Walkthrough Those Who Remain
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Walkthrough Those Who Remain


Dormont Post

Go inside the post, through the double door in front and to the left (since the passages on the right are blocked). In the long corridor, go through the nearest door to the right, into the office. There is a key on one of the tables. Walk down the corridor to the left (when leaving the office to the right) and enter the last lighted room. You find a note on a shelf. There is a fuse box to the right of the wall. Open it and interact with the toggle switch to supply power to the fire alarm.

Go back to the office where you found the key, and you will see a red fire alarm button on the wall. Click on it. Leave the office and go right. Go to the nearest office on the right, where is no light. Go right and find a bright passage to another dimension (in one of the large cabinets). Go there.

Move through the alternative post station to the very beginning, where there was a passage with boards. Now here is the door. Go inside and read the note lying on the edge of the table. Go to the exit so that visions of an accident begin. You will find yourself in another place. Walk down the hallway with flying furniture back and forth, including a tape recorder.

Every time something will change. In the end, numbers should appear on the doors. Enter the door 13. When you pick up another note, you will begin to move in a circle. Go through door 13, but do not go again along the circular corridor. Instead, turn around and go in the opposite direction. Soon you will be sent to the post office. Remove three boards, go to the corridor with offices, turn right and find a luminous opening in the toilet.

After the cut-scene, you will return to the post station. Run to where you opened the passage (at the very beginning), follow to the warehouse until you fall down. You will find yourself in a dark place. Go to the bed. Read three notes on the table and another one that lies in the bedside table. Look around and go to the door with a masked stranger.

He will say that it is necessary to decide the fate of Ben, the chief of the postal service, who detained letters from Eri to newspapers and television (the mother of the deceased Annika), trying to cover up his nephew. Choose to blame or forgive Ben. Then go outside and go to the fire on the left. You will see how the unknown rushed off in the van, leaving several people in the darkness. Go the other way and go through the door.

Desmond House

First, turn on the light and read the note in the kitchen. Father asks Desmond to stop touching memorabilia from World War II. Also read the note on the fridge. Go down the corridor of the first floor and examine the laptop. Climb to the second floor, go to the nearest room along the corridor to the right. There will be a door leading to the balcony. But the switch to the left of the input does not work.

Go to the end of the corridor of the second floor. There are two rooms on the left. There is a hatch on the ceiling in the nearest room. You need a tool. There is Desmond’s diary in a drawer in the second room. There is a note on the door. After examining the room, go out and try to go to the stairs. Erin will appear. Wait for the door to Desmond’s room will open, and run in there. When the woman disappears, go down to the first floor, go forward to the laptop and enter the room to the right of the place where Annika stood. There will be a luminous opening. Follow into it.

Go out of the cave, through the forest, until you find yourself in a maze. There is a giant. If he sees you, then just run away until the music stops. He is tall, you can easily find it from a distance. Ahead there are three platforms with candles. They need to install lion statues. On the platform with one candle – one statue, two – two, three – three. All you need to find 6 statues.

While you are carrying the statue, the hero cannot escape. Therefore, if a giant will see you, drop the statue and run away. All 6 statues stand on stone pedestals. The labyrinth is not so confusing, so you can easily find all the statues. But remember that there are 1-2 paths that lead to a dead end. When install all the statues, look around. In one of the directions a fire will be visible. Go to his side, follow along the path with fire and find a hook for the attic. Turn around and go into the luminous opening to return to the house.

Go to the second floor, in the room next to Desmond’s bedroom. Use the hook on the attic hatch and go up. In the attic, a monster blocks the way forward. To his right, there are boxes blocking the light. Pick up any objects in the attic and throw them in boxes through RMB. Having done this, get to the shield and turn on the light. Go down from the attic and go to one of the rooms on the second floor, where there is access to the balcony. Turn on the light to the left of the exit in advance. Go through the balcony and find yourself in the office of Jack, father of Desmond. In the boxes on the right and left, you can immediately find three notes (one in a small curbstone). On the other stand, there is the key.

Go down to the first floor and open the door next to the TV. Turn on the light on the right and go down to the basement. You find a note under the basin on the right. You will learn about Desmond’s thoughts. And then go upstairs where the doorway lights up.

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    May 25, 2021 8:01 pm

    If we only get the good ending if the perpetrators are spared, then the developers are grossly misogynous.All except the women in the game were guilty. The women were only “accident” victims. Really a sad game concept.

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    The voice of reason
    Oct 09, 2021 8:06 am

    Please take your shallow accusations of soggy knees somewhere else. If you believe that eternal damnation is something you have the right to condemn others to then it speaks more of your own character flaws than those anyone else.

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