please take your shallow accusations of soggy knees somewhere else. If you believe that eternal damnation is something you have the right to condemn others to then it speaks more of your own character flaws than those anyone else.

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